‘The Lion And The Hare’ Story For Your Kids

lion and the hare story

As your baby grows, you’re doing everything to make sure that he or she develops a strong personality. It is your deepest desire that your baby learns about new things and enhances his or her knowledge about the world.

Well, to achieve that, what better way than reading out a story to your kid while he’s about to sleep? Not only will your kid enjoy it, but will also learn several aspects about the world he’s living in.

Stories From Panchatantra:

The Panchatantra is probably the first name that comes to one’s mind when it comes to kid’s stories.

  • With an extensive collection of the best moral based stories for kids, it is undoubtedly one of the best choices.
  • Given below is the story of the lion and the hare, one of the most popular kid’s stories from the Panchatantra.

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The Lion And The Hare Story:

Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the jungle. He was very powerful and strong, and all the animals of the jungle feared him. The lion used to dominate and kill other animals in the jungle for his food, and sometimes, even unnecessarily.

  • One day, the animals of the jungle decided to find a way out, and called for a meeting. All the animals of the jungle, including the lion, were present for the meeting.
  • One of the animals then put forward a proposal for the lion. They asked the lion to stop hunting down the animals in the forest, and in return, they would send one animal a day to his den, where he could kill the animal and eat it as his food.
  • The lion agreed, but placed a condition. If the animal did not reach his den in time, he would hunt down each animal of the jungle. The animals agreed to this condition.
  • One day, it was the hare’s turn to go into the lion’s den. He didn’t want to die! So, to save his life, he quickly came up with a plan.
  • The hare entered the lion’s den a little late, and when the lion asked him the reason for being late, he told him that there was another lion in the jungle, who was claiming to be the king of the jungle.
  • Hearing this, the lion got angry and demanded to see the other lion.
  • The hare cleverly took him to a well full of water, and told the lion to look down into the well.
  • The lion saw his own reflection in the well, and thought it was another lion.
  • Getting angry, he jumped into the well and drowned.
  • The hare went back happy that he managed to save his life, and narrated the entire event to his fellow animals.

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Lion And The Hare Story – The Moral:

The most important part of a story is its moral, especially when you’re reading out a story to your kid.

  • The moral of this story is that intelligence always has an upper hand when compared to physical strength.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re tiny or weak: if you are intelligent, you’ll make your way through anything.
  • This moral will explain the importance of education and wisdom to your kid, and teach him that physical appearances don’t matter.

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