These Hilarious Sketches Depict The Reality Of Marriage

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You might think that every marriage becomes predictable after some point of time. But, that is not the case. Marriage can really find a way to amaze you, every once in a while. You might have thought of yourself as a nomad who wants to travel across the world with your partner. In fact, it might have been one of those traits that sealed the deal for you (of course, we are talking about marriage here). But now, all you want to do is laze around with him the entire day. You might promise yourself to not initiate any conversation with him after a huge fight, but then offer him a brownie to make peace. These are a few of those million things that might not be according to your plan. But, trust us, it will be better!

Comic artist, Yehuda DeVir, drew inspiration from his marriage with his lovely wife, Maya, to create endearing sketches about their exciting life together. Here, have a look at them:

1. Who Needs A Pillow?

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We are sure you can relate to this one! While your significant other buys a travel pillow, you refuse. Of course, who needs it when you have his shoulder to keep your head on? Just the most comfortable pillow ever, isn’t it?

2. What Will He Do Without You?

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When it comes to heavy work at home, everyone thinks that it is the “man of the house” in charge. But, that rarely happens. It is usually the women who end up doing all the work, and at times, even help their partners with it.

3. Sorry, Were We Going That Way?

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Or, anywhere at all. If there is a reflecting surface in sight, it doesn’t matter what you are doing. You will leave everything and check yourself out, at least once. Truth be told, men do this one too!

4. Sorry But It’s Freezing Outside

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Just because he isn’t feeling cold doesn’t mean you aren’t either. So, when it’s winters, no one can blame you for taking all the scarfs and blankets out of the closet. Why so, he asks? To cover yourself with them, of course!

5. It’s Your Birthday!

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Soon, you will find him being more excited about your birthday than you. All you would want to do is sleep. Who wants to be reminded of how old they are getting each year? No one!

6. Selfie Time

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How many times have you covered his face with your gorgeous hair in a selfie? Too many times. Don’t worry, we understand. We have been there too!

7. You Know Nothing, Mister!

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While your husband might think cooking is restricted to just one frying pan (how naive is he!), he forgets to count the plates, forks, spoons, bowls, and so much more. Even if the meal prepared was only Maggi!

8. The Couple Who Works Out Together Stays Together!

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Or at least, that is what everyone says. You might have seen millions of charged-up videos of couples exercising together on the internet. This is how motivation truly works. You sit on his back, and he looks handsome doing all those push-ups!

9. Trying To Lose Weight, Huh!

Source: Instagram

When you focus all your energies seriously on one thing, he decides it is time for some fun! How many times has your partner troubled you like this? Isn’t this adorable?

10. Time For The Drive!

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When every drive you go for turns into a karaoke jam session, you know that things are never going to get boring with him!

11. You Are My Home

Source: Instagram

No matter what, you know that you will always come back home to each other. After all, that’s where your safe haven is!

Don’t these pictures just prove how marriage is nothing but a long adventure. And, the best part is that you get to live this adventure with the one you love the most! Please let us know if you related to all this in the comments section below!

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