What Are The Chances Of Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

Chances Of  Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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A tubal ligation is an important family planning procedure that doctors perform to avoid unwanted pregnancies. However, there have been cases where women who underwent the procedure ended up becoming pregnant. How did that happen? Can it happen again? Here we clear all your doubts. Read on to know more about chances of pregnancy after tubal ligation and how it can affect.

What Is Tubal Ligation?

A tubal ligation is a surgical procedure to tie, block, or cut a woman’s fallopian tubes to avoid any unwanted pregnancies. The procedure stops the eggs from going from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes where a sperm fertilizes it.

‘Tying the tubes’ is a simpler name for tubal ligation. A gynecologist usually performs a tubal ligation.

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How Can A Tubal Ligation Procedure Fail?

A tubal ligation procedure may fail, and lead to unplanned pregnancy in three ways:

  1. If your doctor misses and does not close the fallopian tubes during the tubal ligation surgery. A tubal ligation may fail if a patient has any severe scar tissue, which can make it difficult to find the exact location of the fallopian tubes.
  1. A tubal ligation can also fail if the fallopian tubes form a new opening or a fistula. Fistulas may form even after the healing process is complete. In the case of a fistula, a sperm can reach the egg and fertilize it. Fertilization is a remote possibility, as it may be hard for an egg to find a small opening and travel back to the uterus.
  1. Tubal ligation may also fail if the tubal lumens rejoin, also known as recanalization. Recanalization can happen in case your gynecologist does not close the fallopian tubes properly, and they reopen after the procedure.

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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation?

While tubal ligation is a permanent and effective way of birth control, there are chances that it may lead to accidental pregnancy. Along with other surgical methods, a tubal ligation has a chance of failure and the chances of becoming pregnant after having a tubal ligation remain high. It is especially so for women in their twenties or who have had Hulka clip tubal occlusion. Chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation are deemed high risk, and you need to discuss it immediately with your doctor.

In case you wish to have a baby after you have undergone a successful tubal ligation, you can either go for tubal reversal surgery or opt for in-vitro fertilization.

1. Tubal Reversal Surgery:

This procedure involves a laparotomy method.

  • The doctor will make a large incision of about four to six inches in length on your abdomen.
  • This is an extremely uncomfortable procedure that requires a longer recovery time.
  • You may need hospitalization for about three to four days after the surgery.
  • You would need complete rest and leave from work for about three to four weeks after the surgery.
  • The procedure takes into account factors like the sperm quality of the male, the status of any possible pelvic conditions, the tubal status, your age and the quality and quantity of egg.

After a successful tubal reversal, you would not need any other medications or procedures to get pregnant. Intercourse will be enough to get pregnant.

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2. In-Vitro Fertilization:

This procedure helps you avoid any major surgery.

  • You will need to take medication to stimulate the development of your eggs.
  • The doctor may take several eggs from your ovaries.
  • The doctor may fertilize eggs using the sperm of your male partner.
  • Some of the embryos that result from this will be transferred back to the uterus so that one of these can get implanted.
  • Within ten days, you will know if the procedure was successful.
  • You also have the risk of having multiple pregnancies.

Before going for tubal ligation, your doctor will recommend you track your menstrual cycle and look for signs of pregnancy. If you are looking at conception even after opting for tubal ligation, you can speak to your doctor about these procedures to reverse it.

If you have opted for family planning through tubal ligation, please share your experience with us. If you are looking at tubal reversal to start your family again and have any queries or doubts, you can share it here.

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