The Story Of The Fox And The Stork For Kids


Imagine your child asking for a story book to read instead of watching his favourite video on the YouTube. Sounds far-fetched, right? Unfortunately yes, because children of this generation are reluctant to read. However, if you want to introduce your child to the ways of this world, improve his language, or be a good communicator, book-reading is the best way forward. Introduce him to this habit early in life by reading him stories that are interesting as well as carry a moral, like the fox and the stork story. MomJunction helps you read it for your children.

The Fox And The Stork Story:

Short stories like ‘The Fox and the Stork’ can be interesting as well as fun for your kid. Here is how the story goes:

  • Elly stork and Foxy fox were two good friends. One day Foxy invited Elly for dinner and promised her delicious hot soup. Elly was elated and thanked him for the invitation.
  • At night Elly visited Foxy’s house. She could smell the soup. She said that she simply loved the smell.
  • Foxy thanked Elly and then served her the soup in flat plates.
  • Foxy took his soup very fast, while Elly could not drink it with her long bill.
  • At this, Foxy looked up at Elly and enquired if she did not like the taste and offered to have her share as well.
  • Poor Elly had to return home hungry. This made her very angry.
  • After few days, Elly invited Foxy for dinner. Foxy was very happy and went to her home. He was extremely hungry. He thanked Elly for the invitation.
  • Elly thanked him for coming and said she would bring him his soup. Foxy was excited to smell the soup. Elly got the soup in pitchers and asked him to have it. She placed a pitcher full of soup in front of him.
  • Elly quickly finished her soup and Foxy kept looking at the delicious soup. He could not reach inside the tall pitcher. He returned home hungry. This in turn made him very angry.

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Moral Of The Story:

The moral of the story is, we should learn to respect others and only then can we expect to be treated with respect.

  • Elly was hungry and expected to have a good dinner. Foxy, by serving soups in flat plates, showed how little he cared about her not being able to drink the soup.
  • Foxy gets the same treatment later. Elly serves him soup in a pitcher, which he cannot reach easily. Tit for tat!

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Reading Aloud Similar Short Stories To Children:

Your child loves listening to stories that you read aloud. You will hardly find him bored or tired even when you are reading the same stories again and again.

This story of The Fox and Stork, when presented with illustrations will attract complete attention of your child. Thus, if you are thinking of ways to spend quality time with him, reading aloud small stories is the best option you can try. Such stories can not only be entertaining and interesting, but also convey important morals and values.


While reading short stories to your child remember the following:

  • Change your tone.
  • Include gestures and expressions.
  • Be dynamic.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Pause at times to garner interest.

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Storytelling is more than just exchanging ideas and information, it is also about how your child learns to communicate and reach out to others. Stories are a common thread between cultures and acts as a bridging gap.

Did your kid find this the fox and the stork story interesting? Do you have any other interesting story to share with our readers? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comment section below:

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