69 Fun Teenage Hobbies To Choose From

Sports, crafts, music or arts, hobbies for teens can include anything they love to do and are passionate about. Someone has rightly said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Teens may not get much time off from schoolwork, but they can indulge in different extracurricular activities in their spare time. For example, they can learn photography, get into sports, or even collect stamps. Taking time to carry out their hobbies can keep them stress-free and active and help shape their careers. We have a collection of important and interesting hobbies and activities for teenagers to try in this post.

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Why Are Teenager Hobbies Important?

Hobbies are a platform for teens to pursue their interests, which in turn benefits them in finding their passion, developing new skills and even having a healthy body and mind.

In fact, hobbies for teenagers can sometimes be life-defining moments. Taylor Swift used to write and sing songs from a very young age; fast forward a few years, Swift turns a mega-icon topping the music charts, doing concerts, and expanding her fandom across the world.

Here are some benefits of teenage interests and hobbies:

  1. Learn new skills: Hobbies provide opportunities to learn and develop new skills. For example, a hobby such as photography teaches you about the technical aspects of the camera, editing and enhancing the quality of a picture, lighting, design and a lot more. There is something to learn regardless of which hobby you choose.
Point to consider
Encouraging your teen to learn a new skill can be beneficial as it can help them develop an interest in a field of work. When pursuing higher education, they can specialize in that skill and make a career out of it.
  1. Destress: Engaging your body and mind in doing something that makes you happy results in reducing stress and anxiety, and detoxes your mind. This could result in improved focus, better lifestyle and overall wellbeing.
  1. Build a social circle: When you engage in sports, music, dance or any other hobby, you get to meet and interact with people having similar interests. These acquaintances can lead to strong connections and build lifelong friendships.
  1. Learn time management: When you are pursuing a hobby, you are utilizing your free time in a better way. This keeps you busy and makes you conscious about the importance of time. Learning to manage time helps in leading a more disciplined lifestyle, and keeps you ahead in the game.
  1. Handle pressure: Life is full of ups and downs, and the same is the case with pursuing hobbies. When you are pursuing your interest, not everything goes smoothly or in the perfect way you want it to be. Uncertainties, such as losing a game or failing at something, are bound to occur but you will learn to take them positively and work on your shortcomings.
  1. Career choices: We do not know about our hidden talents until we give something a try. Hobbies can shape the career of an individual and define their life path.
  1. Overall wellbeing: Hobbies transform your lives in several ways, from teaching you about adversities to developing new skills. It supports emotional well being and improves physical health too. Therefore, hobbies are helpful in promoting the overall wellbeing of an individual.

When a teenager’s free time can be used in such a fruitful way, why not begin the hobby classes right away, if you are not doing it already? However, not every individual is the same, and so are their hobbies. So, let’s see the various teenager hobby options available.

69 Teenage Hobbies You May Consider

Some may like to pursue a hobby which is out of the box and some may want to take the conventional route. While some hobbies are fun, some can earn you money. So, which one would you like? Below is a list of hobbies for teenage girls and boys, choose one as per your liking.

Fun hobbies for teens

Let’s have a look at some fun hobbies for teens. They may not earn you money but will help you learn a skill.

  1. Cooking: Do you enjoy eating? Then you would, probably, love to cook multi-cuisine dishes and serve them to your family and friends. What’s more, you could be the next celebrity chef in the making.
  1. Learning a foreign language: Expand your horizons by learning a new language. This helps you to know more about that country, history, and culture.
  1. Stand-up comedy: If making people laugh comes naturally to you, then this hobby is for you. Start writing comedy acts and performing in front of a smaller audience to gain experience.
  1. Hiking: Explore the local trails and connect with nature. This is a great physical exercise too.
  1. Playing musical instruments: If music and musical instruments fascinate you then learn to play guitar, drums, violin or any instrument of your liking.

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  1. Fostering animals: Gather thestray animals in your locality, and foster them. Take care of their food, shelter, and health, if you like spending time with animals.
  1. Blogging: Journal about your life, share your science knowledge with the world or just write about anything which suits your interests.
  1. Start a Pinterest board: Cute, unique, stylish, edgy…., be it anything, start a board and collect ideas about things that you love.
  1. Design memes: People simply love memes. So why not create some in your style?
  1. Begin a YouTube channel: Start a video blog or your own show. Talk about your passionate subjects, your city or something else that interests you.
Point to consider
YouTube is not an entirely safe place, and no matter how informative and educative your content is, some people will still send negativity your way. So, get into content creation only if you can handle bouquets and brickbats.
  1. Learn calligraphy: If your interest lies in writing, then you can try calligraphy.
  1. Painting: Portraits, modern art, simple paintings or canvass, start painting randomly and you will be amazed at the end result. Of course, you will improvise as you continue to paint.
  1. Storytelling: Learn storytelling and make your listeners spellbound if you enjoy adding suspense, thrill or fun elements to your narration.
  1. Hairstyling: Be it cutting or styling, playing with hair is interesting. Take it up as a hobby and stay in vogue.

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  1. Knitting: Whether or not you live in a cold country, if you enjoy knitting, you can turn this hobby into a profession.
  1. Jewelry designing: Start with smaller tools and supplies, repair the old jewelry at home or take classes from a designer.
  1. Candle making: It is easy to make and can be a way to earn some money. Mix up scents, come up with a collection and start selling them.
  1. Pottery: Cool new shapes, sizes, and designs. Pottery engages you both physically and mentally as it is a calming experience.
  1. DIY projects: If you are bored with the same interiors at home, try some DIY projects and revamp.
Quick tip
If you enjoy creating models for projects, then you can actually make some money creating science projects for school kids.
  1. Surfing: This one is for all the aquaphiles out there. Take beginner lessons and gradually move to surfing in the deeper areas of the sea but under professional supervision.
  1. Reading books: This never goes out of style. Reading books take you to imaginary destinations, teach you lessons which are not taught in school and improves your communication skills too.
  1. Learn to code: Build the next viral app or website. Or be the next ethical hacker.
  1. Photography: This can be a fun hobby for teens, who enjoy staying behind the camera and capturing moments into photos.

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  1. Baking: Cakes, cupcakes, pastries and more. Baking is an art and teens with an undying love for sweets can pursue this as a hobby.
  1. Learn aerial dancing: Swing, fly and dance like a bird.
  1. Skating: Exercise, build muscles and release endorphins at the same time. Gliding on wheels is challenging and fun too.
  1. Learn makeup: If you are a makeup enthusiast, then learn airbrush makeup, high definition contouring and become a pro in it.
  1. Journal writing: Pick up a cute notebook from the nearest store and start journaling about your daily experiences in life.
  1. Singing: To pursue singing as a hobby, it is not mandatory to have a melodious voice. You can try singing rap, blues, jazz, pop, classical, whatever suits your interest and style.
  1. Puppetry: If you are good at voice modulations, can move your fingers really fast and have a sense of humor, then puppetry is one cool hobby you can try.
  1. Volunteering: Teachingthe underprivileged children, saving the trees, regulating the traffic or any other social cause will you the utmost satisfaction, and gives you a chance to do something to the society.

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  1. Carpentry: Whether you want to make fancy things or just do some repairs around the house, carpentry always comes in handy.
  1. Yoga: Keeps you mentally and physically fit.
  1. Sewing: Minor repairs in your clothes or designing couture, learning a skill like sewing never goes in vain.
  1. Birdwatching: Perfect for the lazy ones. Just do nothing but watch birds in their natural habitat.
  1. Play online games: This is ideal for teens, who are glued to the screens all the time.
  1. Gardening: Plant flowers, vegetables or ornamental plants. Have your very own organic garden in the backyard.
  1. Running: To run a marathon one day, start running now.
  1. Swimming: This is a fun exercise for teens, who love being in the water.
  1. Graffiti: Paint the street walls (only where you are allowed to) in crazy colors and patterns. Leave your mark, with your signature style.
  1. Join a club: Be it a sports club, community club, club for animal rights or anything that is of your interest.

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  1. Martial arts: Be a badass at martial arts as this not only helps you stay strong and fit but also helps in self-defense.
  1. Dirt biking: Go wild and crazy when you pursue this as a hobby. It is adventurous, fun and helps in strengthening your body.
  1. Make ice creams: Try making the existing flavors or come up with your personal variants. Invent your own flavors.
  1. Acting: If you are a theater enthusiast or want to take up acting when you grow up, then start off young. Learn dialogue delivery, speech, acting and various other skills an actor requires.
  1. Doodle: There is no right or wrong in doodling. It is just like modern art. Get a canvas, sketch pens, sharpies, crayons, ink pens and get started.
  1. Camping: Go out with your friends or like-minded enthusiasts and connect with nature while camping under the open sky.
  1. Bowling: This is an incredibly cool indoor sport and with every strike, your confidence to bowl goes up. Who knows, you could be the next bowling champion.
  1. BMXing: You can try some cool and amazing tricks. To begin with, you can head to the local park, a quiet corner on a street or any suitable place.
  1. Make pen pals: Yes, it is relevant even in this age and time. Pen pals can be from anywhere across the world and through them can learn so much about a new city, country, their culture, and traditions.
  1. Mini library: If you are an avid reader and want to encourage friends also to do so, then start a mini library at an easily accessible location. It could also be in your backyard.

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  1. Cycling: It’s a fun exercise. Begin with smaller trips around the block and head out for longer trails in a park or somewhere outside the busy city as the time progresses.
  1. Sketching: This can be sketching of portraits, old monuments, wildlife or basically anything. Get your pencils and erasers ready to start with the beginner level.
  1. Nail art: Paint your nails in vibrant colors, designs, and patterns. Once you perfect the art, set up a mini nail bar to make some extra pocket money.
  1. Join the cheerleader’s squad: Tiny skirts, pom poms and kickass dance moves. Cheerleaders have a lot of fun. If you have the zeal to make it into the squad, then give it a shot.
  1. Belly dancing: Burn calories and have oodles of fun with some kickass belly dancing moves.
  1. Learn some Disney hairstyles: Not all, but most girls are fans of Disney princesses. If you admire their hairstyles, try learning them. Flaunt them at school or your next outing with family or friends.

Hobbies to make an earning

Having an extra source of earning is always welcome. Some hobbies cost money and some are free. But some offer you an income. Let’s see some of them:

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  1. Filling online survey forms: If you were filling survey forms just for fun, you would be glad to know there are some websites that pay you to do the survey for them.
  1. Babysitting: If you enjoy being surrounded by babies, then try babysitting as a hobby.
  1. Design handmade greeting cards: Make beautiful, funny, cute cards and sell them in your neighborhood.
  1. Tutoring: This can be ideal for teens, who are academically brilliant and wish to help other students in their subjects.
  1. Dog walking: If you really like dogs but can’t afford to have one, then take up dog walking as a hobby. People who have dogs sometimes find it difficult to walk their furry kids, and you can offer to help (for a price, of course).
  1. Start a plant nursery: If you enjoy gardening and are interested in gaining expert knowledge, then start off early by setting up your very own nursery.
  1. Design websites: Almost everyone needs a website in this age. Hence, if you have the skills to design a website, then why not put them to use and make some extra income?
  1. Party planning: If organizing surprise parties, birthday parties, brunches is your thing, then this can be your next money making hobby.
  1. Styling: Latest trends, colors, fabrics, and silhouettes get you excited. Take up styling as a hobby, give tips and tricks to your friends, siblings and build an online presence. Who knows, you could be the next celebrity stylist, making heads turn at the Met Gala.

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  1. Garage sale: Sell your old stuff or buy things at a cheaper price and sell them at a margin. This hobby is ideal for teens who want to get into the business when they grow up, as it gives an early start and improves your understanding of the tricks and tactics of trade.
  1. Coaching: If you are good at a sport or activity, why not share your knowledge with others?
  1. Pet sitting: Your uncle, aunt or neighbor is going out on a vacation and do not know where to leave their pets. Offer to pet-sit and make some extra money.

Hobbies are a form of creative self-expression that help children keep boredom at bay and make good use of free time. Since there is no age for cultivating a hobby, children can choose a passion based on their liking and regularly indulge in it. However, as children grow, their interests may change, and so does their hobby. So, motivate your children to have hobbies to enhance their physical and emotional health. If you are looking for teenage hobbies to inspire your children, explore hiking, cooking, blogging, creating memes, and other activities. Encourage your teenagers to indulge in them whenever they find the time. This will make them more skillful and confident as they grow up.

Infographic: Let Your Teen Learn And Unwind Themselves

Teenagers have curious minds and are eager to try and learn new things. If you have discovered that your teen is interested in an activity or sport, you may support them by encouraging them to practice the skill. Check out some outdoor fun activities for teens in this infographic.

outdoor teenage hobbies to choose from (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • The hobbies pursued during teenage years could be transformational, impacting their career choices.
  • Engaging in music, arts, dance, etc., can help build social interactions.
  • Let your teen decide a hobby per their liking, and you support their choice.
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