7 Things Dads Do Way Better Than Moms: No. 6 Especially

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Fathers! They come in different forms and packages. Biological and adoptive. A strict disciplinarian and fun and cool. Expressive and exemplary. Whether it’s their role as a support system to mothers or being the only parent by themselves, the role of the father in the child’s life – presence or absence – can’t be denied.

For those of us lucky enough to have our fathers present in our lives, we have a list of roles that nobody can step in as well as our fathers.

1: My daddy strongest!

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Tired baby, cranky baby, couldn’t care less about learning to walk baby, let’s give mom a break baby. Many baby dilemmas, one universal solution: daddy’s shoulders. Whether it’s a lift up to the sky or a high ride, shoulders of fathers have lifted the spirits of thousands of babies all around the world every day. It doesn’t seem to matter that mommy carried the baby for 45 minutes, but the last five minutes to the park on daddy’s shoulders seem to be the lasting memory for children. Not to mention that the baby probably saw the park from five minutes away because of the sky view transport. Hey, moms! If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, it’s time you started pitching it as it is the best memory the child will ever have.

2: Best play date

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Perhaps men see their inner child in their children. Or they see it as yet another way to escape the responsibilities of life as an adult. But when it comes to play time, the mind-numbing meetings at work, the crazy and stagnant traffic, and unpaid bills – all these appear to be the farthest thing on fathers’ minds. It’s like a shot of an intense energy drink has supercharged them. Indulging their kids in running around the park, climbing trees, secretly disposing off broken things, are a father favorite for both the fathers and their children.

3: School projects

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If you have spent the better part of the evening chasing your kids to finish their homework, maybe it’s time you played the “Daddy will be home soon!” card. Apparently, that’s all the magic that is needed to get kids to finish their work on time. Perhaps there’s an incentive of a piggyback ride around the house or ice cream treat in it. Perhaps it’s just the notion of male authority. Whatever floats their boat, you better start using it.

4: Law enforcement

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Whatever profession the father may practice, at home he is the default cop and judge. Can’t get your kids to get ready and make it to the breakfast time? They won’t stop taunting each other? No problem, sound the daddy alarm! Your one-size-fits-all solution to discipline.

5: Feeding time

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Now here’s a win-win situation for all you mothers! Leftover vegetables make a great stew or casserole, and you feel proud of what you have created – a healthy, nutritious yet inexpensive meal for your family. Unfortunately, the rest of the family – yes, including daddy – begs to differ. Rope daddy dearest into leading by example. This will fire up his male pride into not only eating what is on his plate, but also enthusiastically encouraging your kids to finish up theirs. After all, he can’t have strong shoulders if he isn’t going to eat his vegetables, can he?

6: Pamper them silly

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In spite of getting the child to eat his greens, daddy seems to be the first choice for extra cuddles or the second round of sweet treats. Whether it is ice cream on a school night, breakfasts without fruit, or just a school drop in the car instead of the school bus, kids seem to turn their dads by instinct to make their days special.

7: Super hero

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Lizards, mosquitoes, scary watchman uncle – fathers can fight them all and keep the child safe, according to the child. Defeat is not a word in the dictionary of fathers for their children. Perhaps this is also the reason that fathers are the first to be consulted about saving your lunch from the big bully at school.

These are some of the many reasons fathers have an actual day dedicated to them. The next time your child is riding on your husband’s shoulders or your partner is putting up a good show of eating his greens to encourage his child, capture a video so that both of them can have a wonderful memory of his love and dedication.

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