12 Super-Cute Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. You can smell the cinnamon swirls and the preparations of feasts in the air. It marks a time for gratitude. To be grateful for everything, including overly enthusiastic children who love dipping their fingers in the pools of creativity without any sense of control while you prep up for the big meal. To help you keep your restless kids out of the cooking area, we’ve made this list of Thanksgiving-themed crafts that keep your little ones busy and creative!

1. Turkeys In A Jar

Turkeys In A Jar

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All you need is a mason jar, some paint, two pipe-cleaners, cardstock, a pair of googly eyes, and a hot-glue gun for each turkey. Note that this craft project requires adult supervision. Paint the jar on the inside and glue on the remaining turkey parts to find the cutest looking mason jar turkey!

2. Printable Turkey

2. Printable Turkey 

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Some crafts only need a printer and enthusiastic kiddo who likes to construct. Build a realistic-looking turkey using a printable layout just at the command of the button. Press along the dotted line and get your turkey! It is really as easy as that.

3. Cork Turkey

Let all your wine bottles count towards your children’s creative experience. Hop your children onto the table counter, get a hot glue gun, and start the work! The results can be so great that you can continue using the decorated cork turkey on your bottles in the name of decor.

4. Handprint Turkey

Handprint Turkey 

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Ask your little ones to trace their hands on a sheet of paper. Once they do that, under strict parental supervision, cut the traced hand off the paper and glue on the cutest confines you find. Include some glitter and especially feather to give it an authentic look.

5. Leaf Lanterns In A Mason Jar

Leaf Lanterns In A Mason Jar 

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Go out on a search and collect the prettiest shades of maple leaves with your little ones. Get your different sizes of mason jars and stick the leaves onto them—easy peasy. Later that night, drop a small candle into the jar and watch the beautiful shadows dance.

6. Turkey Wind Chimes

Turkey Wind Chimes 

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Grab the leftover toilet paper roll, some bells or bangles, ribbons, beads, and obviously some googly eyes. Use strong chart-paper or pipe cleaners to make the hook of your new turkey wind chime.

7. Glitter CD Turkey

Glitter CD Turkey

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Upcycle the CDs you don’t use anymore and let your kids get a little familiar with them. Dip the CD in glue and then dip it in glitter- go back and forth until you find the perfect level of glitter to spark your life. Add the extra bits later, once the glitter is dried and more comfortable to handle.

8. Pebble Of Gratitude

Pebble Of Gratitude 

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Here’s another craft project that involves a search operation. Head out with your kids to look for smooth pebbles around the block—the bigger, the better. Come home and paint little hearts over them or whatever you’ve been grateful for this year. Use this time as a great bonding experience, even if your kid ends up drawing ice cream on the pebble.

9. Maple Leaf Painting

Maple Leaf Painting 

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You can enjoy this activity in two ways, simply paint over your collected collection of maple trees or dip the leaves into some water paint and then press them onto paper. You can use the pressed paper ones as cards for the festive season!

10. Apple Body Turkey

Apple Body Turkey 

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Here’s another fun-with-food activity to enjoy with (or without) your kids. The supplies are so easy to find that you probably won’t have to leave the house. Grab an apple, some toothpicks, and a bunch of candy and let your creativity flow. For more creative results, we would recommend going beyond the realms of turkey and step into edible portrait making!

11. Food Stamping

Food Stamping

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Food stamping is a whole lot of fun and an equal amount of mess but in a good way. If you have very young kids, we’d recommend sticking to potatoes. Cut a potato in half, carve out a simple design on one side and hand it over to your kids. Let your kids dip them in paint and then on paper to get their creative juices flowing. If your kids are up for some advanced food stamping, hand them a small bowl of corn kernel and some okra!

12. Apple Stamps

Apple Stamps

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Here’s a way to make your kid love fruits without continuously reminding them to eat them. All you need is one apple, paint, a sheet, and googly eyes. Cut the apple for your little ones, and let them get messy! A slight dip in the paint and a small stamp on the paper—that’s all it really is.

Now that you have a super long list of fun things to do with your kids, we’d say get on with it! Enjoy every minute of this holiday season watching your kids enjoying themselves, and make sure you enjoy it with them.

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