19 Things Only Kids Who Went To School In India Will Understand

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Several things are specific to India. As kids who grew up here, there are things that only Indian kids can relate to. Our school memories are not restricted to the education we received, but it is a whole experience as it is. From making it in time to school before the first bell to cleaning our white shoes with chalk, the memories we’ve made in school will always remain close to our hearts. So, let’s go on a trip down memory lane and look at 19 things only kids who went to school in India can relate to:

1. Your School Bags Are Bigger Than You

The size of our school bags was double or triple of how big we used to be. Perhaps we were preparing for a weight lifting contest?

2. An Eraser That Did Not Serve Its Purpose

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Was it just me, or did this eraser tear the paper in your notebook?

3. Transition From Pencil To Pen

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We felt like grown-ups when we were allowed to use pens instead of pencils. But that meant scratches in our books.

4. Filling Your Ink Pens Was Fun

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We always had to make sure that our pens had enough ink. The rich kids would get ink bottles to school while the rest filled our pens at home.

5. Washing Sports Shoes Every Week

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Alright, maybe not every week. But we had white chalk to cover up the dirt during PT frantically.

6. Carrying Lunch, Break And Evening Snacks

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You are probably lying if you say you did not have a tiffin box like this.

7. Tupperware Was The Coolest!

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You were one of the cool kids if you had a Tupperware bottle. But your mother gives you a serious talk before giving it to you. The eternal love of moms and Tupperware is beyond our understanding.

8. Fancy Exam Pads That Had Your Favorite Superhero Or Cartoon Character

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Is it just me, or did you get exam jitters just looking at this image?

9. FLAMES. How Could We Forget?

If you have a crush on someone and want to know if you have a future with them, there was a foolproof method in school. And everyone knew how to play it.

10. Name. Place. Animal. Thing

You have to admit that this game was pretty killer. Not only was it fun, but you also learned a lot of GK.

11. Chor. Police

None of us wanted to be the chor, but if you had the skill to hide it well, you could get away with the money you stole. In the game. Just in the game. We do not promote stealing.

12. Uniforms. Period.

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As much as we waited to wear colored clothes in school, we must admit that we miss wearing our uniforms. And we had special uniforms for our PT days when we wore clothes of our “houses”.

13. The Feel Of The Classrooms

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If this image did not spark up some nostalgia, you’re probably lying. Or you were homeschooled.

14. Writing On Chalkboards

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Admit it. You waited for your teacher to leave the classroom so you could scribble on the board. Sometimes you and your friends even pretended to be teachers taking a class.

15. Getting Punished And Thrown Out Of Class

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Teachers either made you stand at the back of the class or in the corner of the room facing the wall. If you were naughty, you were thrown out of class.

16. “Is This A Classroom Or A Fish Market?”

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Ah, the infamous dialogue every teacher says! If you don’t know that basic difference, are you sure you’re qualified to be my teacher?

17. Polishing Your Shoes Everyday

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Again, every day might be pushing it, but as long as it’s black, right?

18. School Assemblies

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Not only did we have to make it on time, but we also had to stand straight and participate in the assemblies.

19. The Sheer Joy Of Sharpening Pencils

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It wasn’t one or two pencils, but we wanted all our pencils to be sharp and stood all day by the dustbin to sharpen them. Not if you had a fancy sharpener that stored the pencil shavings, of course.

The biggest worry that we had as kids in school was that we had homework. Yet, all we wanted was to grow up. We hope our list made you feel nostalgic and took you back to your school days. Comment below and let us know your most cherished memories from school.

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