The Story Of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp For Kids

Does your little one enjoy bedtime stories? Do you often read out loud to your kid or has your kid started reading himself? Have you introduced your kid to different classic tales of your childhood? Reading short stories together is a great way to help your kid expand his vocabulary and improve your kid’s listening skills. It will also help your kid improve his oratory and pronunciation skills.

A much loved one among the kids is the story of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp featuring Aladdin as the main character, along with Princess Jasmine, his friend Abu, Genie, Jafar, who was a thief in the past, the Magic Carpet, and the Sultan. If you have not read it out for your kid yet, here is a retelling of the famous fable that will be easy for your kid to understand.

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Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Story

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Aladdin who lived with his mother. One day, a rich stranger came to their house looking for Aladdin. ‘I am a merchant,’ he told Aladdin’s mother. ‘I have come all the way from Arabia. I want to take your boy with me for a little work, but I will pay him so much that you will not be poor anymore.’

Aladdin’s mother soon agreed because they really needed the money. However, she did not know that the Arabian who said he was a merchant was actually a magician.

The next day, Aladdin packed his things and left with the merchant. They traveled for many hours, after which the merchant stopped. Aladdin was surprised, as it was a lonely spot and there was nothing or no one anywhere.

The merchant took out some colored powder from his pocket. Then he threw it at the ground and the next moment there was smoke all around. As the smoke cleared away, Aladdin saw a big opening in the ground like a cave. The merchant asked Aladdin to go inside the cave. ‘You will see lots gold inside, more than you will ever see in your life. Take as much as you want. Inside the cave, you will also see an old lamp. Just get it out for me.’ Aladdin became suspicious, but he entered the cave.

Inside, he saw the cave was filled with gold. He filled up his pockets with gold and stuffed in as much treasure as he could. When he could take no more gold, he looked for the lamp and found it. It was old and dirty. He took the lamp and called out to the merchant to help him out. ‘Give me the lamp first,’ the merchant said. Aladdin was afraid that if he gave the lamp to the merchant, he would leave him there. So he said ‘Please pull me out first.’

The merchant got angry and took out some more powder from his pocket. He threw it at the cave and the opening of the cave became shut with a huge rock. Aladdin was scared. He waited inside and shouted, hoping that someone would come and help. But many hours passed and no one came. As Aladdin was sitting alone, he started cleaning the lamp. Suddenly, a strange fog filled up the room and a voice said, ‘My Master, I am the genie of this lamp. What is your wish?’ It was a huge man who looked very strange and Aladdin was afraid of him. But the genie assured him that he would do as Aladdin asked him. ‘Take me to my home’ he said.

The next instant, Aladdin was home and with his mother. They hugged each other and Aladdin told her all about his adventure. Aladdin called the genie again and he appeared, but now they were not afraid of him. He asked the genie for a palace and soon they were living inside a beautiful palace instead of the old hut where Aladdin had lived all his life.

As people got to know about the rich Aladdin, he became more famous. His mother carried a big basket full of diamonds which allowed her to enter the Sultan’s palace to get his daughter’s hand. With the help of Genie, they were able to establish themselves as wealthy and were able to fulfill the demands of the Sultan. He was now married to the princess, the daughter of the Sultan, and they were very happy. The magician too heard all about Aladdin. He came to Aladdin’s palace pretending to be an old man who exchanged old lamps and gave new. Aladdin had not told the princess about the mystic lamp. She got it to give the magician. As soon as he saw the lamp he recognized it, and grabbing it, ran away.

He summoned the genie and he was now the new master. ‘Shift away Aladdin’s palace far away from here to the desert’ he said.

When Aladdin returned home he could not find his palace or his princess and mother. He was very worried, but then realized it must be the work of the evil magician who wanted to take revenge. Aladdin thought hard and remembered that he had a ring that the magician had given him and that it could still help him. He rubbed the ring and another genie appeared. ‘Take me to wherever my princess is,’ he commanded the genie.

The next moment Aladdin found himself in the desert in his palace. His princess was there and he was glad to see she was safe. The evil sorcerer was also there and the magic lamp was placed on a table next to the magician. Before the magician could realize what was going on, Aladdin quickly jumped and grabbed the lamp. He quickly rubbed the lamp and lo and behold, the genie appeared.

‘My master,’ the genie said, ‘I am so happy to serve you again. What do you wish for?’ he asked. Aladdin looked at the magician and said, ‘I want you to send this evil magician to a different place, from where he can never return again or harm anyone. ‘

‘Whatever you wish for my master,’ said the genie, and the evil magician disappeared, never to return again.

The genie helped transport Aladdin back to where his palace was. There, Aladdin lived happily with his princess wife and his mother. The genie was also there along with Aladdin and his family, and they lived happily ever after.

Did you like the retelling of the famous Aladdin and the magic lamp short story summary here? Do share it with your kid by reading it out loud.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the theme of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp?

The Aladdin and the Magic Lamp story revolves around the theme that whether poor or rich, true wealth lies within us. Even with a magic lamp, the protagonists focus on building their character, which eventually becomes their strength.

2. Who wrote Aladdin and The Magic Lamp?

There have been many versions of the story Aladdin and The Magic Lamp (1). The story is said to have a Middle-Eastern origin. Around the 18th century, the French translator Antoine Galland introduced the story to the Western world through his book “One Thousand and One Nights.” After that, many authors produced their versions of this magic story.

3. What is the name of Aladdin’s magic lamp?

Aladdin’s magic lamp goes by many names but is commonly referred to as “Genie’s lamp.” It is also called “Aladdin’s lamp” and “Magic Lamp.”

4. What does the lamp symbolize in Aladdin’s story?

There is no symbolism for Aladdin’s magic lamp. However, in general, lamps symbolize wisdom, divinity, and intellect.

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