15 Things All Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

What men should know about pregnant women? This question may make you curious if you are an expecting parent. Pregnancy brings several physical and emotional changes in a woman. However, men are not aware of many of these changes. Therefore, they stay unsure of the kind of behavior they should display toward their pregnant wives. If men become more involved in pregnancy and try to understand the feelings and emotions of their pregnant wives, they can bust the pregnancy-related misconceptions and support their wives. It would create a strong bond between the parents and create a healthy and loving environment for the arriving child. This post will tell you a list of facts about pregnant women that men would find useful.

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15 Things All Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

Let us tell you exactly what men should know about pregnant women:

1. She Is Hungry, Feed Her:

Yes, you know that your pregnant wife needs to eat more than usual. She needs a healthy diet to meet her nutritional needs. So, be ready with snacks around the house to address her cravings!

2. Don’t Criticize Her Changing Appearance:

Do not criticize her, What men should know about pregnant women

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Never, ever tell her how big she is getting. She knows it. She may not tell you but is super conscious about her changing body. Don’t add to her pain. Just say ‘you look beautiful’ – that should do it!

protip_icon Research finds
Dissatisfaction with body image during pregnancy can raise an expecting woman’s chances of developing prenatal depression (1).

3. Pregnancy Brain Is Not A Myth:

Okay, your wife may never tell you this, but pregnancy hormones and symptoms do take a toll on one’s brain. Be kind. She’ll forget where she kept her car keys – just ignore these instances. Don’t worry, things will return to normal once your baby arrives.

protip_icon Did you know?
A woman has 15 to 40 times more estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, which affects neurons, possibly causing brain fog in expectant mothers (2).

4. Sex Will Not Harm The Baby:

But that doesn’t mean your wife will enjoy it! So, consider your wife’s changing sexual needs. Some women get hypersexual while pregnant. Others lose interest.

5. She Needs Pillows More Than You:

She needs extra pillows

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Now, don’t make it personal. Of course, she loves you! But when you feel like a whale, the last thing you need is another human in the bed. So make yourself comfortable on the couch while your wife sleeps with her favorite pillow.

6. She Will Not Break:

Your wife is pregnant. She hasn’t turned into glass! Treat her well but don’t overdo it.

7. Pregnancy Is About Her:

Yes, you are excited about parenthood. But she is the one undergoing the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. So allow her to be the center of attraction.

8. Don’t Ask, Just Do:

Take her to the doctor

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If your wife asks for an epidural, don’t ask ‘are you sure?’ Go get the doctor instead. Yes, all you need to do is follow her lead!

9. The Delivery Room:

Well, it is your wife who gets to decide who’ll be with her during childbirth. If she asks you to be around, great. If not, don’t sulk.

protip_icon Quick tip
As labor progress and contractions get stronger, hold or squeeze your wife’s hand and give positive words of encouragement to make her feel comfortable.

10. She Is Tired, Not Lazy:

Imagine your body blowing up to thrice its original size. Imagine staying awake at night as a little something rolls around in your stomach. Well, your wife is experiencing it all and much more. She is tired. Don’t mistake it for laziness.

Chrissy Horton, an expecting mum, shares ways her husband helps her during her fifth pregnancy. She says, “I am a little tired with the back-to-back pregnancies, which my husband understands well. We have older kids who can bathe themselves, but he takes over for the younger ones and prepares them for bed. He helps me out with dinner at the end of the night. It can be hard for me to prepare meals for everyone, and he steps it up and does the dishes. Lately, the pregnancy has been wiping me out, for which he’s been getting up early with the kids and making breakfast for all of them (i).”

11. Yes, She Needs Those Massages:

Pamper her with massages.

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Pregnancy is tough. Your wife’s body is just different now. And it hurts. So, if she asks for the tenth tummy massage at night, just do it. If you feel like complaining, remember what she is going through.

12. Prenatal Visits Are Important:

This is the most essential thing when we talk about what men should know about pregnancy. Maybe for you the prenatal visits are nothing but a waste of time. Don’t tell her that. Just hang around with her as she rejoices and sheds a few tears while watching the little one inside her tummy during a scan or an ultrasound.

13. She Is Hormonal, Don’t Mention It:

If you see her bawling her eyes out after watching a silly movie, don’t mention hormones. She knows it, you know it – just don’t make it a subject of discussion.

14. She Is Right:

Accept she is always right

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Well, accept that she is right. If you want peace at home!

15. She Is Scared:

Pregnancy might be the most normal thing in the world, but for your wife, it is scary. The changes in her body, labor, giving birth, after-birth baby care, and parenting – these are the things that give your wife sleepless nights. Don’t just say ‘everything is going to be okay.’ Hold her hand and team with her.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I support my pregnant partner emotionally?

In the first trimester, your pregnant partner may feel nauseous, and you may support her emotionally with encouraging words and by letting her know that it’s okay to throw up in front of you. Avoid criticizing her for her strange cravings and help her be cheerful by pampering her. Accompany her during prenatal visits throughout the pregnancy to let her know that you are there to support her (3).

2. What are some common pregnancy complications to be aware of?

Common pregnancy complications include preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, infections, anxiety and depression, and preterm labor (4). Being aware of the symptoms can ensure the safety of the mother and baby.

3. What common pregnancy myths should I be aware of?

Common myths include pregnant women should not exercise (moderate exercise is beneficial if not otherwise medically contraindicated), they can gain weight freely (too much weight gain can be harmful), they should not travel (traveling with precautions is usually safe in the second trimester), they must eat for two (food intake needs to be increased but not doubled), the baby’s gender can be predicted in non-medical ways (only medical methods are reliable), and morning sickness happens only in the morning (it may occur at any time of the day) (5) (6).

Pregnancy is the period when a woman goes through several physiological and emotional changes. Therefore, it is important for a man, especially her partner, to understand these changes and help her deal with them accordingly. This list will come in handy when in such situations. Ensure proper prenatal care during this sensitive period and shower her with love and affection, as it will benefit maternal health and fetal development. Spend quality time with her and ensure that she is always happy.

Infographic: Things All Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

While every pregnancy is different, there are certain things that all men should know about expectant mothers to be supportive and understanding partners. Whether you are expecting a child or are simply looking to learn more about pregnancy, this infographic will provide some essential information on how to best care for a pregnant partner.

essential tips for dads to be (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Support her physical and emotional needs and avoid criticizing her changing body.
  • Be aware of pregnancy brain which can cause brain fog.
  • Respect her changing sexual needs, and remember that sex will not harm the baby.
  • Don’t misinterpret her tiredness as laziness.
  • Attend prenatal visits with her.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a confusing time for both you and your partner. Watch this video to get some tips on how to support your partner and prepare for the big day.

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