10 Things New Dads Want Their Wives To Know

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We often hear or discuss a woman’s journey toward motherhood. But what about dads? Men too undergo a huge emotional transformation from being just husbands to dads. But they rarely disclose their feelings to their wives. So, this time, we thought we’ll hear out the dads, for a change. We asked a couple of new dads what they’d like to let their wives know. Here’s what they had to say (the responses will amaze you):

1. I’m As Scared As You!

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“Remember that moment when you shared the good news with me? You were scared and confused. I admit now that I was as scared as you. Will I make a good dad? Can I work enough to give you guys a comfortable life? It was, and still is, scary for me.” Saahil

2. The Intimate Bonding IS Still Important

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“I understand your condition. And no, I don’t need it right away. But why put lovemaking in the back-burner after our baby’s arrival? Even months after you’ve delivered? It’s our way of bonding intimately with each other and is still important for our relationship.” Jason

3. Why Not Decide Things Mutually For Our Child?

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“I know that moms know best. But does it mean that you’ll always be the one to take the final call for our son? I know I might falter or make mistakes, but I have as much a right to decide for our baby as you.” Akash

4. I’ve Been Struggling Too

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“You were stressed and depressed after your delivery. Not only me, but the rest of my family were there for you. But, you know what? It wasn’t easy for me too. I too had bouts of depression and worry as the transition and weight of new responsibilities hasn’t been easy on me.” Sidharth

5. I Genuinely Don’t Know How I Can Help

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“I know it irks you when I don’t know where the diapers are or which dish to stir when you take a loo break. But believe me, I genuinely wish to help. I just don’t know how I can fit in. So, help me out by letting me do things which you think I can manage.” Ahmed

6. Working Parent Guilt Is Killing

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“You always complain that while you do the bathe-clean-feed duties of the baby the whole day, I get the playtime with her. But you have no idea how guilty I feel each time I miss her milestones. When she makes those cute faces – you’re there. When she said her first words – you were there. When she crawled or took her first steps – you were there. And I missed all of it. It makes me feel guilty to no end.” Mohit

7. It’s Hard To Be Priority Number 2

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“I was always the number 1 person in your life. Then our baby arrived. I know he needs you more than me. But it’s hard adjusting to the fact that I’m now your priority number 2. Please share your emotional issues with me once in a while so I still feel important.” Zayn

8. I’ve Never Multi-Tasked. I Still Need Breaks

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“You’re great at juggling your responsibilities. Maybe it comes naturally to you. It’s certainly not with me. I’m trying hard but I do need breaks. If you do see me relaxing or watching TV for a bit, don’t be mad at me. Let me be for a while at times.” Nashad

9. I Don’t Tell Often, But I’m Proud Of You

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“I know you’re trying hard to be the perfect mom. Still, I’ve seen you breaking down each time our baby refuses to feed on time or the house is in a disarray. But let me admit this. I may not tell you this often, but I’m extremely proud of you. Your ability to multi-task amazes me to no end. I wish I could do it too. But I can never be you.” Praneet

10. I Miss US Being A Couple

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“Before our baby arrived, you liked to step out and have fun together. Now, you constantly worry about our baby. At times, you do it so much that the stress gets on to my nerves too. It’s fine if our baby throws those tissues around or smears her face with the sauce. Try to relax a bit so we can get back enjoying our time outside, again.” Abdul

Did you hear that, ladies? Aren’t these dads adorable and thoughtful? So, if you haven’t heard out your husband in a while since becoming a mother, maybe it’s time now to give him a chance. A chance to share his worries with you; to pitch in for you, and simply being a loving dad to your baby!

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