'The Blue Jackal Story & Moral' For Your Kid

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Do you have a story time ritual with your little angel? Are you always on the lookout for interesting stories with morals? Does your child enjoy listening to new stories? Are you planning to introduce him to some new stories? Have you told him any stories from the Panchatantra yet? If you nodded along in agreement, you might want to read our post.

The Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of animal fables, which feature morals. It is India’s most popular story collection. One famous story from the Panchatantra is the story of the blue jackal. The story is quite interesting and has an important moral lesson that your child will be able to grasp easily. Read our post for a retelling of the famous blue jackal story.

The Story Of Blue Jackal:

Once upon a time in a forest many years ago, there was a jackal known as Chandaraka. One day, the extremely hungry Chandaraka, went in search of food and reached the nearby village. On the way to the village, a group of dogs confront him and start to chase him. Chandaraka is afraid, and he begins running away. In his hurry to escape, he enters the house of a washerman. As he tries to hide, he slips and falls into a tub full of blue colored dye.

In some time, the barking of the dogs dies down, and Chandraka realizes that they have left. So he comes out of the tub, as he steps out he sees his reflection in a mirror on the wall. In the mirror, Chandraka appears blue. Chandraka is quite afraid, and he runs back to the forest. Once Chandaraka reaches home, the animals fail to recognize him. The blue color scares most animals, and they run away.

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Chandaraka thinks this is the time to take advantage of the blue color. He asks the frightened animals ‘Why are you all so scared? Why are you running away from me? God has made me this way. He told me that the jungle has no ruler, and the animals have no one to guide them. So he has sent me to be your king. I am the chosen one, and God calls me Kakudruma. From now I will be the king of this jungle, and you all will be safe in my rule and my protection.’

The animals were very innocent, and they all believe him. All the animals decide that they would treat the blue jackal Kakudruma as their king from now. Kakudruma is happy and begins planning things that would help him. First, he chooses the lion to work as his minister. Next, he chooses the tiger to work as his Chamberlain. The wolf becomes the gatekeeper. Soon Kakudruma chooses different animals to work in different positions. Once all animals had been given their jobs, the blue jackal decides to do away with all the jackals of the jungle. He asks them all to leave the jungle, as he worries they will recognize him as Chandraka.

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Gradually, all the animals of the jungle begin to follow Kakudruma’ s routine. They hunt and bring their loot to the king. The king eats his fill and distributes the rest amongst his subjects. Everyone is happy and in peace, and the king leads a life of luxury.

One day Kakudruma is in court with his subjects. A group of jackals passes nearby. As they pass, they begin to howl. Kakudruma is a jackal, and like a true jackal he gets up and howls in response to the other jackals. The animals realize that Kakudruma is not a special creation but just a normal jackal. They get so angry that they jump on Kakudruma and kill him.

If you do not want to end the story this way and feel it is violent, you could say the animals made all the jackals leave the forest.

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Moral Of The Story Of Blue Jackal:

The moral of the blue jackal story for kids is that those who leave their kind will not be able to live happily.

We hope your little one enjoyed the story. Tell us what kind of stories do you tell him? Leave a comment below.