11 Things A New Parent Cannot Escape

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There are numerous instances that will make you fidgety as a new parent. For one, you are a new mommy, and you have no experience in the art of rearing a child – right from the crib stage. It’s quite natural that you will have meltdowns, emotional breakdowns, and freak out like never before. And all this while caring for your newborn. Here are the first takes:

1. Someone Scared You With Horrid Tales Of Childbirth:

Their intention wasn’t to scare you. They told you the truth, albeit the extent of the ordeal and the endurance to deal with it will vary among women. There is no one measure to tell you this articulatelys, but be prepared for the experience.

2. Holding Your Child The Right Way:

Nervousness will get the good of you. Yes, women are far better than men when it comes to holding a baby – your maternal instinct is always at work. But there are always comments from the wise ones – that granny who met you in the hospital corridors, the nurse, your experienced friend, or even your mom. You will strive for that perfect catch before any of their advice fall on your eardrums.

3. You Won’t Understand What’s Happening In Your Life:

There will be a mental block. A sort of numbness in feelings. You don’t know what you are headed for. You will love your baby. You will want to dedicate all your life raising that baby. But is something depriving you of what you must be doing or whatever you wanted to do? Wasn’t it your conscientious decision to have a baby in the first place? But it will all be muddled affair. Give it some time. Go with the flow.

4. You Will Be Afraid Of Giving The Baby A Bath:

You will check the water temperature a hundred and one times which will cool down in the meantime. Then you will have to refill with warms waters again. How do you give that baby massage before bath? How do you avoid the soap suds getting into the eyes, or the water getting into the ears? Will you be able to hold him steady while bathing him? These and multiple worries will choke you at the sight of the baby bath tub.

5. Clipping The Nails:

How on earth did they invent the tiny nail cutters at all! Won’t they hurt those nails that are tinier than your fingertips? It’s amazing that most women manage to clip off baby nails simply by using their teeth in the middle of a bath when the nails are all soaked and go supple. But you can’t manage to do that either!

6. Driving With Your Baby In The Backseat:

Just wished if they allowed the baby seat to go in the front beside the driver mommy. As you drive, you will be curious to how the young fella is doing in the back seat. But can’t turn around each time. You coo, there is no response. But is he sleeping at all? Taking the driver’s seat once you have a baby is no longer an adventure. You become a more serious driver with that precious bundle on board.

7. Worrying Over The Physical Attributes:

Some babies are born with a conehead. Some have red patches. These and many more features might be unique with your baby. You will fret, have sleepless nights and seek a doctor’s appointment to ask if these will go away. An affirmative from your doc that these will vanish gets you on the dance floor.

8. Worrying Over The Physiology:

That grunting, the gurgles, and different shades of baby poop – it will raise questions every single day. An assurance from the doctor comes to confirmation only when these ‘normal’ behavioral patterns stop.

9. That Cord Stump:

The appendage is there to stay for some time. So even if it lasts for months, don’t worry. Your baby will shed that umbilical cord stump when it’s time.

10. You Will Worry About How Much Sleep Your Baby Gets:

“Is it normal to sleep so much?” For the hyperactive babies who wake up with the slightest pin-drop sound, you will wonder, “Is it OK to be such a light sleeper?” But you won’t realize how much of your sleep you are curtailing by being a constant watchful mom.

11. Foolproofing Efforts Won’t Last:

Once your baby begins to crawl, it calls for more caution. He will eventually learn to jump out from that baby cot or climb those stairs, or climb the dining table and mess up with things in a way that you could never have imagined. What it means is you have your gaze fixed there! Your baby will find ways to overcome any barricading or foolproofing.

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