5 Secrets Every Teen Girl Should Know

Teenage Secrets

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Teenage is probably the toughest time in a young girl’s life. The raging hormones can lead to many emotional and physiological changes. All of this can be rather unnerving for a girl. And, if your angel is facing something similar and you want to help, it may be a good idea to keep reading. To assist your daughter deal with her tumultuous times, MomJunction has compiled some information on teenage secrets and how you can tackle your daughter. You can thank us later. For now, read on.

Teenage Secrets:

Here are some vital transformations to occur in your teen girl’s life:

1. The Onset Of Menstrual Cycle:

  • The thought of periods and the onset of menstruation cycle haunt the mind of every teen girl. Your growing angel may often think that, When will my period start? Or What if I start bleeding in the middle of class?
  • Your teen often wonders about to how to handle her period during school time.
  • You can take your teen to a gynecologist, who can measure the expected time of the onset of puberty using a device called Tanner scale. The instrument looks at your teen’s pubic hairs, and how much her breasts have developed in last few years.
  • When your teen does not have pubic hair and the breasts look almost flat, the onset of menstruation has some more time left.
  • But once she notices the growth of curly pubic hair and growth of breasts, the odds are high that she will have her first period soon.
  • To prepare your teen for her period, ask her to carry a sanitary napkin to school with her.
  • Whenever your teen notices a dark brown or pinkish spot in her underwear, ask her to wear the pad for safety. It is also advisable for your teen to wear dark-colored bottom wear like skirts or trousers.
  • If your teen’s period starts in the middle of classes, she can simply go to the toilet and wad up some tissue in her panty. After returning home, she can immediately throw the tissue and wear the sanitary pad.

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2. Enlargement Of Breasts:

  • During puberty, your teen will notice sudden enlargement of the breast and her hips may turn broad and fat.
  • Some teen girls also experience slight pain in their breasts, when they go through puberty phase. But in the case of severe pain, it is best to consult the doctor.

3. Body Odor:

  • Your adolescent’s body odor is a bit different, and she reeks. Teenage sweat differs from kid’s sweat, and the body odor is worse than before.
  • The hormonal changes activate her armpit glands, which contribute to the odor. The sweat further combines with the bacteria and emits a pungent smell.
  • Instruct your teen girl to take a shower every day with lukewarm water and mild soap. She needs to follow basic hygiene like changing underwear every day and wearing clean clothes.
  • Your teen needs to use a deodorant that can mask unwanted odor and help her stay fresh and feel good.
  • It is advisable for teen girls to wear pure cotton underwear and clothing, as it helps absorb sweat and is airier than other textiles.

4. Growth Of Facial And Body Hair:

  • The growth of unwanted pubic and underarm hair is one of the common signs of puberty in teen girls. Your teen may have hairy arms or hairy upper lip, which may make her feel embarrassed and she may have to visit the parlor regularly.
  • To minimize the unwanted hair growth on upper lips and underarms the grown up girl can opt for cosmetic treatments like waxing, bleaching or depilatories. To shave the unwanted hairs of underarm, legs, and bikini line, she can also use a ladies razor or an electric hair remover.
  • When your daughter frequently experiences irregular periods, too much unwanted pubic hair and skin acne she may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In such a case, it is best to consult the specialist immediately.

5. Skin Acne:

  • During puberty, your girl may experience skin acne. The hormonal imbalance makes her skin oily, and she develops pimples and blisters.
  • To keep skin acne under control, your teen must follow hygiene etiquettes like washing the face regularly. She should never scrub her skin as it can worsen the acne and irritate her skin.
  • Doctors prescribe usage of over-the-counter topical medications containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of skin acne (1).

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How To Help Your Teen Girl Cope With The Situation?

It is tough to be a parent today and even harder when you have a teen daughter. You can follow these tips to help our teen girl cope with puberty and the unwanted transformations it entails:

  • Be observant. When your daughter goes through trouble, she may become a bit nervous and stressed out. Try to observe her and don’t let her keep secrets. You can watch for visible changes in her routine and behavior and take requisite actions accordingly.
  • Try to develop a healthy relationship with your teenage girl. Tell her the facts of life and what transformations she had to face during and after puberty. Establish a trustworthy relationship and enable your daughter to feel confident about her life. Staying silent or making threatening comments can make your teen feel upset, and it may weaken your relationship.
  • Educate your daughter and help her learn more about the different aspects of teen life. Make her aware of the physical transformation she will face during puberty so that she remains prepared for a life-changing phase.
  • One of the best ways to handle your teen’s issues is by staying positive and proactive. Instead of threatening your daughter, try to encourage her and get involved in worthwhile activities.
  • Try to have open communication with your teen girl that strengthens your relationship. Communication may involve both talk and listening. The open communication encourages your teen to disclose her fears and get her doubts clarified regarding sex, puberty, menstruation and varied other topics.
  • Many teen girls have poor self-esteem. As a responsible parent, it is best to remain positive and establish a positive energy to boost her self-confidence.

Getting through the teen years can be a bit difficult for your teen, but when you are supportive and sympathetic, you can help your daughter get through her difficult times confidently.

How did you help your daughter cope with her raging hormones? Share your tips and advice here. Leave a comment below.

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