101 Cute And Sweet Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You

Everyone wants to attract the people they love and make them like us. Texting is one way that can do wonders and get your girl to love and connect with you instantly. We shared several alluring text messages that will make her want you and fall head over heels for you. So, check out these cute and romantic things to say to a girl to make her want you. These messages will put a smile on her face and make her think about you all day.

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101 Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You

Send these earnest messages and bring her an inch closer to you.

  1. We are meant to be together, and I cannot imagine a single moment without you.
  1. I hate to see the tears in your eyes. It hurts me, and I can do anything to get you out of any trouble.
  1. I still get astonished by your enamoring beauty.
  1. Whenever I face a difficult situation, I look at you and it makes me feel better.
  1. One day, we will be holding each other’s wrinkled hands and expressing, “we did it.”
  1. You are the most beautiful flower in my garden. Keep blossoming and keep filling my life with fragrance.
  1.  For you, I may be just a person, but for me, you are my entire world.
  1. If I were an artist, my every canvas would have you because you are always in my mind.
  1. I love to be myself when you are around me because you never judge me.
  1. Nothing makes me happier than your presence.
Nothing makes me happier than your presence.

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  1. Baby, you have the purest soul I have ever met.
  1. If ever God asks me a wish, I will spend my life with you forever.
  1. Nothing in the world is so important to me than you.
  1. I can climb a thousand mountains to see you smile.
  1. I get the best curve on my face whenever I look at you.
  1. I feel lost when you are away from me.
  1. My happiness begins with you and ends with you.
  1. Just like a boat with no sailor, I feel the same in your absence-—completely lost.
  1. You are the only reason behind my every heartbeat.
  1. Nothing can define your fascinating beauty. Hence, you never get out of my mind.
  1. I have a longing to make you the princess of my world. Would you like to accept this prince?
  1. Hey, stop coming into my dream. Instead, come to my home and stay with me forever.
  1. I found no other love story more magnetic than us. I can tell our story again and again to anyone. I love you, baby.
  1. I am keen to love you forever.
  1. The greatest feeling in life is holding you closer. Girl, I need you.
  1. Honey, you have captured my mind. From waking up to going to sleep, I keep thinking about you.
  1. You are the queen of my heart. I owe my smile and happiness to you.
  1. Baby, your smile is like the radiance of the sun that can melt any cold stone heart, just like mine.
  1. I can give up everything to get your rapturous love. I love you so much, sweetheart.
I can give up everything to get your love.

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  1. You are the angel of my life. The day I met you, my life became brighter and happier.
  1. I can’t figure out the reason why I am feeling so affectionate for you.
  1. You are the biggest dream that came true for me. You are my everything.
  1. As long as I am alive, my heart will beat for you. I mean it!
  1. Baby, can we live together forever and have children?
  1. I need to look for a doctor because when I see you, I lose control over my mind.
  1. I have already given you my heart, mind, and soul. What else do you want?
  1. It is incredibly impossible not to think about you.
  1. Do you know magic? Because I can see you everywhere.
  1. You are the light of my dark world. Whenever I fall into darkness, your light brings me out.
  1. I have never felt so amazing about any girl before. You have something special in you that pulls me towards you.
  1. I wish to walk with you on the beach, holding hands today and forever.
  1. You are so charming, sweetheart. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  1. Let us build a home with love and fill it with immense happiness.
  1. Nothing can change my love for you. What I felt you years back when I first saw you are still the same.
  1. I used to think you are my girlfriend, but your pure love made me realize that you are my better half.
You are my better half.

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  1. Whenever I sleep, you come into my dreams. God, I can’t resist this feeling.
  1. It’s hard to express how I feel when you hold my hands. But I love this unexpressed feeling.
  1. For me, you are true love.
  1. You are precious than a diamond. I can lose a diamond but not you.
  1. I want to choose you for the rest of my life.
  1. My life has been filled with happy stories since the day I met you.
  1. I am not that guy who has an attachment with a thing or a person. But I have completely changed after meeting you.
  1. You have a beautiful heart that I admire.
  1. I have no idea why my heart beats faster when you are around me. Can you tell me why?
  1. I am on an ardent mission to make you mine forever.
  1. My plans for the rest of my life are to love you, love you, and keep loving you.
  1. The moment I saw you, I realized you are the one to be my perfect life partner.
  1. Nothing is more beautiful than the smile on your face. And I love it.
  1. I can walk a thousand miles to be your life partner.
  1. I want to turn my dreams into reality. Could you please come and hug me now rather than hugging me in my dreams?
  1. My heart skips a beat when you look into my eyes.
  1. I get nervous when you come closer to me. I think your one hug can fix it.
  1. I don’t want a life without you. I needed you and need you always.
  1. My love for you is eternal. It will never disappear from my heart.
My love for you is eternal.

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  1. My heart has a secret key and its owner is you. Only you have the access to open it.
  1. My heart has found a safe place, and that is inside your heart.
  1. There was an emptiness in my life but was been filled the moment I met you. I love you, darling.
  1. Hey, something is missing in my body, and I am sure you have stolen it. It’s my heart.
  1. Can I have your heart, please? As mine is already with yours.
  1. Your smile makes my life purposeful. And I can do anything to keep you smiling.
  1. You are the person who made me a better person.
  1. My favorite song is listening to your voice—it soothes my ears and my soul.
  1. The happiest moment of my life is when I make you happy.
  1. I am proud to have you in my life. I will keep adoring you forever.
  1. I can’t wait to marry a girl like you. Be mine forever, and I promise to keep loving you forever.
  1. I think I had done something good somewhere in my life, so God gave me ‘you.’
  1. I am in love with a girl who has beautiful eyes. If you want to know who, stand in front of the mirror.
  1. Your eyes say a thousand words, and I can keep looking into them.
  1. Let me be your heartbeat, for I can stay closer to you.
  1. My favorite place is to be next to you, holding your hands.
My favorite place is to be next to you

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  1. I am completely lost in you. I love your eyes, your smile, your body, and everything.
  1. Your eyes are deeper than the ocean, and I can keep diving into it. Honey, you are so beautiful.
  1. You are getting irresistible day by day. What’s the secret, sweetie?
  1. No one believes that angels exist. Please give me one of your pictures.
  1. I never felt so confident before. It all started after meeting you. Will you be mine forever?
  1. I don’t want anything more than you. Just be with me in every phase of life.
  1. Let us grow old together, holding each other’s hand for a lifetime.
  1. Want to see you every morning beside me, along with a cute baby between us.
  1. Every time I look at you, I fall in love with you again and again.
  1. I want to see you every day, hug you and kiss you. I want you so badly. Baby, I love you.
  1. Dear love, give me a chance to prove how true my feelings are. No one can love you more than me.
  1. People say we fall in love once in a lifetime. But, whenever I see you, I fall in love with you over and over again.
  1. Before meeting you, my life was dull, but now it is filled with joy and happiness. And the reason behind it is ‘you.’ I love you.
  1. I have never seen such a caring lady in my life. I want to love you and take care of you for your whole life.
  1. You are my motivation. Whenever I see you, I get motivated to work harder. Stay in my life forever.
  1. They say I am alone. The truth is, I am always occupied with your sweet thoughts. Love you, baby. I can’t wait to meet you.
  1. I want to kiss you to check if you are made of sugar because you are too sweet.
  1. Even though the temperature falls to the lowest, you still have a warmer place to find comfort. And, that’s my arms.
  1. You are the blood that runs through my heart, and you make my heartbeat.
  1. My search for true love ended the moment I saw you.
  1. The depth of my love is deeper than the ocean. I cannot explain how important you are to me. You are my world, and I love you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can make a girl fall for me?

Some endearing tips that are suggestive to make a girl fall for you are:

  • Be optimistic and use positive vocabulary
  • Be her friend and have fun together
  • Give her undivided attention
  • Look presentable
  • Accept her uniqueness

2. What are some deep questions I may ask a girl?

Some catchy and thoughtful questions you may ask a girl are:

  • How did you meet your best friend?
  • What is one big thing you want to achieve?
  • What were the best moments while you were growing up?
  • What is the secret of a good life?
  • How have you used your strengths to succeed?

3. How do I emotionally connect with a girl over text?

To emotionally connect with a girl over text, you can look and sound positive, share a personal story, give hints that you often think about her, use good humor, and remember to stay relaxed and confident.

Sending bewitching and compelling text messages can put a smile on your significant other’s face and strengthen your romantic bond. These inviting and insinuating text messages will make her want you and can lighten up her day. How you care for her through texts can help develop trust and faith in the relationship. A few words of love, support, and encouragement can help her stay positive throughout the day. So, keep sending her fervent excerpts of your love and see how it positively impacts your relationship.

Infographic: Guidelines For Texting Your Girl When Dating

In this era of smartphones and social media, one of the most important and sensitive aspects of dating is to keep in touch through texts and messages. While texting can bring you closer to your love interest, if not done right, it can also become the reason for distance. Take a look at the infographic below to learn texting etiquette attributes you should be mindful of when dating the woman you love.

texting etiquettes when dating to keep her interested (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Express your love and appreciation for your girlfriend with these 30 cute things to say! Compliment her on her choices. Remember – you are one of them! Show her how much she means to you with these messages.

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