The Magic Of New-Age Lullabies

Lullabies. The very word tugs at our heartstrings, taking us back to warm afternoons and cold nights when we drifted off to the land of dreams while soft tunes soothed us. It makes one think of how fast things change. That timely yet gentle knock of sleep every night has been replaced with an irregular sleep schedule. Hours of tossing and turning entail before we finally get a grip on the often elusive sleep, and the melodic lullabies have given way to the hurried sounds of typing as we send out our last texts before letting the fatigue consume us.

We’ve often seen how much this generation lacks what we had when we were children – the soothing lullabies that helped us relax and summoned sleep in no time. However, the magic of lullabies stays to this day, bewitching adults and babies alike. In fact, studies suggest (1) that babies love lullabies, regardless of the language, culture, or even the voice that sings them. A lullaby in any other language sounds just as sweet. Despite their unfamiliarity, lullabies can calm infants and help them sleep. These findings suggest that infants may be inclined to the effects of the common features of lullabies even if they are from different cultures.

How Do Lullabies Help?

  • The Repetitive Beats Stimulate Relaxation

The repetitive structure of a lullaby encourages infants to fall into a comfortably relaxed state of mind. Its uniqueness lies in the simple rhythmic structure and repeated tunes, causing a meditative effect.

  • It Impacts Physical, Mental And Emotional Wellbeing Positively

An interesting study conducted at the Great Ormond Street Hospital showed that child patients experienced less anxiety, lower heart rates and a ‘reduced perception of pain’ upon hearing lullabies (2).

  • The Slow Rhythm Induces Gentle Rocking

The slow rhythm of a lullaby mirrors a pleasant rocking motion. The feeling of being gently rocked in the arms of a loved one increases the calming effect on little ones and helps them fall asleep quickly.

Duroflex, India’s leading sleep experts who are known to reinforce the importance of good sleep, have come up with an innovative sleep music series just in time for World Sleep Day. We have seen the magical charms of the first season of Sounds of Sleep. By reviving traditional lullabies across languages, it quickly became a favourite among new parents. This year, Duroflex, in keeping with the findings mentioned above, has taken a creative route to bring original compositions with top artists based on the idea of a new-age lullaby.

The Digitisation Of Lullabies

Lullabies have been used by parents for over 4000 years, their purpose unchanged over the centuries. In a generation of digital natives, it’s only natural that this universally popular genre of music is revived digitally. The ease of access, combined with the variety and the soft music that accompanies the lullabies, makes it effective by putting these advantages into practice.

For instance, you can find all the lullabies aired in the first season of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep in a single playlist. All you have to do is click here, and let the tunes play one after the other, securing your little one in a cocoon of serene relaxation while you wrap up your day’s work before joining your kid in a blissful lull of sleep.

Can’t wait to slip into the warm embrace of a good night’s sleep (or afternoon’s, we won’t judge!) with your child? You can tune into the all new original lullaby compositions from Duroflex Sounds of Sleep Season 2 right here!

Lullabies For The New Age

The second season of Sounds of Sleep features new lullabies that retain the magic of the age-old melodies. The melodies by top singers like Armaan Malik, Arko Mukherjee, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Siddharth Mahadevan are sure to mesmerise both the old and the young. The soulful tunes in various Indian languages will fill you with nostalgia, while its newness brings a fresh angle to the traditional sounds of sleep. By celebrating and recreating the euphonious experience of lullabies, the unique digital music series is the fairy dust we all need to fall into a steady sleep routine.

Explore the playlist here, and unwind with your little ones right away.

From Sleep Songs To Sound Sleep

In an endeavour to offer sleep essentials for young babies, Duroflex has also introduced a new limited edition baby-crib mattress range to ensure that our little ones get a good night’s sleep. Made with high-quality natural latex, the organic EcoNap Crib Mattress provides the support and resilience your baby deserves. It is made using the most natural and hypoallergenic materials. The mattress has a breathable coconut coir layer that ensures your baby gets sturdy support and superior comfort, while its cool and soft surface ensures a comfortable sleep for the little ones. The latex layer allows air circulation and keeps the mattress bacteria-free and hygienic. EcoNap is encased in a 100% cotton cover which is removable and washable. Besides, it is dual-sided, taking care of your child’s body and back support needs as they grow. It has a soft plush side to cocoon your growing toddler. The mattress also comes with a Waterproof Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheets that make it a complete package. With the Duroflex EcoNap Baby Crib Mattress Bundle, you can rest assured that your baby will get a deep, happy sleep every single night. And when your little bundle of joy has the super comfortable mattress along with the melodies of lullabies, they will be wrapped in a warm blanket of repose.

From Sleep Songs To Sound Sleep


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