10 Best Thanksgiving Prayers For Blessing Your Meal This Year

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Thanksgiving is a time to rejoice. It’s the time to express our gratitude for all the blessings that the Almighty has showered on us. After all, we’re fortunate in having all our family and friends around us in such happy circumstances. With your dearest ones amid you this Thanksgiving Eve, it’s customary to say a heartfelt prayer that sums up how grateful you are for everything.

Saying Grace together as a family will take you back to your childhood days when things were simpler. Nowadays, when everyone is busy with their lives, sitting along with your near and dear ones together and saying a prayer will further strengthen the bonding among all members.

However, coming up with an impromptu Thanksgiving prayer can be difficult, especially if you struggle to find the right words that fit this fantastic occasion. To help you share a special Thanksgiving prayer with your loved ones, we’ve rounded up some meaningful ones to read through or draw inspiration from. It’ll help you gather your personal Thanksgiving prayer points to dedicate a special ode to the Thanksgiving family feast.

Below listed are ten Thanksgiving prayers that should help you kickstart the holiday season with hope and a positive bent of mind:

1. A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

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Dear Lord, we thank You for everything that You’ve done for us. We thank You for the food on our plate and our near and dear ones who have gathered here to celebrate this special day. Bless us all present here, the ones in our hearts and also the less fortunate. May Your guiding light stir us to service and fill our hearts with gratitude and love. Amen.

2. Daily Prayer To Express Gratitude

Daily Prayer To Express Gratitude

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Our Father in Heaven, thank You for this gift of life. Thank You for Your goodness and Your abundant love and care. Thank You for blessing us with Your sacrifice so that we can taste freedom and happiness in life. Dear God, forgive us for our sins and help us set our minds and hearts in good deeds. Fill us with peace and joy. We love You, and we seek Your blessings today and every day. Amen.

3. Thanksgiving Prayer Before Meal

Thanksgiving Prayer Before Meal

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Dear God, we thank You for Your blessings, for those who’ve gathered here with us to share the joys of Thanksgiving and also those who are away. Bless this food so that we may enjoy good health and become stronger each day. Forgive us, for we do not thank You enough for all that You’ve given us. May we set our hearts on You afresh and make the most of this beautiful day and every day. Amen.

4. Thanksgiving Prayer For Being Generous

Thanksgiving Prayer For Being Generous

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Dear Lord, we are Your children, and we need You. We are eternally grateful for Your light from the Heavens above. May Your grace knit us together and help us become more generous to all around us. Help us realize that Your creation is supreme, that our Thanksgiving to You is fruitful when we are good and do good to those surrounding us. Just like You’ve blessed us with Your kindness, may we have the strength and heart to be there for those that need us. Thank You, God, for Your bountiful mercy. Please accept our glad Thanksgiving and listen to our prayers on this joyful day. Amen.

5. Thanksgiving Prayer About Praise

Thanksgiving Prayer About Praise

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Dear Lord, on this Thanksgiving Day, we praise and worship Your glorious name with reverence and awe. You are our strength and shield, and we trust You to show us the right path in times of need. We thank you for the yield of the earth, Your unfailing love and mercy, and all Your praiseworthy deeds. Bless us this day so that we can commit our lives to the purest thoughts and actions. Amen.

6. Thanksgiving Prayer For Healing

Thanksgiving Prayer For Healing

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Our Father in Heaven, we honor and thank You today for healing us from our pains, setbacks, sickness, and disease. Please give us the courage to face our challenges and emerge victorious from our lowest. You are our savior. We believe in You, and we join today to thank You for Your promise of salvation, that which You gave us through Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

7. Thanksgiving Prayer To Seek Protection

Thanksgiving Prayer To Seek Protection

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Dear God, We offer our thanks for everything that You’ve allowed into our lives, for being present within and around us and saving us from sins and temptations. We seek Your wisdom and power to fight off evil and forgive us our trespasses. Help us to be generous and compassionate, to serve the needy beyond our selfish interests. May we become beacons of hope and joy and stay content in our present circumstances. Amen.

8. Thanksgiving Prayer For All Our Blessings

Thanksgiving Prayer For All Our Blessings

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Heavenly Father, We thank You for everything that has so graciously sustained us to date, watch over us and bless us every day. Help us stay true to You, to the path You have destined for us. Preserve our minds from greed and hate. Make us serve You through selfless service toward our fellow beings and be our shelter when faced with odds. May Your light surround us and strengthen our faiths in Your enduring love. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

9. Thanksgiving Prayer For Peace And Light

Thanksgiving Prayer For Peace And Light

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Dear Lord, we praise You today for all the goodness You have bestowed upon us. We give You thanks for our friends and family who have gathered here to sing Your praises. We pray for good health, courage, peace, and light so that we live our lives as You would have us. May Your peace consume us all. Thank You for all that You’ve done for us. This we ask, in Your most holy name. Amen.

10. Thanksgiving Prayer For Creation

Thanksgiving Prayer For Creation

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Our Father, omnipotent and eternal, we are grateful to You for all Your love, mercy, and goodness sent to us from the Heavens to Your beautiful creation here on earth. We thank You for filling our hearts with joy and faith, our plates with delicious food, and our lives with friends and family in whom we seek happiness and support. We bow down to You and pray that Your Bounty and peace come to stay with us. May we serve You in all that we do. Amen.

The best way to praise the Almighty on Thanksgiving is to sing His glory and praise and be humbly grateful for what He has done for us. These prayers are ideal for sharing with your loved ones daily, not just around the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. So, as we celebrate this holiday season with our friends and family, let’s also take the opportunity to showcase our love and gratitude and have Thanksgiving in our hearts all year-round. What other Thanksgiving prayers can you add to this list? Do share your favorite ones with us in the comments below!

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