10 Surprising Things Men Should Never Do During Labor

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Dads to be, we understand pregnancy is a journey you go through as well. The last few months with your pregnant better half may not turn out to be the smoothest ride of your life. What with constantly juggling your job and food cravings of mom-to-be that make you drive to the other end of the town, things can get a little crazy! Especially as you get nearer to the delivery room!

Yes, obviously, the labor room is a scary place for you too. We get it. More so when it’s your first time! But don’t forget that it’s scary for the mom too. So try to be on your best behavior and steer clear of doing these ten unpleasant things!

1. Ask The Doctor For Extra Stitches For Your Wife

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Seriously? This is purely insensitive. Not to mention embarrassing and insulting for the mom! Asking the doctor to put in extra stitches when your wife has gone through an unbelievable amount of pain to give birth to your baby is just plain selfish. Don’t ever do it. Unless you want her to feel insecure about herself, her body, and the time it’ll take for her body to heal. Which we’re sure you don’t want.

2. Nod Off When She’s In Labor

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Labor can take time. Of course, you’ll get tired, and we understand that. It’s natural. But for one second, think of your wife in the delivery room. The last nine months have been exhausting for her, and this moment is probably the most exhausting of them all. She really needs you. So don’t doze off waiting for the baby to come. Instead, help her through the whole thing and be the father you’ve been dreaming of being.

3. Take Her Words Too Seriously

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Labor is painful. And who doesn’t say hurtful things when in pain? Yes, she’ll want you to hold her one moment and ask you to leave her alone the next. Or ask you to encourage her and then shut up altogether. But remember, none of these are personal attacks. She’s just going through a lot. So be empathetic and do whatever she asks you to.

4. Point She’s Pooped While Pushing

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If there’s one thing moms-to-be dread, it’s pooping while pushing the baby out. Even though it’s perfectly natural to do so, it’s not something that’s easy to accept. However, if you’re blessed to witness the miracle of birth and see an ‘accident’ happening, do not be quick to point it out to the mother. It’s just rude.

5. Check-In To A Hospital Right After The First Contractions

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We know you mean well and are excited for the baby to come. But you do not need to rush to the hospital right after the first contraction. Delivery takes time. Think several hours. So be patient. Wait until the contractions last at least 1 minute and happen every 5-7 minutes for 1 hour straight (1). That’s when you really need to go!

6. Think That Every Labor Is Exactly The Same

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Delivery can happen in one of 3 ways — C-section, natural or epidural. Each of these is different from the other as they can be. So in case your partner changes her mind from natural delivery and wants to have a C-section instead, know that the process will be vastly different. Also, if this is your second child, don’t expect delivery to be exactly the same as the last time. It can be a completely different experience. So be prepared.

7. Not Have A Plan In Place

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Having a birth plan in place before delivery is vital. When a mom’s going through contractions, she might not be in the best place to know which delivery method to go for. Hence, before letting her make a rash decision, discuss the options available with her and find out what will work best for her.

8. Worry About What To Carry To The Hospital

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No, you don’t need to change clothes. And no, you don’t need to carry every small essential item with you either. When the mom goes into contractions, don’t get busy packing your hospital bag. Have one ready before the due date approaches.

9. Bring Smelly Food To The Labor Room

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It’s a strict no-no! Unless you want to get the stink eye and probably be sent out of the room. Foods with a strong smell can make the mom feel sick. So best be on the safe side and carry healthy snacks instead, like nuts or energy bars.

10. Let People Meet The Baby Without Asking The Mom First

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The moment your baby’s born, there’ll be a beeline of people ready to see your angel! Friends and family will want to come to the hospital (or home) for a visit. But be sure you don’t just let them come whenever they want. Delivery is a grueling process, and the mom will want to rest for a while. So ask her when she’s ready to see people and only then let them come.

We get it, dads. You’re trying your best every moment. But it’ll be even better if you just never do the above things!

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