8 Things Men Want In A Relationship

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“We are unique individuals with unique experiences.”

– John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

When you wear a new dress, you wait for his compliments. When you cook a special dish, you want him to say he loved it, and on your birthday and anniversary, you expect him to surprise you. That’s what a woman wants in a relationship.

But have you ever known what men want in a relationship? That’s quite tricky because they are seldom vocal about it. Men are not known to communicate their needs from a relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not have any needs.

In this post, MomJunction tells you what men want in a relationship, and how a woman can fulfill them.

What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

If you think that men only need physical intimacy in a relationship, you are wrong. Just like women, men, too, want something more than just physical gratification. Here are some of the things men need for a relationship to flourish.

  1. Respect: It is an understatement to say men want respect. For them, respect is equivalent to love. As a partner, they expect you to respect their life choices, career paths, and personality. For them, respect is the best way to say I love you. No amount of kisses, hugs or favors can give them the high like respect does, especially in a social situation.
  1. Praise: Men look for appreciation and praise from their partner. Be it an achievement at work or a simple thing as fixing the toaster, they feel good when you say “I am proud to have such a hard-working husband.” So, ladies if you want your man to be happy, then praise his positives, but be genuine and sincere in your praise.
  1. Feel loved: Like women, men also want to feel loved by their partners. It is just that their way of expressing this need is different. Women always wait for the man to utter the three magical words, ‘I love you,’ which gives them the assurance that their man loves them. For men, it is the touch that gives them the affirmation of being loved. So, next time when your man reaches out for you in bed, pick up the subtle clues and make him feel loved.
  1. A safe place: Right from childhood, men are expected to be tough, and behaviors like complaining, self-doubt, worrying and admitting fears are perceived to be signs of weakness. Although men may look tough to the world, deep down they too have fears and concerns, which need an outlet. So they tend to search that safe space within their partner. He needs the assurance from you that even though he is at his most vulnerable in front of you, you will love him the same.
  1. Taken care of: After a tiring day at work, he would want you to greet him with a smile, ask about his day and spend time with him. This would make him feel as if he is the world’s luckiest man and in return would pour out all his love on you. You may also pamper him with a shoulder massage.
  1. Space: Men need their alone time just like women do. They may feel suffocated when their partner clings on to them. Men need their space to breath; they need time for their hobbies, to hang around with their buddies, or just be alone and get immersed in their thoughts. Respect your man’s space if you want him to stay happy and focused.
  1. Trust in him: Men want their partner to trust them and believe in their love. Next time when your partner goes out with his friends, do not keep texting to check on him but trust him.
  1. Emotional stability: To show emotional stability means communicating with your partner respectfully, avoiding tantrums, showing maturity and never saying or doing things which you will regret later. Above all being sincere in your feelings for him.

Making a man happy is simple — all it takes is love, respect, and trust in him. When he gets that kind of love from you, he will let down his guard and treat you like the queen of his life (which you indeed are).

What The Wife Can Do To Make A Man Happy

It doesn’t take much for you to make your husband happy. A few small and thoughtful gestures will make him appreciate you, trust you, love you and fall for you.

  1. Look attractive: This does not mean, you should have a zero figure or flawless skin. Eat healthy, workout, maintain good health and stay attractive. A well-suiting dress and a bit of grooming are enough to attract your man.
  1. Put him first: Your husband may want to be your top priority, and also your go-to person in the case of any trouble. He would feel wanted when you take his advice and share your thoughts with him.
  1. Take responsibility: As his wife, take care of the family, their needs, health and well-being, and the finances. Though he would help you, he might want you to be the mistress of the house.
  1. Be understanding: When your husband is feeling restless or irritated, understand him. Ask him for the reason and if he wants to be left alone, give him space. When he says no to a certain request, do not get upset and start a fight, but take some time and think why he had to say so.
  1. Be patient: He may test your patience with his behavior. But that is when you need to be patient. Be calm as yelling will only make things worse. Let the situation relax and then you can have a talk.
  1. Support him: Be his support system as life is never fair, and your relationship might have its ups and downs. During such times, your husband expects you to support him in all possible ways.
  1. Cook for him: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This may sound old-school but still holds good. Make him a comforting meal and occasionally surprise him with his favorite dish. He will truly appreciate you for your efforts.
  1. Share his interests: Does he love sports or adventure or cooking? Join him in his hobby, show interest in it, learn about it and participate. This way, your husband will have a loving companion and also you won’t get bored when he is busy pursuing his hobbies.
  1. Praise him in front of others: If you think there is something about your husband that you should appreciate in front of his friends, family or colleagues, then do not hesitate to do it. Such praise shows your respect for him, and he loves that gesture.
  1. Make fantasies real: Lure your man, entice him, and make his fantasies come true. But make sure you are comfortable doing it. And when both of you enjoy that physical intimacy, then the experience gets pleasurable.
  1. Compliment him: It might sound typical of women but it is true for men too. They also long for compliments when they dress well. Notice and compliment him when he has a new haircut or wore a new shirt. Take an interest in his shopping and give suggestions.
  1. Pay undivided attention: Listen to him when he is talking to you, notice it when he tries to do something different in their outfit or haircut, give full attention to him when he is his feelings with you. Do not fiddle with your phone or watch television when they are talking to you. They expect you to give them your full attention to listen and respond to them.

A healthy relationship is one where both the partners fulfill each other’s needs and work on meeting expectations. It is not about one partner giving it with the other partner just taking but giving back nothing. So, do your bit and your man will automatically do his.

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