10 Best Thanksgiving Activities For Teens

Thanksgiving is a unique occasion to meet family and express our gratitude and love to the almighty. If you are looking for some exciting Thanksgiving activities for teens, look no further. Thanksgiving is a fun time for teenagers to spend with their friends. If you want to make this Thanksgiving special for your teen, entertain them and the guests with some cool activities that they will thoroughly enjoy. Read on to explore our list of Thanksgiving activities that are sure to delight your teens this holiday.

1. Gobble The Corn:

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The delicious task spells fun for your teen and his friends.

Prepare corn cobs and place them in a bowl. Keep separate bowls for individual teens.

  • The twist is that your teen and friends have to eat the corn without using their hands.
  • To make it more interesting, you can also blindfold the players.
  • You can also make it into a team play. Blindfold one player and let him try to feed the other player.
  • Put a timer and the teen or team who finishes the corn is the winner.

2. Toss The Popcorn:

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It is one ‘healthy’ competition for your teen and his friends this Thanksgiving.

  • Make teams of two teens each.
  • Hand out a plastic cup of popcorn to one player in each team.
  • The player with the popcorn has to toss the popcorn into their partner’s mouth. Once the other player eats the popcorn, the player can toss the next popcorn.
  • Set a timer if you want. The team that finishes the popcorns first is the winner.
Point to consider
Managing kids while preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations can get overwhelming for parents. These activities will keep your kids busy so you can focus on making arrangements for the fete.

3. Toss The Egg:

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You can egg your teen and his friends to participate in this fun competition.

  • Make teams of two players each and ask them to stand apart.
  • Give one egg to each team and ask them to toss it between them.
  • With each toss, ask the players to go back a step to make it more fun.
  • In the end, the team that has the unbroken egg is the winner.

4. Do A Turkey Run:

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Here is one task that can help you bond with your teenager this holiday season.

  • Going for a family run on Thanksgiving is a great way to build up your appetite for some turkey.
  • Many neighborhoods organize community runs that also raise funds for charity. Check out with your neighbors in case they are already participating.
  • If you want to do it as a family alone, head out to a safe area and start running toward the finish line.

5. Pumpkin Hunt:

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Treasure hunt remains a favorite among children of all ages.

  • Hide a pumpkin in your house – indoors, outdoors, backyard – wherever you wish.
  • Hand out fun and interesting cue cards for your teen and his friends.
  • Set a timer for the teenagers to find the pumpkin and bring it back to you.

6. Sack Race:

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Here is a Thanksgiving twist to the good old sack race.

  • Let your teen go all out for the sack race with old sacks or let him use your pillow cases instead.
  • Set the finish line and make sure everyone can easily see it.
  • Create fun obstacles using Thanksgiving themed items like pumpkins and corn stalks.
Do remember
Sack race can be a great aerobic exercise for kids. It also helps strengthen muscles and develop the gross motor skills of children.

7. Pumpkin Water Race:

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Let your teen and his friends have a super fun splash at the pool with this activity.

  • Take a large pumpkin for each teenager.
  • Ask the teens to get in the water along with the pumpkin.
  • The teens have to push the pumpkin using only their head and make it reach the finish line at the other end of the pool.
  • The teen who manages to make the pumpkin hit the finish line first is the winner.

8. Pumpkin Pair:

The task will test the coordination between your teen and his friends.

  • Make teams of two players and hand a pumpkin to each.
  • The players have to place the pumpkin between them by using their foreheads. Touching the pumpkin is not allowed.
  • One teen will act as the leader and give commands like ‘jump’, ‘squat’, ‘turn around’ and more. The teams have to perform these tasks without touching the pumpkin with their hands and ensuring it does not fall.
  • The team that has the pumpkin in place until the end is the winner.

9. Pumpkin Line Up:

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It is a fun activity for your teen and his friends.

  • Make two groups of teens and ask them to stand in a line.
  • Hand out a pumpkin to the teen at the front.
  • The teen has to hold the pumpkin between his chin and chest.
  • Once the leader shouts go, the teen holding the pumpkin has to turn back and pass it to the next person. The next person can only grab the pumpkin using the chin and chest and cannot use his hands.
  • The team that sends the pumpkin to the end the fastest wins.

10. Scoop Out The Balls:

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You can use this popular game for making this holiday season fun for your teen and his friends.

  • Fill large bowls with cotton balls. Hand out a bowl and a small spoon each to all the teenagers.
  • Once you give the signal, the participants have to scoop out the cotton balls one by one using the spoon.
  • The teen who empties the bowl first wins.

Thanksgiving is one of the exciting and hectic days in the house. So, while you are hustling to prepare a delicious feast, engage your clan in these Thanksgiving activities for teens to avoid any interruptions. This handy list has many activities to suit the likes of most teenagers. These games can also be played by adults and are a great way to burn the excess calories consumed during dinner. So, from this year onwards, let Thanksgiving Day be a day of gratitude, a fantastic feast, and also a fun-filled activity day with your family.

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