The Story Of ‘Lion And Jackal’ For Your Kids

Remember the time of your childhood when you loved your teachers reading the Story Of ‘Lion And Jackal’ For Kids? Now that you are a parent, you probably are looking forward to doing the same for your child!

Bedtime storytelling is indeed a great idea. Storytelling helps keep you connected with your child and helps them learn about new things and situations around.

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The Panchatantra

The Panchatantra is a treasure trove of moral stories. The lion and the jackal story is from this collection. It is an entertaining one, but at the same time, it also offers some valuable lessons for a growing and developing kid.

Before we move on to the story itself, let’s learn more about exactly how storytelling can help your child.

How Storytelling Helps

Storytelling is known to have many benefits for both you and your child:

  • It helps strengthen your bond with your child through shared laughter and humor, creating joyful and positive memories that can bring you closer together.
  • It helps promote a positive attitude in your kid from the tender age of development while discouraging arrogance and promoting humility and kindness toward others.
  • Through storytelling, your kid will learn more about the rich culture and traditions.
  • He will improve his vocabulary and learn more about different situations, objects, people, animals and nature.
  • It opens up a world of possibilities for your child.

The Lion And The Jackal Story

Once upon a time, there was a clever jackal who was passing through a narrow and rocky mountainous region, looking for food. Before he could find something to eat, he came across a lion.

  • The jackal got scared and stopped in his tracks, thinking of a way out of the situation. He knew that if he didn’t think of something quickly, the lion would capture him, and he would have no way to escape.
  • Finally, being the trickster he was, he came up with a quick plan, and before the lion could approach him, he started crying out for help while looking above at the rocks in the mountainous region.
  • The lion approached him and asked him what the matter was. The jackal quickly explained that the rocks above them were about to fall any moment, and that they would be crushed under the weight of those heavy and bulky rocks.
  • Before the lion could get a chance to react, the jackal explained how they could save themselves from this danger by hiding under another huge rock they found nearby in the jungle. The foolish lion who was proud of his strength, quickly picked up the rock with both his hands, and asked the jackal to hide underneath it.
  • The jackal quickly ran away on the pretext of fetching a log to hold the rock onto the place and never came back, abandoning the lion to realize the deception and betrayal played on him.

The Moral

The story of the Lion and the Jackal has many morals for growing children. Here they are:

  • Firstly, one should not take pride in their abilities and strengths, as it can cloud their judgment and cause them to make wrong decisions.
  • Secondly, it also teaches one always to find a way out of difficult situations and use their intelligence at its best.
  • Lastly, it also imparts the lesson of exercising careful trust in friendships, valuing loyalty as a fundamental aspect of all relationships, and thinking thoroughly before acting upon a situation.

Why Animal Stories Work

Most cultures have folklore and myths associated with animal characters. This is because children identify greatly with animals, and imparting wisdom through animal characters is a good way to subtly pass on certain moral lessons.

Storytelling can be your way of spending some quality time with your children while instilling important lessons and values in life. Narrating such fables is important for children as they get drawn to it and relate to the characters, thus can understand them easily. The story of ‘The Lion and The Jackal’ for kids shows how thinking on your feet with courage, wisdom, and bravery can help you in difficult situations and to be cautious before trusting someone. So narrate it and more such interesting moral stories to your children before their bedtime.

We all are aware of the story of the cunning jackal and the foolish lion, isn’t it? Rekindle your past childhood memories with your kids and embark on a thrilling adventure and discover the valuable moral of the story.

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