65 Things You Can Do When You Turn 18

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Completing 18 years is a special milestone for anyone. There are so many exciting things you can do at 18. For starters, you get to experience the world of grownups. You can keep living an adolescent’s life while enjoying additional privileges. Even though you may not be allowed to do everything an adult does right away, this age will undoubtedly prepare you for what comes next. After you turn 18, your life experiences will mold you into a more mature person to make better decisions for yourself. Keep reading our post to know what exciting things you can do.. However, choose your adventures wisely!

Things You Can Do When You Turn 18

Welcome to the world of adults. Here are some of the interesting and important things an 18-year-old is eligible to do.

  1. Donate blood
  1. Move out of the family home to be independent
  1. Enroll for active military service
  1. Adopt a pet for yourself
  1. Work at a bar
  1. Pawn your personal belongings
  1. Work for an additional number of hours
  1. Apply for a license to drive a truck
  1. Drive a cab
  1. Take up a full-time job during the school year
  1. Register as an organ donor
  1. Sign a contract
  1. Write your own will
  1. Avail medical care without a guardian
  1. Drive all night
  1. Purchase spray paint
  1. Buy a meat slicer
  1. Get voluntarily vaccinated
  1. Apply to see your original birth certificate (for those who are adopted)
  1. Run for state office (in certain states only)
  1. Sign yourself out of high school
  1. Cast vote
  1. Open a bank account
  1. Apply for a credit card
  1. Buy a car
  1. Buy a house
  1. Sue or get sued
  1. Lease an apartment
  1. File a legal suit
  1. Apply for a change of name
  1. Invest in the stock market
  1. Get a loan from a bank
  1. Open a PayPal account
  1. Serve as a jury member in federal court
  1. Sign a check
  1. Buy medicines
  1. Seek treatment at the ER by yourself
  1. Visit a casino (some tribal casinos only)

Fun Things To Do When You Turn 18

You do not have to restrict your ideas of having fun, as turning 18 opens the doors to several opportunities.

  1. Buy a lottery ticket
  1. Get a tattoo
  1. Go skydiving
  1. Get married
  1. Book a hotel room
  1. Get a piercing
  1. Travel alone
  1. Work in other countries
  1. Be a realtor
  1. Watch R-rated movies
  1. Drink responsibly in countries where 18 is the legal drinking age
  1. Do bungee-jumping
  1. Go to a concert
  1. Learn to code
  1. Purchase fireworks
  1. Visit a club
  1. Book an Airbnb
  1. Apply for a license to ride a motorbike above 125 cc
  1. Start a YouTube channel
  1. Get yourself a Costco card
  1. Self-publish your own book
  1. Use a Lime or Bird ride-sharing scooter
  1. Book a cruise
  1. Go to a festival alone
  1. Take a flight alone
  1. Try adventure sports
  1. Participate in automobile races

Points To Remember As A Responsible 18-Year-Old

If you have turned 18, you must be thrilled to enter a new and exciting phase of your life. To enjoy this phase, you have to be a responsible adult and use your newfound freedom in the right way. Here are some points you need to remember as a new adult.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that you are now legally responsible for every action of yours. If you violate a law, you will be liable to be tried as an adult and even land in jail.
  1. You will now have to pay taxes based on your income, state of residence, and other factors. You will also have to file tax returns every year dutifully.
  1. If you are a boy, you have to register with the National Selective Service within a month of turning 18. Failing to do so can incur you a fine of $250,000 or five years in prison (1).
  1. You are fully responsible for any legal document that you sign. If you breach a contract, you can be charged as an adult in a court of law.
  1. Lastly, you need to update yourself and be aware of different state laws as what is legal in one state can be illegal in another.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is turning 18 so essential?

The 18th birthday is an important milestone as it opens doors to many new responsibilities, privileges, and opportunities. The decisions you make after gaining this freedom play an essential role in determining the course of your life.

2. Why did 18 become the age of adulthood?

The age of 21 as an entry to adulthood was changed to 18 during the Vietnam war. Because 18 was considered a suitable age for men to be drafted into wars, many demanded 18 to be the right age for granting voting rights. Moreover, after the age of 21 was initially set, there were plenty of advancements in public education; therefore, most countries decided on 18 as the age of adulthood.

Turning 18 is certainly a moment to commemorate since you are now officially old enough to engage in many activities. From opening a bank account and buying a car to running for state office, the things you can do at 18 seem endless. However, this newfound freedom comes with many responsibilities. For example, you are now completely responsible for any legal document you sign and owe income taxes to the state. Therefore, finding the right balance between freedom and restraint is key to ensuring your first step into adulthood.

Key Pointers

  • Understand what you can do and what you cannot when you are 18.
  • Enjoy life yet be responsible and be a good samaritan.


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1. Benefits & Repercussions; Selective Service System
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