5 Heart-Touching Teenage Pregnancy Poems

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More often than not, teen parents face criticism from everyone around them. They are viewed with a jaundiced eye and considered too irresponsible and too young to raise a child. Teen moms, especially, have to go through an emotional struggle. What will their parents say? How will they graduate school? Should they abort the child? What if the father ditches her? Trapped in the sea of all these doubts, most teen moms are unsure and nervous about the future.

Poems can make young teen mothers realize that having a child does not mean the end of the world. It just offers an entirely different future, a future that you had never planned before. Here are five teenage pregnancy poems describing the trials and tribulations of a pregnant teen. Read them below.

5 Heart-Touching Teenage Pregnancy Poems:

1. She’s Too Young:

In this poem on teenage pregnancy, a teenage girl writes about the trauma of getting pregnant while being still in school. During the entire pregnancy, she is haunted by the thought that she’s too young to have a baby. She even comes under the scrutiny of the classmates, the neighbors, and even the strangers.

Her mother is beside her, but is it enough, especially when the child has no father? She feels extremely jittery and nervous thinking what would she reply when her child asks about his dad. The mere thought of explaining her terrible past makes her sick in the stomach. But the moment she holds her son in the arms, all the negative thoughts fly away. Her life gets a new meaning now!

“Not yet do the parents know that they will soon be the youngest grandparents on the block.

Walking through the store, everyone stares but no one says a thing.

The girl tries to conceal her secret from the world, but these eight months will not allow her that simple pleasure.

She is alone now. Her mother is by her side but that is not enough, her child has no father.

Her stomach turns, nervous at the thought that someday a child will ask why he has no daddy, why she made him leave.

She gets sick at the thought of having to explain this confusing story of her terrible past to her child.

At school, her friends smile. They buy her cute things, trying to still be her friend and act like they accept her problems.

But they don’t, they never accepted her to begin with.

She could see right through their smiling faces, to their souls, so cold she shivered.

Or was it a shiver of fear? She knows she’s too young.

Getting out of the car, another one hits. “Breathe”, her mother, tells her, “breathe”.

It is over now but she stays there in her mother’s arms rocking, being pacified by her mother as if she is a baby.

Thinking, wishing, knowing that she’s too young.

Twelve hours later, holding a new life in her arms, her new life, she cries.

With tears running down her face she thinks of nothing else but this precious life in her arms.

Not about her parents, her classmates, the strangers at the store, or about the child’s father, just about the beautiful baby boy that has now giving her life whole new meaning.


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2. A Cry To Parents:

The girl in the poem laments that had her mother discussed sex with her; she wouldn’t have to go through this phase. Her mother never taught her how to deal with the advances of the opposite sex. Neither did she teach her about protection and contraception. Her mother neglected her, which in a way, made her get attached to the boys who complimented her. But little did she know that those compliments were not genuine.

This teen pregnancy poems raises the important factors regarding the causes of teen pregnancy like neglect and considering sex as taboo. Too many parents these days do not talk about sex with their children, leaving them to learn about it the wrong way, which often results in teenage pregnancy.

“Mommy I’m pregnant

And I know you may be angry

But before you hit me

Or start to judge me

Take a minute and listen

Pay attention to me.

Mommy, you never taught me about sex

Or how to deal with the advances of the opposite sex

Never said a word about condoms.

I don’t even know the meaning of contraception

Far less for conception.

Mommy, the boys on the block made me feel good,

Saying things that you and dad never would.

Spoke to me in ways that I had never heard:

Told me I was beautiful, told me I was nice

Mommy, they complimented my sense of style.

Why didn’t you do it too mommy?

Why, oh why?

And now I am with child.

This fetus grows in my belly

The thought of teenage pregnancy overwhelms me,

But I promise my baby to do better

To talk to her, to love her.

I won’t neglect her like you did me,

I hope you also pass my message to daddy.

Times when I wanted his love and attention,

Instead, he spent hours watching the television

All I wanted was an occasional hug and kiss,

To live in a house full of blessings and bliss.

You taught me to talk but never talked to me,

You taught me to walk but never walked with me.

I still want to say I’m sorry,

Sorry for this teenage pregnancy.

But now, I want you to talk to my little sister,

Because she’s growing up even faster.

She’s already getting the attention of the boys;

Mommy, don’t let her fall for their silly ploys.

She’s wearing seductive clothes, putting on so much make up,

She’s so busy to grow up.

I hope she isn’t as naïve as me,

Boys will definitely take advantage,

Because she looks a lot older than her age.

Mommy, talk to her please!

Don’t let her make the same mistake as I did

Speak to her about the birds and the bees.

It’s too late for me now,

But save her mommy, save her somehow,

Mommy, please act quick

She’s already talking about *** and ***.

Mommy, before I leave

Know that from now on I will do better

And though I may have lost your honor

I hope it passes to my son or daughter.

Mommy although you had some part to play

I don’t blame you for this, no way!

I will tell my child how you loved me,

And how you showered blessings upon me.

There will be no resentment in my family

Not the type I got from you and daddy.

Motherhood awaits me and although I’m unprepared,

You’ve shown me what not to do.

So mommy, with a heavy heart, I say Thank You…”

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3. Teen Pregnancy:

This poem about teenage pregnancy is for all the pregnant teens who are worried thinking about what others would think about them. Pregnancy may seem scary at first, but feeling a life grow inside you is thrilling. Yes, people will criticize you, and may even behave coldly with you, but do not let them dissuade you. What’s done cannot be undone, so the only thing they can do now is to stay strong and face the world.

“Pregnancy is scary at first,

but my excitement just burst.

The day I found out,

I didn’t have a doubt,

That I have life growing inside me.

This is just meant to be.

I may only be 16 years old,

so people may be cold

and not be proud.

But I’ll stand my ground and speak loud.

Age is only a number in my mind.

Not everyone in this world can be kind.

For all other young mothers just stay strong.

Don’t let others make you believe it’s wrong.

That you are about to bring a life into this world.

Just let your feelings gradually be unfurled.

You have so little time and so much to do,

Don’t forget to make sure you care a lot about you.”

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4. Young And Confused:

“Young and Confused” is a thoroughly realistic poem highlighting the struggles of a teen mother. It illustrates how the life of a young and ambitious girl changes after giving birth to a child. With no one beside her, she has to take care of the baby all by herself.

Emotional disturbances, mood swings and pressure from people make her irritable. And then there is no job and money. How will she take care of the baby? How will she feed him? There are other needs and requirements too! All she wants to do now is sit down and cry. But crying is not going to help.

The poem ends with a word of warning. Do not have sex at a young age, unless you’re sure that it’s true love.

“Young and confused, not enough food,

babies at home crying,

mommy feels like dying.

Her life seems to always change around,

she feels like she’s on a roller coaster about to dip down.

Lonely and depressed,

never gets enough rest.

Having no job,

all she wants to do is sob.

Was this all a mistake?

or is it a risk she wants to take?

Life as a teen mom came out so wrong,

she thought she would be a singer and one day produce a song.

Reality finally struck her like lightning in the sky,

and she began to realize,

The only thing she will hear to sleep is her babies midnight cries.

This is real and this is her life,

although she’s only 16 and not trying to be a WIFE.

Beside all the baby drama,

she always fights with her momma,

Her own mother won’t be there,

and her father doesn’t even care.

Aside from this, she has no MONEY

all she has in her cabinets, is expired HONEY.

She’s young and BEAUTIFUL, but then again POOR,

remember she’s only a TEEN; she’s 16 at war.

How do you prevent this? Why are you asking me?

Were only here to tell you, not to have sex at 16,

to all the girls, and boys TOO!

don’t have sex until you know you’re TRUE.”

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5. Bravest Of Us All:

This poem describes how the society views a pregnant teen. How people criticize and shun a girl when they don’t see a ‘man’ standing beside her at this time. Standing afar and criticizing the mother may seem easy. But how many bothered to question the father? Why does the mother alone have to face the brunt of the society?

People don’t realize that when they point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at them. A teenage mother may be alone, but she has the blessings of the Almighty, who will help her make through the phase.
“The bulging belly tells a story

Her naked hand is a cause for shame

She is scared

And alone

Fornicators look at her

And laugh


Three fingers point back

She thinks her only way out

Is to destroy the thing inside

Angels and demons struggle in her head

Fighting for life

She goes to church

Pro-life people shun her

They whisper:

“She is not married”

Against all odds, she decided to tell her family

She is going to see this through

She encounters anger

What a little whore she is

God seems to not love her

She makes an appointment

Tears in her eyes she ascends

The stairs

Carrying the weight of her cross

The doctor will see you

Then behold

A miracle

A woman dressed with the sun

Do not harm this child

Take comfort my daughter

I have been where you are

I have received their teasing

Do not listen to them

God himself has touched you

The bulging belly tells a story

Her naked hand proves how brave she really is.”

Society should try and be a bit sympathetic towards the pregnant teens. They already have an enormous burden, and pressure from people are making life even more, difficult for them.

We hope these poems provide solace to the teen moms. If you have some other teenage pregnancy poems to share with us, then drop us a comment below!

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