30 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Certain gestures by girls can make the guys weak in their knees. So what are those things girls do that guys love? It is commonly believed that guys are attracted to girls mostly based on their looks, physical appearance, or clothes. Well, it is not just that. Some things that you do, unconsciously or consciously, can make him fall for you more than you dressing well or looking pretty.

It can be a gentle smile, your dimples, playfulness or the way you look at him. But, it is always these little things that mean the most. While in a relationship, the things that you feel are quirky might be what he likes the most. So, read on to learn more about these little things that catch his eye, and he adores about you.

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30 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

If you are a girl, you might have at some point thought what guys like. While it might be difficult to figure out a man’s thought process, a few cues could point you in the right direction.

1. Tying your hair or randomly touching it

You must have noticed your guy staring at you while you tie up your hair in a messy bun or a ponytail. They find the action cute and fascinating. Men love long hair, and when you tie it, their eyes automatically focus on your beautiful tresses. They also like it when you randomly touch your hair, flip it, or tuck it behind your ears. Such gestures make you look adorable.

2. Wearing your comfy PJs

Guys adore girls in their PJs as they look all-natural with their face scrubbed clean of makeup and messy hair. The look makes you appear comfortable, innocent, and cute, which guys find appealing. They desire to hold you close and protect you from the world.

3. Running your fingers through his hair

Run your fingers through your guy’s hair, and you will find him leaning into you and closing his eyes. Some men are possessive about their hair, so they don’t enjoy a random person touching it. However, if he likes you, he might feel relaxed when you run your fingers through his hair. They feel special and pampered by your touch. You can enhance their experience by lightly massaging their scalp.

4. Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels makes your legs appear longer and in shape. High heels also transfer your weight to the balls of your feet, making your walk sensual and inviting. Guys find it attractive, so they can’t help but stare when you walk, clicking your high heels.

5. Resting your head on his shoulders/chest

Trusting him with your secrets is a thing girls do that guys love

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Do you enjoy the closeness and warmth of the guy you like? It feels good to rest your head on their chest or shoulder and relax, forgetting all the worries and tiredness of the day. Guys love this feeling too. This small gesture shows you trust him and feel safe with him. Holding you close makes him feel like he is caring and protecting you from the world.

6. Giving him a back or neck massage

Everyone loves a relaxing massage after a long and tiring day, especially from the person they love. Guys enjoy the feel of their girl’s soft hands on their bodies and instantly feel relaxed as it soothes their minds as well.

7. Blushing

Some girls look down or hide their faces when they blush. However, guys love it when their girl blushes in response to their flirting or teasing. They find the reaction cute and adorable. Blushing makes girls seem innocent and sensitive, which makes men fall harder for them. If you want to know how this action affects your guy, look at him while you blush, and the emotion in his eyes will reveal the depth of his feelings.

8. Talking passionately about something

If you are passionate about something, it shows in your body language. There is an excitement on your face and energy in your body when you talk about the thing you are passionate about. Guys enjoy witnessing this side of you. Being genuine and passionate makes you attractive to them. They love and admire that you are so involved and driven by something.

9. Carrying yourself with confidence

Confident women are a huge turn-on for some guys. A confident woman knows what she wants. Men find this trait extremely attractive. Confidence shows in the way you walk, the way you speak, and the way you dress. It is powerful and magnetic, adding a certain allure to your body language. Guys are awed by this. So, carry yourself with confidence around your guy, and you will see the approval in his eyes.

10. Giving them cute nicknames

Giving them cute nicknames

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Guys love hearing their name from their girlfriend’s mouth. But it completely melts their heart when you call them with a cute nickname. It makes the guy feel your affection, care and kindness. While generic nicknames such as “baby” can make your boyfriend happy, unique nicknames would delight him. It also deepens the intimacy and connection you share.

11. Expressing with your lips

Guys find it sensual when girls use their lips to create various facial expressions. Lip movements such as smiling, biting, or pursing attract their attention.

12. Showing your appreciation

Guys like to pamper their girlfriends. They shower them with compliments, gifts, and affection. When girls show their appreciation and expressiveness for these efforts, it makes them happy and fall more in love with you. So, show your guy how much you appreciate him and his efforts. You can tell him or express indirectly by giving him gifts or complimenting him. He would enjoy some pampering from you.

13. Wearing your glasses

When you wear your reading glasses, you might notice your guy staring at you. It is because many guys love seeing their girl in glasses. They find the look cute. Glasses make you look studious.

14. Listening carefully when they speak

When you listen intently to someone without interrupting, it shows your respect for the person and their words. Guys appreciate it when their girlfriend pays attention to what they say without passing any judgments. When you listen patiently, it shows men that you care and give them the confidence to open up more to you. It increases their love for you. So, pay attention, make eye contact, and show support when your guy tells you something.

15. Expressing affection in public

Holding hands is a thing girls do that guys love

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Guys love it when their girl shows affection in public. These gestures show that you love them and are not afraid to show them in front of the world. Holding hands, touching his shoulder, and casually putting your hand around his waist are some ways to show your affection subtly.

Men’s preference toward overt or subtle forms of affection depends on their personalities. Some love the over-the-top displays, while some prefer the innocent physical connection in public. So, understand what your guy likes and act accordingly.

16. Laughing without inhibitions

When you laugh genuinely without any reservations, your face lightens up, and your eyes shine with delight. You look beautiful and alive. It makes you appealing to guys, and they can’t help but stare. Seeing their girl happy makes them glad. If they are the reason for your uninhibited laughter, it makes them feel proud that they achieved this feat.

17. Leaning on them for support

Men have an ingrained need to protect the women they love. Fulfillment of this fundamental protective instinct is essential for them. They love it when their girl shows their vulnerability and leans onto them for support. They feel fulfilled in protecting you and keeping you safe. So even if you are a strong independent woman, don’t be afraid to show your man your vulnerability. He wouldn’t perceive it as a weakness and would support you unconditionally because you are valuable to him.

protip_icon Point to consider
Some men like women without makeup. Take a break from your vanity and go for a natural look on your next date.

18. Picking food from his plate

Usually, guys don’t object when their girlfriend picks food from their plate. It is because they find this behavior adorable. They love the familiarity and intimacy of the act. It makes them happy to know that they are providing something to you. So, go ahead and pick those chips from his plate, but don’t be too greedy!

19. Wearing his clothes

If you love prancing around in your boyfriend’s shirt, keep doing it. Guys find it charming when you wear their clothes, especially shirts/t-shirts, and sweatpants. It makes you look cute, making you more charming. When your guy sees you in his clothes, he feels like you are subtly sending out the message that you belong to him.

20. Taking care of him

Genuine care is a thing guys adore

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While men adore taking care of the woman they love, they enjoy being taken care of. They appreciate it if their woman hugs them when they are down, prepares their favorite food, and takes care of their needs when they are sick. It makes them feel cherished and loved. So, show your man some love and care; it would give him a perfect reason to fall deeper for you.

21. Being coquettish and playful

Usually, guys engage in playful banter to impress or woo their girl. However, they enjoy being wooed too. They love it when their girl returns their gesture. Touching, inviting looks, playing with their foot, and coy texts make them feel desirable. So, surprise your guy once in a while by flirting with him to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

22. Wearing attractive clothing

Attractive clothes don’t mean showing more skin. Clothes such as off-shoulder tops that accentuate your delicate neck and shoulders or well-fitting shorts that show off your long legs are enough to drive your guy crazy.

23. Initiating conversation

Our society dictates that guys should always make the first move. They have to be the ones to initiate conversation. In addition to the pressure of making the first move, they are also weighed down by many dos and don’ts of dating. All this can sometimes get too frustrating. So, when the girl makes the first move by shooting the first text, it can be pleasantly surprising for the guy. It can make him happy to receive the early morning text from you.

24. Getting slightly mad at him

Guys don’t enjoy it when you are full-blown angry. But when you are slightly mad, they find it very adorable. They think it’s cute when you narrow your eyes and pout at them. You might have seen your boyfriend trying to hide his smile when you are mad at him. Don’t get furious at him when he does this; he is just enjoying your endearing expressions.

25. Checking in with him even while spending time with friends

Checking on him when he's not around makes a guy feel valued

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Some guys are secure in their relationships, while some are jealous. But even the most secure guys sometimes wonder what you are up to when you are out with your friends. It doesn’t always mean they don’t trust you; they care for you and miss having you around. During this time, if you send your guy a simple text that says “Hi” or update him about your whereabouts, it would delight him. He would be glad to know you are thinking of him even while you are out with friends. It would put his mind at ease.

26. Displaying your affection on social media

In this new world where posting your life on social media is a trend, expressing affection for your man is not something out of the box. However, this is a great way to show your guy how much you love and appreciate him in front of the world. He would feel happy and proud that you are not afraid to own your relationship in front of the world. The next time he does something that makes you happy, you can post it on Facebook or Instagram. Keep it occasional and avoid posting something extremely private or cheesy.

27. Having a great sense of humor

Women prefer guys who can make them laugh. Men, on the other hand, appreciate women who laugh at their jokes. They love it when their girlfriend shares the same sense of humor as them and enjoys guffawing at their wittiness. Laughing together also helps in building a strong connection. If you are also a witty person yourself, it will add more fun to the equation. Your funny one-liners would crack him up, making him fall for you more.

28. Making puppy eyes at him

Puppy eyes are a guy’s weakness. They find it very difficult to resist them, especially when a girl makes that face. Seeing the cuteness on your face melts their heart, and they can’t say no. The puppy eyes make you look innocent, and they feel the urge to keep you safe.

29. Investing time and energy in bonding with his friends

Guys are generally close to their male friends. These friends are an integral part of your boyfriend’s life. If you invest time and energy in getting to know his friends, this act of thoughtfulness will make him happy. He would appreciate your sincere efforts and adore you more. Your wonderful gesture will make your connection stronger.

30. Stretching in front of him

Guys enjoy watching their girlfriend stretching—it can be any yoga/exercise stretches, straining on the tiptoes to reach someplace high, or lazy stretching. Men are fascinated by the movements you do while stretching. These movements also accentuate your femininity that guys can’t help but admire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do guys like it when girls make the first move?

Guys should make the first move, and it’s taboo for girls is an outdated thought. Times have changed, and making the first move is an expression of confidence and sincere feelings. Most men like it when the first move comes from them, whether online or offline. Some instances of first moves could be offering to buy a drink, appreciating their style, passing a smile, giving compliments, etc.

2. Do guys like being called “baby”?

When a couple has strong affection, nicknames don’t have to fit in any category. Calling your boyfriend or partner with any nickname that makes him feel happy and comfortable is fine. Most guys like being called “baby” as it makes them feel loved and appreciated.

3. What qualities do girls possess that guys find attractive?

Attraction is a complex and subjective aspect of human interaction, so what qualities of a girl or woman appeal to a man can vary greatly. Nevertheless, there are certain qualities in women that can capture a man’s attention. These include physical appearance attributes, such as facial features, body shape, and personal style. Confidence, sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, empathy, and a strong desire to pursue one’s ambitions, goals, and passion are other qualities that can pull a man toward a woman.

4. How does a girl’s attitude influence the way guys view her?

Men often find girls with a strong sense of positivity, self-assurance, and confidence attractive. Girls with warm, friendly, and open attitudes appeal to men more as they appear more approachable and welcoming. A girl’s ability to navigate complex situations with poise and patience can also influence a man’s views of her.

A guy notices and admires several things about the women in his life. He might not be able to express his love and admiration often, but if you look deeper, his actions will tell you how much he adores you. Still, if you want your man to fall deeper and deeper for you, try these cute things girls do that guys love. These simple yet profound gestures can help you grab his attention and impress him. Just go slow and don’t go overboard by trying too many things at a time. Remember that your partner loves you whether or not you perform those little loving gestures. But yes, trying something to draw his attention to you is worth a try!

Infographic: Things You Do That He May Not Love

After you have gone through the list of things he loves you doing, you should also be wary about what you should avoid doing, as he may not like it as much. We have prepared this infographic with a list of things he may not like you to do. Give the following infographic a read and save it for future reference as well.

things girls do that guys might not love (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Certain gestures of girls make guys go weak in their knees.
  • Resting your head on his shoulders, expressing physical affection, and displaying confidence are notable signs.
  • Keep an eye on your guy’s reactions to know about his feelings for you.

Check out this video to find out the 15 cute things girls do that guys love! From their adorable smiles to their bubbly personalities, you’ll find out what guys find attractive in girls.

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