65 Perfect And Lovable Texts To Make Him Miss You

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Send him heart-touching texts to make him miss you and think about you when you are not around. How? Well, you don’t need to refer to a love coach for that. We have compiled a list of sweet, lovable, and romantic texts that will make him miss you and even rekindle the love and affection in your relationship and for each other. Send these texts to your significant other and make him feel special and let him know that you are thinking of him and make him think of you as well.

65 Perfect And Lovable Texts To Make Him Miss You

Here are some perfect and lovable texts to make your guy miss you and let him know you’re thinking of him and how much you value him.

  1. I had a fantastic time last time we met, and I truly admire how courageous you are. You are a rare breed, my man.
  2. I was driving by the beach where you taught me to surf. I genuinely love how much fun you are.
  3. Have you ever considered becoming a model because you look so good in your new Instagram photo?
  4. Are you a conjurer? It’s strange, but every time I look at you, everyone else fades away.
  5. A kiss burns ten calories per minute; I’m in the mood to burn my calories, game for some workout?
  6. When I’m having a bad day, you’re the only person I want to talk to.
  7. What do you do for a living, aside from taking my breath away?
  8. My bed is far too large for just me; would you like to come and keep me toasty?
  9. My eyes are constantly drawn to you, and your voice is my favorite sound.
  10. You’re so charming. Even just thinking about you makes me happy.
  11. Right now, all I want to do is curl up in your arms.
  12. I wish we were cuddling and kissing right now.
  13. It brightens my day to think about you.
  14. You make me blush even when you’re not here.
  15. Should we just call in sick tomorrow and spend the entire day together?
  16. I enjoy our adventures together.
  17. Your heart is the only place I want to be.
  18. I’m not sure I’ll let you go the next time I hug you.
  19. I’d eat you again and again.
  20. Nobody is perfect, but you’re almost there.
  21. You are my boxer shorts-clad knight.
  22. I will never allow tears to fall from those lovely eyes.
  23. God created you and then threw away the mold.
  24. Stop looking so good in your photos. Over here, you’re massacring me!”
  25. Right now, my house smells fantastic. “Would you like to come over and see what I’m grilling?”
  26. You are breathtakingly handsome, but I can tell that is not the only interesting aspect about you. I’d like to learn more.
  27. I enjoy the sensation of being encased in your arms.
  28. I’m wearing your sweatshirt right now, and it smells exactly like you.
  29. Every time someone knocks on my door, I hope it’s you.
  30. It’s too bad your arms don’t reach all the way here. I wish I could wrap my arms around them.
  31. I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk away from you the next time I see you.
  32. Do you think a kiss can travel a long distance if I blow one in your direction?
  33. I’ve got a few interesting things planned for you the next time we meet.
  34. I’m hard up for you to fill the empty side of my bed.
  35. You make me feel extremely special. It’s the most wonderful sensation in the biosphere.
  36. I’d travel halfway around the world to kiss you.
  37. I’m in the mood for some kinky and private jokes; any suggestions?
  38. I’ve still got the prickly pear cactus jam and Hibiscus Marmalade you gave me. I think of you every time I see them. Let’s start jamming.
  39. I can’t get my mind off what we did the other night; it makes me want to do it again.
  40. Even though it’s been a while, I still get those all-too-familiar butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you. Every day, I fall more in love with you.
  41. If I could only give you one gift in life, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes; only then would you understand how unique you are to me.
  42. I wish you were always by my side before I go to sleep. Even when I’m awake, I can’t stop thinking about you.
  43. The day may become gloomy and stormy, but that is insignificant because you are my wonder drug during low moments.
  44. Even if my day isn’t going well, as long as you’re with me, you’ll be my definition of a perfect day.
  45. My mind won’t let me get away from thinking about you. It keeps returning to you.
  46. I want to invite you over this Saturday afternoon, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my arms to myself.
  47. I just wanted to wish you a good night and express how much I wish you were here with me right now.
  48. This is the most wonderful relationship I’ve ever had. I had no idea it could be this nice.
  49. My friends are all incredibly jealous of our relationship. You certainly exceeded their expectations of what a guy ought to be!
  50. I truly think our lips must meet, and I want to cuddle up in your arms right now.
  51. Nobody can hold a candle to you because you are one in a zillion.
  52. Since meeting you, I’ve learned two things that I’ll never forget: I love you, and I think about you. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again!
  53. Your presence is rare, and your kind is even rarer, which is why I always want you to be here with me. I love you to pieces!
  54. Everything happens for a reason, and you came into my life for a reason. What a wonderful man you are!
  55. Your love is still burning in my heart, no matter how far you are from me or who you are. I adore you so much!
  56. Even when you aren’t by my side, I imagine you cuddling me and holding me close to yourself; you mean everything to me.
  57. I love seeing your toothy grin; your lovely smiling face and raspy whisper drive me insane and make me think of you all the time.
  58. If there were one thing I could change about you, it would be your current location so that you could be with me.
  59. You resemble the serenity of a lagoon at dusk or the warmth of the sun at noon. You’re the best guy in the world with the most beautiful heart. I love you even more now.
  60. I adore the way you give me sugary butterfly smooches, softly fold up my braids, and take me in your broad shoulders when I’m falling asleep.
  61. I’d give anything right now to snuggle up beside you, put my head in your chest, and lock my hands with yours.
  62. Strange things are happening to me. Even when I’m awake, I can’t stop thinking about you. I just got out of the shower; maybe you’d like to come?
  63. The next time we get together, we should play a sultry game of truth or dare.
  64. Remember the lychee Martini from that pub? I made one that tasted exactly like it!
  65. I was just at Scandinavian Designs when I noticed the turquoise recliner was still there. It reminded me of you sitting there for an hour! “I had a lot of fun with that.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can silence make a man miss you?

Although effective communication is essential in a relationship, an occasional silence can make a man miss you as it gives him a chance to think about you. While implementing the silence tool, ensure you use it at the right time to spark his attention and yearn for you.

2. What kind of texts do guys like to get?

Guys like receiving lovable, amusing, and flirty messages from their special girl. Besides loving the sweet nothings and innocent flirting, men also like to indulge in deep and passionate conversations.

You can make your man miss you whether you spend a lot of time together or are in a long-distance relationship. Send these perfect and lovable texts to make him pine for you and arouse his romantic esprit de corps, making him crave your presence and company all day. So, take some inspiration, and send these text messages to cheer him up and make his day!

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