10 Best Thanksgiving Books For Toddlers/Preschoolers

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Has your tiny tot started taking an interest in reading? Are you looking for some books that will help him understand the history and traditions of Thanksgiving? Well, if you nodded along, our suggestions on Thanksgiving books for preschoolers are sure to help!

The time to carve the turkey and get together for the feast is just around the corner! Besides, Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to evoke gratitude in children. So, here are ten Thanksgiving books for toddlers that will help your little one embrace and celebrate community, sharing, and family. These books focus on turkeys, family feasts and being thankful as the concept of the first Thanksgiving is quite abstract for toddlers to grab!

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Best Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers:

1. Thank You, Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - Thank You, ThanksgivingBuy-Now

“Thank You, Thanksgiving” is a story of a little girl who goes with her mamma on a last minute errand. Along the way, she thanks everything that she comes across- the lovely November clouds, the song of the birds and her warm book. The colorful pictures, the simple and repetitive texts will make reading this book a delight for your tot.

2. Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - Thanksgiving Is For Giving ThanksBuy-Now

“Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks” is a book that will remind your little ones about all the little details that make their days enjoyable. The book features cheerful and colorful illustrations and multicultural characters, making it perfect for kids who are second language learners.

3. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PieBuy-Now

“I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie” is one of our personal favorites. The thanksgiving book for preschoolers is a hilarious twist on the classic rhyme, “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”. The silly picture book features a ravenously hungry lady who visits a Thanksgiving dinner with a pie. She eats all the pie even before getting in the house. Your darling is sure to love this rhyming and romping Thanksgiving book.

4. Thanks For Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - Thanks For ThanksgivingBuy-Now

“Thanks For Thanksgiving” is the perfect book for introducing your preschooler to Thanksgiving. The book shows a young girl and her brother thanking the love of friends and family. The strikingly beautiful illustrations will bring the author’s words to life.

5. The Littlest Pilgrim:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - The Littlest PilgrimBuy-Now

Mini is the smallest pilgrim not just in her house, but also in the village. She is too small to sew, too small to fish and too small to bake. So what should she do this Thanksgiving? This book is perfect for the little doll in your house. You can even remind your little one that she is never too small to make friends with this delightful book!

6. Run, Turkey Run:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - Run, Turkey RunBuy-Now

Get ready for loads of giggles with this one! The story is about a farmer who runs after a plump turkey for his feast. Your tyke is guaranteed to enjoy the antics of the turkey as it tries to hide from a farmer in the story. The thanksgiving book for toddlers will also help you reinforce the sequence and re-telling skills in your children.

7. One is a Feast for a Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - One is a Feast for a Mouse A Thanksgiving TaleBuy-Now

“One is a Feast for a Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale” is a cute story of a mouse whose feast for the Thanksgiving is the leftovers from the family’s feast. Your baby will love this cute mouse and his balancing act as he tries to collect the food. It will also help him appreciate the little things in life.

8. 1, 2, 3 Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - 1, 2, 3 ThanksgivingBuy-Now

“1, 2, 3 Thanksgiving” is a fun counting book that will lead your child through ‘papa’s one fat turkey, ‘mother’s two pumpkin pies and so on as the family sits down for the Thanksgiving dinner. This straightforward book has very creative illustrations that are sure to appeal to little readers.

9. The Story of the Pilgrims:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - The Story of the PilgrimsBuy-Now

Here’s a perfect book for the youngest historians. This informative book narrates the story of the pilgrim’s voyage to America amidst the harsh winter. The book captures the excitement and wonderment of the pilgrim’s first year in America through vivid illustrations.

10. Ten Fat Turkeys:

Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers - Ten Fat TurkeysBuy-Now

“Ten Fat Turkeys” is basically a rhyming story that will teach your tot how to count backwards. But the silly antics of the turkeys as they do a noodle dance, strut on a boar and swing from a wine will give your toddler fits of laughter. And the illustrations are just superb!

These Thanksgiving books are sure to keep your toddlers entertained. Did we miss out any Thanksgiving favorite books for toddlers? What is your little one’s favorite Thanksgiving book? Please share with us by commenting below!

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