8 Things I Did Differently To Get Pregnant This Time

Have you been trying to get pregnant lately without much success? There is no rule book as such when you are attempting to get pregnant. But, of course, we do follow certain basics. So did I – kept track of my ovulation dates; was regular with my gynec visits; followed most of the well-meaning advice from family and friends to the T. All this with not much luck. But I kept going. And then, bingo! I made it just like that. But, on second thoughts, maybe it wasn’t JLT. That was when I sat down and made a note of everything that was different this time. Here is what I did:

1. Revamped My Diet

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I’m a total foodie who could never diet. However, I did make subtle yet concrete changes to my regular food routine. As it is we ate out only occasionally, preferring to cook at home. But this time I ticked off the processed meats and cheese, frozen vegetables, and bottled sauces (even Jams) from my shopping list. I switched to fresh veggies, especially green leafy ones, fruits, lean meats, and fresh fish (low mercury ones).

2. Kept Nicotine At Bay

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No, I don’t smoke. But my spouse did. A friend once mentioned that smoking can affect the motility of the sperms. Although my husband had everything cleared in his test, I just thought it would be worth a try. If nothing, it’ll keep his lungs healthy. Also, passive smoking can be equally harmful, if not more.

3. Lost Flab

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I wasn’t too fat, in general, but had a pear-shaped body where I was heavier around the pelvis. So, I exercised regularly at home coupled with 20-min walks, which wasn’t too much. But doing it regularly in the morning helped me shed that extra tire and improved my oxygen intake. The best part was that neither did I have to go through the excruciating gym routines nor the stress of missing out on yoga classes.

4. Ate Figs

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Figs generally never come to my mind when I buy fruits. But an elderly relative suggested that these fruits were totally meant to increase a woman’s fertility. Her reasoning – the shape of figs resemble a woman’s ovary! Well, yes, the resemblance was indeed uncanny. Nevertheless, I did give it a shot and soon grew to like the taste. It is one of my favorite fruits now.

5. Found Ways To Calm Myself

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We are constantly advised, even in general, to avoid stress. Yet, that’s exactly what we end up doing. Despite the disappointments, I found ways to quickly move on and relax my mind. I listened to music, indulged in gardening, and even tried new recipes. I gave up everything that required me to dedicate a specific amount of time and gifted myself the liberty to use my time according to my will.

6. Raised My Feet

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By this, I mean raising my feet up to nearly 90 degrees with the support of a wall. A pregnant friend told me that this helps boost the blood flow towards the ovaries. I also did this immediately after I was inseminated, for nearly 10-15 minutes. Maybe that helped the winning sperm reached the ovary, you never know!

7. Took A Drug Holiday

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There came a point when I realized I was taking too many supplements and fertility pills. I thought my body too deserved a break. And one fine morning, I just gave up all the pills and supplements. It felt liberating not having to remember which pill to pop in at what time!

8. Bonded With My Spouse

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One of the best advice I’d received was from my husband’s sister. “Plan babies when you are happy, so you have happy babies,” she said. Agreed. While planning to get pregnant, somewhere down the road, things became mechanical. So, we both mutually suspended the efforts for a while. We talked, laughed, shared gossip, and bonded big time. We experienced unmatched love and relief! This helped later when I finally became pregnant.

Now that I’m pregnant, I realize that at least some of these changes, if not all, helped me in my endeavors. Have you too tried something different that helped you achieve your goal? Do share your story with us in the comments below.

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