9 Things All Indian Mothers Tell Their Kids – You Do Too

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We often look up to our mothers for inspiration and strength. They are forever concerned about us and leave no stone unturned to discipline us for our good. Yet, it isn’t an easy task. Indian mothers are not immune to this either. When their efforts result in zero response from their kids, they often end up frustrated. And this frustration usually results in a series of hilarious dialogues from them which makes for an interesting collection. Here are 9 such things that all Indian mothers tell their kids (we are sure you would have told this too):

1. “You Look So Thin. Aren’t You Eating Enough?”

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For an Indian mother, the quantity of food is directly proportional to health. For her, fat is healthy. Period. According to her, only she can feed good food to her kids. So, even if you are hale and hearty, but your mom sees you after a really long time, this is the first thing she’ll tell you.

2. “You’ve Grown So Big, When Will You Learn?”

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She would have told you innumerable times where to keep your school shoes and socks. Yet, you would have thrown them around. Ditto with your regular clothes, school uniform, toys, etc. And again, your mom would sort them out and clean out your cupboard. But not without whining a bit about it.

3. “What Will People Say???”

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Moms easily freak out when they witness their kids indulging in unusual behavior. This is because they are concerned about how it’ll affect their social image or their parenting style. Pushed your buddy while playing – what will people say? The low hemline of your school uniform or dress – what will people say? Colored your hair bright green – what will … you got the hang, right?

4. “We Never Did This When We Were Your Age!”

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This statement usually follows an episode of disobedience or defiance from the kids. When kids use their mobiles at the dinner table, stay up late at night to binge-watch shows instead of studying, and the like, the helpless mom will usually say this.

5. “Learn Something From Your Friend”

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Comparisons are bad. We know that. So does your mother. But then, no one said that your peers can’t be a good example for you to follow or take inspiration from, right? So, if your friend happens to get good grades or has a good demeanor, expect this statement often from your mom!

6. “Drinking Milk Will Make You Strong”

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Moms will do anything to make you eat healthy, especially finish your glass/mug of milk. Of course, milk is definitely good for healthy bones and all, but so are other foods. But, milk definitely it is for your mom. And to get her way, she’ll even make you believe it’ll turn you into a superhero of sorts. Don’t we just love our moms for that?

7. “Who Were You On Call With?”

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Call it concern, curiosity, or even infringement of your privacy. But the moment you get on a phone with a friend of the opposite gender, your mom wants to know it all. In fact, she’ll even practice her rights over you. But breathe easy, because she’ll also be your biggest confidante.

8. “You’ll Understand When You Have Your Own Kids”

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You might often think about why your mom cribs or whines so much. Why she can’t just let you be. But guess what? Your mom too knows what you’ve been thinking. But, she can’t stop caring and worrying for you, something she can never make you understand. Yet, she knows for sure you will eventually understand once you become a parent yourself. And, she’s patient enough to wait for that day too – just to say ‘I told you so’!

9. “Why Don’t You Listen To Me??”

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Finally, the mother (pun intended) of all things, this one is more of a complaint than a statement. Be it your refusal to finish your food, keep your stuff in its place, or taking that extended outdoor playtime during exams, you’d have simply not given an ear to what your mom says. Result: a bad fever, lost stuff, and probably poor grades. So, be prepared to hear this for the next few days. And rightly so!

Aren’t these typical dialogues of Indian mothers amusing? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have one of your own? Please share it with us and let’s spread some cheer!

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