10 Best Theme Parks For Kids In USA

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This holiday season, you have all the time in the world to spend with your children. And what better way to engage in fun with friends and family than to visit an amusement park? We bring you the best theme parks for kids in the USA where you can enjoy the thrilling rides, animal performances, and picture perfect moments to last a lifetime. Amusement parks are ideal holiday destinations for kids of all ages, so find your spot and enjoy.

10 Best Theme Parks For Kids In USA

Here are ten theme parks in USA that are guaranteed to deliver a day of thrill and laughter to the kids.

1. LEGOLAND, California:

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The LEGOLAND, packed with activities, exhilarating rides, and endless photo opportunities, is an enchanted oasis of family fun. This 150-acre theme park in America has around 50 attractions, including a botanical garden. The park has ten themed areas, including the Dino Island, where the dinosaurs guard the territory and the Caste Hill, where the Lego kings and queen rule.

Even the safety standards of this park are very high. For instance, the Duplo Train has key locks so kids cannot climb out when the ride is moving. You can even book a suite at the LEGOLAND Hotel if you are planning an overnight or weekend stay.

2. Disneyland, California:

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With over 60 attractions and rides, Disneyland Park is the stuff of every kid’s dream. The theme park has some impressive attractions, be it the Pirates of the Caribbean boat tour or the Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, where the little ones can compete with the beam lasers.

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, then explore the cursed temple at the Indiana Jones Adventure. Kids will also get endless opportunities to interact with their favorite Disney characters. Just like the LEGOLAND, Disneyland too has a hotel with remodeled rooms, a toddler splash zone and a pool with three slides. This is one of the top theme parks in the USA to have fun with your kids.

3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando:

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When it comes to theme parks in United States, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been at the forefront of family entertainment for years. Here, your little ones can get up close and personal with the utterly cuddly animals at the Affection Section, where cow, pigs, donkeys and sheep rule the roost. Continue the fun at The Boneyard’s, the park’s archeological digging site where visitors can explore the world of dinosaurs. If your kid is 44 inches or taller, then allow him to take the Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, a thrilling roller coaster ride weaving throughout the Himalayan mountain setting.

4. Universal’s Islands Of Adventure, Orlando:

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The Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the first TV based theme park in USA, make two of the children’s’ favorite book series come alive. The tiny tots will adore the Seuss Landing featuring rides inspired by Dr. Seuss’ classic tales. They can even enjoy green eggs and ham for lunch. School going kids will be amazed seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Do not forget to try out the ever popular non-alcoholic, wizarding beverage, butterbeer!

5. Sesame Place, Philadelphia:

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If your kids insist on seeing the adorable puppets of Sesame Street, then take him to Sesame Place in Philadelphia. The Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo are a few of the many friendly, furry characters that your kids will encounter in this 14- acre cheery amusement park.

Water activities like crawling through the water-spraying mazes and tubing past the spraying geysers will keep them cool on a hot afternoon. You can even pop into one of the park’s shows, the most noted being Elm – the Musical.

6. Hersheypark, Hershey:

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Created originally to provide a recreation area for employees, the Hershey Park is a massive theme park with abundant rides and roller coasters for kids to enjoy. There are more than 30 rides for kids who are under three feet, and plenty of roller coaster rides to woo the thrill seeking teens and parents. You can even escape the heat by exploring the shaded zoo or slipping into the air-conditioned Chocolate World.

7. Santa’s Village Azoosment Park, Illinois:

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After shutting his workshop at the North Pole, Santa packs up his sleigh and heads to his summer home, Santa’s Village Azoosment Park! Santa’s Village Azoosment Park gives a year round tribute to the most thoughtful man in the world, Santa Claus. Even the park’s animals will provide a fun diversion, especially the Bunny Tree, where bunnies hop in and around the boxes laid underneath the Christmas tree. Most importantly, do not forget to grab a bite at the Reindeer Ridge on your way to see the Denizens of Petting zoo or Tortoise Island. This is one of the best US theme parks to visit during holiday season.

8. Victorian Gardens, New York:

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Finally, a most popular theme parks in the US that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! The Victorian Garden is the perfect start to explore the iconic Central Park. It has 12 handcrafted rides like flying swings, bumper boats and Mini Mouse, the mini roller coaster to delight its young visitors. The interactive live shows will keep both you and your kid singing, dancing and hula hooping. And the unlimited ride pass will allow kids several rides in a row. This theme parks in US comes packed with some crazy fun.

9. Diggerland, New Jersey:

Diggerland, New Jersey

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Is your kid fond of cars, trucks, and jeeps? Does he dream of driving his very own monster truck? Then here’s a theme park that will make your kid’s dream a reality. Diggerland, the first and only construction theme park, allows kids to get behind the steering of the construction equipment and operate the bright yellow machines. The massive machines at Diggerland are identical to the ones you see on a real construction site. Other attractions include multiple train rides, rock climbing, and a swamp, buggy attraction. It can be the best theme parks in the United States probably for a thrill seeker.

10. Story Land, New Hampshire:

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This magnificent amusement park is a lovely escape into the kid’s favorite fairy tales. It has 22 rides, shows, and attractions modeled after the kids’ favorite folk tales. This charming theme park comes packed with unique rides, shows, and delicious treats. Some of the unique rides include Crazy Barn, Tea Cups, and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach. The antique cars and choo-choo trains will give ample thrills to the toddlers. The back of the park offers some of the modern day attractions like a steel roller coaster, a wonderful raft ride, and a log flume ride.

Children and adults love to hit an amusement park since the adventure and thrill of these parks are beyond comparison. Therefore, this holiday season, take your children to the theme parks for kids in the US. These parks will help you have great fun and revive your childhood days. A day of roaming around, cheering, laughing, and rejoicing will uplift your spirits and help you create precious memories. So, explore theme parks such as LEGOLAND, Disneyland, Sesame Place, etc. Choose the one that attracts you the most and is easily accessible, and get ready for a joyous day out.


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