'The Story Of Cinderella' For Your Little Angels

The Story of Cinderella

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Do you read stories to your little one? Is bedtime also synonymous with story time in your home? Does your little princess love reading books and have you already introduced her to some of the most famous children’s stories? If you are looking out for a new story for your little one, Cinderella can be a good choice.

The story of Cinderella has been told and retold to children through years gone by. It is one of the most popular and most loved stories of all times, with almost all children reading about Cinderella at least once. So read ahead to check our retelling of Cinderella and share it with your little one.

The Cinderella Story For Kids:

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was very alone and unhappy. Her mother had died and her father, looking to bring home a mother for his young daughter, had married again. The step mother had two daughters from a previous marriage, and the father thought they would make great friends for his daughter. However, the father did not know that the stepmother and her daughters were actually not as kind and sweet as they pretended to be. A few weeks after the marriage, the father also died and the girl was left alone with her step family.

They were very cruel and were extremely unkind to the little girl. The stepmother did not like her stepdaughter at all. She only loved her own daughters and did not show any love or care towards the little girl. All the good things that the family could afford were only for the step mother and her two daughters. Good food, beautiful dresses and pretty shoes and all other wonderful and comfortable things were only for the step mother and her two daughters, and they did not allow anything nice for the poor girl.

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She only wore the rags that were once her step sisters’ clothes but were now too old and torn. She had to work the whole day, with no time for herself. She also had to do whatever her step mother and step sisters asked her to do, with no rest and no time to enjoy. Only when it was evening, the step mother allowed the little girl to sit down by the fire and relax for some time near the cinders. That is how she came to be called Cinderella.

Cinderella had a cat and whatever free time she got she spent it talking to her cat. She was a pretty little girl, and even though she wore only rags and torn clothes, she always looked beautiful because she was a wonderful person. On the other hand, even though the step mother and the step sisters wore the most beautiful and the best of clothes, they still did not look pretty, because they were not good people. Cinderella was kind and sweet and it showed in her face, while the step mothers and step sisters were mean and unkind and that too showed in their face.

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One day, a royal messenger came and announced that there was to be a ball at the palace and all ladies had to attend. The step mothers and step sisters brought beautiful new dresses for the ball, but nothing for Cinderella. All of them were getting ready to go to the ball, but Cinderella knew they would not take her along. The step mother told her that Cinderella would stay at home with the cat. ‘Wash the dishes, scrub the floors and keep the beds ready for me and your sisters. We will be very tired when we come back from the ball.’

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Cinderella was very sad but she only said yes to all the chores her step mother asked her to do. Once they had left, Cinderella sat down quietly and was crying, when suddenly something magical happened. There was a sudden light and a fairy appeared. Cinderella was scared, but the fairy said, ‘Don’t be scared, I am your fairy godmother. I know you want to go to the ball and that is why I am here.’ Cinderella pointed at herself and said, ‘How can I go to the ball like this? I only have rags to wear and torn shoes. No one will let me enter the ball.’

The fairy waved her magic wand and suddenly Cinderella found her dress changed. She was wearing the most beautiful ball gown she had ever seen. The fairy also turned Cinderella’s torn shoes into pretty glass slippers. ‘Now we have to arrange for a coach that will take you to the ball.’ She looked around and saw a large pumpkin in the garden. She waved her wand and the pumpkin soon turned into a coach. ‘Now we need some horses and a coachman.’ She found seven mice in the garden and turned them into six horses and a coachman.

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‘Go and have a great time, but remember, you have to be back home at the stroke of midnight, or all the magic will disappear.’ Cinderella went to the ball and had a wonderful time. Everyone was only looking at this beautiful girl who had suddenly appeared. Even her step mother and step sisters could not recognize her. The prince wanted to dance only with Cinderella and everyone was jealous of her. Suddenly, Cinderella heard the clock strike midnight. Without saying anything to the prince, she ran for the door. As she ran down the steps one of her glass slippers slipped off and fell on the palace staircase. Cinderella did not have time to go back and pick it up, so she let it fall there.

The prince was already in love with Cinderella. He picked up the glass slipper and asked his messengers to go and search for the girl. ‘Take this glass slipper to every house in the kingdom. Make sure every girl tries it on.’

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Once the messengers reached Cinderella’s house the step sisters and step mothers tried out the shoe, but it did not fit any of them. As the messengers were about to leave, Cinderella called out to them and asked if she could try it on too. The step mother was very angry, but the messengers said it was the prince’s order that every girl has to try the shoe. No one believed it would fit her, but the shoe fit Cinderella perfectly and everyone was surprised.

The fairy appeared and again Cinderella’s clothes were turned into the most amazing gown. ‘Come with us lady, the prince is waiting for you,’ the messengers said and took her to the palace. Cinderella and the prince were soon married in a splendid royal ceremony and lived happily ever after.

Did you like the retelling of the famous short story of Cinderella for kids here? Do share it with your kid by reading it out loud.

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