9 Things Every Soon-To-Be Dad Should Do For His Pregnant Partner When They're Carrying ‘Low’

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When you see a picture of a pregnant woman on the internet it’s not always the same kind of bump. Well, if you’ve observed, there are two kinds of baby bumps – one is a ‘high’ bump and the other is the ‘low’ bump.

According to a lot of women ‘high’ bumps are fairly okay to deal with, but a lot of complications arise when a woman is carrying a ‘low’ bump.

This is because the low bump puts a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen and sits right on top of the uterus, thereby putting a lot of weight on the lower back and pelvis, and hence making it very uncomfortable for the mommy-to-be. Which is why men need to support and give extra care to their partners.

Additionally, the internet is full of myths and there is a myth about the low bumps too! Some say if it is a low bump it’s a boy, which is not at all true. I’ve seen a lot of women who were carrying low having girls.

Be it a boy or a girl, it’s the mother who has to bear it all! So, here’s what you need to do to make sure your partner feels comforted while she is carrying low.

1. Help Her With Daily Tasks

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We’ve already learnt that carrying low is not an easy task and doing something simple like moving things from place to place is indeed a big task.

Help her by passing the TV remote, fetching a bottle of water or food or anything that she might need, and never let her carry heavy stuff like groceries or bringing dishes to the table. Because the discomfort level is such and your help would be much appreciated.

2. Massages

Who hates massages? Even my dog asks for more when I rub her ears.

If you’ve never given a massage – learn it. Get on YouTube and find what all massages you could give to your partner during pregnancy.

Pro tip: Foot massages and back massages are most recommended for someone who is carrying low.

3. Give Her A Good Time

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Since she isn’t working for a while, there will be a point where she will be bored of things she has planned to do and this is where you need to make her feel better.

Take her out on a date night, make her forget about the weight in her abdomen for a while. If you’re busy, get her some great series which she would be interested in. Try cooking for her; board games or even PS4 is always fun.

Netflix and chill is never a bad idea.

4. Make Your Place friendly

While she is already uncomfortable, what makes it worse is an uncomfortable place to live in.

Add extra cushions and pillows onto your furniture, don’t leave things on the floor that could be hazardous and add grab bars in your washroom to help her sit and stand. Additionally, help her sit and stand at places where you cannot add grab bars.

If your pet is extra hyperactive, make sure you train him/her not to jump on your partner, alternatively, put them in a cage while you’re away.

5. Try New Lovemaking Positions

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Lovemaking while being pregnant is not uncommon, but since she is carrying low you need to be innovative to make her feel comfortable. It should be fun!

6. Be Funny

Yep, pregnancy is when your partner needs you the most emotionally and keeping her happy is your job. If you’re funny already, good for you! But if you’re not, get a movie or a series that is funny, it will help her emotionally.

If you’re not around send her funny texts.

7. Never Comment About The Body

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Waddling, peeing, and growing out of their pants is something you shouldn’t comment on. It’s fine if your partner can take a joke, anything over that could break her down emotionally.

8. Help Her In Moving Around

It’s not really easy to walk while carrying low, you should always help her move places or pick up something from the floor.

These tasks might sound simple but it is not the same for her.

9. Let Her Chillax For A While

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While I’ve already mentioned a lot of things you need to do, well, there are more to add.

You need to help her lay on the bed, put her feet up, check if she is comfortable wherever she is sitting, and also help her in her usual day-to-day chores.

Making her feel comfy is the deal.

Well, of course, not every partner is the same – some might love the extra care you give and some might want to be by themselves. So, you need to learn and probably ask what makes her feel comfortable and what doesn’t.

Best of luck!

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