9 Things Every Indian Parent Tells Their Kids

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You are probably lying if you say that you’ve never questioned your parents’ sanity at least once in your life. Being parents who are deeply rooted in the Indian culture, they have a unique sense of discipline and say/do things that often defy logic. But hey, when parents say something, it’s the holy grail and there is no questioning it. As kids, it probably annoyed a lot of us but when we grow older, we start to understand them better. Indian parents are hilarious. They love us but have a very unique way of showing it and even when they say things that seem illogical to us, we know it’s coming out of the goodness of their hearts. So here are 9 things that every Indian kid can relate to because they would have heard it at least once from their parents:

1. “Where Did The Rest Of The Marks Go?”


It’s probably not just Indian parents that are competitive but when it comes to grades in school, no one can beat their sense of competition. It’s probably because they grew up in an environment that valued marks more than anything else. You could win the best athlete, be the best debater or win a dance competition, but what’s the point of all that if you do not get a 90+ in your exams?

2. “This Determines Your Future”

We’ve all grown up listening to this. In school, they told us to work hard so we can enjoy college. When we reached college, they told us to work hard so we can enjoy our lives after graduation. After that it was “work hard now, you’ll enjoy your work-life”. Right now, we are working and are still waiting for the part where we start to enjoy.

3. “He’s Doing Better Than You”


Indian parents want their kids to be the best, just like others. And how do they validate that? They compare their kids with their neighbors. If you do well on a science test and win a class competition, you probably have made your parents happy. But the minute they find out that the neighbors’ kid also achieved the same and then one more, it suddenly makes them sad.

4. “This Is The Right Age”

What’s the most important aspect that deems you to be fit for marriage? Not your independence, sense of responsibility, or even your capability of taking care of yourself fully but your age! Indian parents want you to get married and will probably try every trick in the book to get you to do that the minute you hit a certain age, irrespective of if you’re ready or not.

5. You’ve Lost So Much Weight


Yes, mom, I have been trying to get fit. But to Indian parents, losing 1 kilo is equivalent to losing 10. The minute you’ve lost a couple of kilos that you wanted to, they’ll force you to feed into eating ghee-soaked food and all your work has gone for a toss!

6. We Used To Be Kids Too

Sometimes they try. They try to seem to understand. But um, no mom, you don’t know how much the world and times have changed since you were my age. It’s a whole new world now, one that is fast and has evolved to a digital age but our parents don’t seem to get that. They believe that because they were once our age, they know what we are going through. Ugh.

7. When You Have Kids Of Your Own, You’ll Know


If your parents have not got their way by making a melodramatic scene, are they even Indian? They are ever ready to go into a full swing television drama series and will somehow end up getting their way! We wonder if the serials are based on real Indian parents or the parents are influenced by the characters in the serials! At this point, it’s hard to differentiate!

8. Does She Know How To Cook?

A woman can be the CEO of a company or the head surgeon at a trauma center but when it comes to looking for rishtas, all parents want to know is if she can make round rotis. Indian parents, you need to move ahead in time. The rest of us have.

9. We Have Only One Wish


A line that is used to get their children to do anything they want. Anything at all. Indian parents will say that they have “only one wish” and get numerous wishes granted. Be it marriage, grandkids, or even landing on the moon (JK), Indian parents find a way to get it done with the power of their melodramatic nature.

While this list might hit a few nerves or tickle your funny bones, at the end of the day, we know that our parents are one of a kind. They love us and are maybe trying to navigate through this deep cultured country with some values that they hold close to them. Comment below and let us know some of the things you’ve heard your parents say way too often.

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