These 10 Things Are What Most Fathers Do During Labour! Number 3 Will Make You Laugh Aloud!

Things Are What Most Fathers Do During Labour

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Being pregnant and going through labour is a mean feat! It isn’t easy and it’s not pretty. We know that it can be terribly uncomfortable, but spare a thought for the dads-to-be!

Often we hear stories of dads, about them being helpless, clueless, and just out of place, especially in the delivery room. Movies, books, and people all have hilarious moments where future dads say some pretty crazy things during delivery.

Here is a list of husband quotes, told by their wives, who NOW find the experiences funny.

1. A Tiring Labour:

It’s no secret how tiring labour is for women! However, this husband seemed to think otherwise.

“My husband doesn’t do well — all three times he just wanted to sleep. Which doesn’t really bother me because I just wanted to be left alone during the painful part!”

2. Your Brain Gets Confused:

In the midst of labour, you are bound to be overwhelmed, which is why this husband is allowed to get confused and take empathy to a whole new level, while doing so!

“Instead of counting while I pushed, he copied my expression! Lol”

3. Remember To Breathe!

This is our personal favourite and it will always make us laugh only because of the turn of events, not the poor husband.

“My husband passed out in the bathroom, while it was locked. So instead of focusing on delivering my baby, the nurses had to call security to rescue my husband from the bathroom.”

4. Baseball Comes First:

Husbands, please remember to never do this. The World Series is a huge event, but so is the birth of your child!

“I went into labor during the World Series and my husband kept watching the game on TV instead of paying attention to me and what I was going through. I was so furious I took the remote and shoved it under my butt LOL!”

5. Wide Range Of Underwear:

Yes, there are many types of underwear; it’s understandable to bring an inappropriate pair. Or not.

“Not sure if this counts, but after I had the baby I realized I forgot to pack underwear so I told my husband to bring me a pair. He came back to the hospital with a thong. I just looked at him and said ‘seriously?! I don’t think so…’”

6. TV Shows:

No one likes to disrupt their favourite show, but why not record it or pause or just watch it later? It is your baby after all…

“With our first child, he made me wait until Alias was over before leaving for the hospital.”

7. Question & Answers:

During labor women can be loopy and tend to ask silly questions. In this case, the husband switched roles.

“The nurse came in to do a cervical check, and as she was finishing says “Well, she’s sure got a full head of hair!” My husband stared at the nurse in shock and finally blurts out “How can you tell?” The nurse says, “Uh, you can kind of feel it.”

8. Starvation vs. Wife’s Wrath:

When your wife is about to start pushing the baby out, do not leave her side; again, do not leave her side!

“The nurse said I was almost ready to start pushing and my husband said he wanted to get a sandwich first! I must have gotten one heck of a look on my face because he did NOT leave the room!”

9. Cute Couples:

This is more adorable than funny or crazy.

“My husband was funny. He would look at the computer that said I had a contraction, and tell me that I was having one. Like I don’t realize that, thanks! But he felt bad about it, and it didn’t really bother me.”

10. Silence Is Gold:

Sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid. Too bad this husband didn’t seem to think so.

“After a long labor and birthing a 10-lb baby naturally, my husband told me that the room smelled like a deer was gutted in it.”

Have any funny stories to share? Let us know below!

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