The Best Birthing Technique For You, Based On Your Zodiac

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There is something fascinating about Zodiac signs. Funnily, every one admits that they do not take it seriously. Yet, even an off-the-cuff remark about someone’s Zodiac sign triggers a passionate discussion on the topic. Of course, there are also those who have complete faith in it. The last few days preceding the estimated date of delivery is full of guessing. So, we thought, why not apply this fun knowledge and find the best birthing technique for you, based on your Zodiac sign? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? So let’s go –


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Aquarius is known to have a rebellious streak. Give them anything and they are surely not following the norm. And, that holds true for childbirth as well. Therefore, in all likelihood, they will go into labor with a birth plan in hand. This way they’ll be the ones in control unless a doctor’s intervention is absolutely necessary.


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Pisces are known for their calm and compassionate nature. They are gentle and intuitive, even in the face of a crisis. So, in all probability, they’ll love the Lamaze (1). It is a technique of breathing which is actually a philosophy based on intuition. Going by their intuitive nature, this is sure to suit them the best!


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Aries totally believe in being the sole decision-makers at every step and do not like someone instructing them. This applies to labor and childbirth too. And, to remain in control of this situation, an Aries will learn every aspect of it, draw up a strategy, and lay the groundwork in their minds like a game plan. So, when the time comes, they’ll easily switch to their demi-god selves!


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Stubbornness, thy name is Taurus! And so is patience. If you’ve made up your mind for a natural birth, then that’s how it’ll be. But one word of caution: don’t be too patient if you want to consider an epidural. Do it before you are 5 centimeters, don’t wait till an 8 or 9 to decide!


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Geminis are fast learners and are great with idea exchanges. But, they can become indecisive when nervous. So, invest in a good midwife program, either at the hospital or the neighborhood. That way, your midwife will guide you throughout the pregnancy and both of you will be in sync at the time of delivery.


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Cancers are known to connect to their inner feelings. Due to their nurturing and inclusive personality, they might love the idea of acupressure or acupuncture as a pre-birthing technique. These techniques are believed to help release oxytocin hormone, which promotes uterine contractions during labor. However, check with your doctor before opting for them.


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Leo likes to be in the spotlight always. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if they went for birth dancing. Yes, there is a thing called Dancing for Birth (2). Now, this is something a Leo would definitely want to give a shot.


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Virgos are the most careful of all the signs and pay attention to small details. Their deep sense of humanity might make them opt for HypnoBirthing, which helps them rely on their instincts for pain relief during labor (3).


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Libras are generally cooperative, fair-minded, and gracious. But again, they might have trouble taking last-minute decisions. This is why they might excel at a birth-coach assisted delivery!


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Scorpios do not shy away from being the way they are. So, a water birth is probably the most-suited technique for them. Discovering the unraveling of labor is what they might cherish, especially since they are a water sign.


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Sagittarius is a free soul. They do not like to be restricted or constrained. That is why they might love the idea of a birthing ball with some music to help them bounce around to their heart’s content during labor. However, check with the doctor before you go bouncing.


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Capricorns like to push the envelope (pun intended). No wonder then that they always like to set a high benchmark, childbirth being no exception. So, if you have a specific technique in your mind (including those mentioned above), you are most likely to have several rounds of discussions with your doctors, nurses, or doulas to have the perfect birthing experience.

So, there you go – you have several techniques of birthing based on your Zodiac sign available to you now. You can also try those which may not be under your sign. But make sure you discuss these with your doctor before you jump in. Childbirth is an important and memorable moment in a woman’s life. So, no matter what you choose, we are sure you will cherish the moment.

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