'The Peacock And The Crane Story' For Your Kids

the peacock and the crane story

How often you engage yourself in storytelling to your little one? Think again.

Story telling is one of the best ways to educate your kid from a very tender age. Through this, you can entertain your darling by taking to an amazing world where animals talk and sing. Most important part of such stories is – it comes with a moral which is very essential for your child.

Why Storytelling?

Narrating stories is not just sharing happy time with your cutie pie, it’s something beyond that. Have a look:

1. Child gets familiar with new sounds, words and language.

2. Gives boost to the literacy skill of your baby at an early age.

3. Stimulates imagination of your kid and gives a chance to unlock a world which was never seen before.

4. Develops a strong bond between you and your angel.

5. Creates inquisitiveness in your child to know ‘what next’.

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Selecting A Story And Its Relevance:

Stories are indeed a powerful means of letting your kid to think, visualize and express their world. Here are some of the tips to know before selecting the story for your baby:

  • Fairy tales are the all time favorite of children.
  • Choose stories which are short, interesting and should have a moral.
  • If you want to make your story more interactive, indulge yourself.
  • Make sounds of the character to make the story live.
  • If possible, you can also show pictures of the character.

Aesop’s Fables:

These are the collection of moral tales having a series of fascinating stories. The Peacock and the Crane story is one of the vast collections which are simple as well as interesting.

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The Peacock And The Crane Story:

Once upon a time, there was a peacock that was very proud of his beauty. Very often he would look at his feathers and admire it.

One day, he came across a crane and starting mocking him by saying, how ugly he is. His tails are so colorless whereas his tails are gorgeous and look beautiful like rainbows. The crane agreed to this and instantly replied that his feathers are not beautiful but it helps him to fly to the zenith and he can see the beauty of the nature by flying high in the sky whereas he can’t.

The Moral:

The story has a number of morals. We have mentioned few below:

  • Beauty has no value unless it is useful.
  • Worthless beauty is not appreciable.
  • Never find fault with others.
  • Being useful is of much more importance and value, than the ornamental.

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Storytelling: A Major Tool Of Overall Development:

According to educators and researchers, storytelling serves as an effective bridge between the oral language and the literacy development. This connects to give a boost to overall development in various forms:

1. It gives a fun experience to your child where they develop imaginary, listening as well as thinking skills.

2. Your little one gets to know what is good and bad in the form of story and it’s moral.

3. It allows your kid to explore and experience different culture and tradition.

4. It helps you to build the foundation of your child for academic learning.

5. It sharpens your kid’s mind by increasing their knowledge level.

With all these simple steps, you can provide an opportunity to the young minds for experimenting with already known, as well as new words and phrases. These will help you give an effective and a concrete shape to your little champ, thus paving a healthy way for nurturing the talent in him or her.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a start today itself.

Hope you liked this peacock and crane story. Do share your valuable suggestions in the below mentioned section.

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