10 Things No One Tells You Before Becoming A Mom (But I Will)

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I have read up on all the books about pregnancy and motherhood there is. I have absorbed all the advice (mostly good) coming my way. I was prepared as much as one can be. But I have to say, despite all the work from my side, a few things did catch me by surprise. Maybe I wasn’t reading the right parenting books or maybe people don’t say it like it is when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. But if you are pregnant and delivering soon, here are 10 things that you should be warned about so that you are not caught by surprise.

1. Childbirth Recovery Is No Child’s Play

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It doesn’t matter if you pushed a baby out of your lady hole or the doctor made an incision in your belly, childbirth is tough. It takes a lot out of you, and the recovery period is even harder. You won’t be rewarded in any way for all your hard work in the labor room. Instead, you will have to deal with the repercussions of it. Hold on to a squirt bottle and stool softener because peeing and pooping will be anything but a mundane task anymore.

2. Babies Are… Well, Boring

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I guess someone had to say it. I guess calling babies boring is frowned upon in the mommy club. That’s why I had zero clues about it. Eat, sleep, cry, poop, repeat is how their day goes. All the excitement and fun wears off after a while when sleep deprivation kicks in and your body is aching and feeling sore from top to bottom. All the work you do for them, and still no sign of anything from their side. But trust me, things will get better when you see them looking at you and smiling for the first time.

3. Find A Mom Tribe

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No matter how many best friends you have, they might not get you. You are now a mom who is leaking from everywhere and rocking a tiny human in your arms. The struggles or the wonders that you experience through this journey will be best if shared with someone who can relate to it. Also, you will find comfort in realizing that you are not alone in this.

4. Say Goodbye To Sleep

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Whoever said ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ didn’t go through motherhood. Learn to survive on very little sleep. Because when that baby hits the bed, there will be a dozen things that you need to do. From doing the laundry to cleaning up the mess your house has become, to eating something.. anything, and your crazy hormones wishing you could wake the baby up (don’t!), sleep is now a distant dream.

5. The Relationship You Share With Everyone Will Be Changed

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Whether it is your mum, your friends, or even your husband, your relationship will evolve. You will gain a different perspective on life and relationships. Hell, you are a mom now!

6. I Will Never…

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“I will never be angry with my kids.”
“I will never try to bribe my child.”
“My kids won’t have any screen time.”
“I will never give my child anything less than fresh organic food.”
I can’t believe how stupid I was to think that I’m above all the other parents sitting in my throne of judgment. The lack of empathy you had in you will be gone after kids.

7. Your Mind Will Be Consumed With Poop Thoughts

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You will be consumed with the color, texture, consistency, and the frequency of your baby’s poop. You will be a pro in your baby’s poop, checking to see what’s normal and what’s not.

8. Be Prepared For A Lot Of Parenting Advice

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When you become a parent, everyone will give their 2 cents on how you should parent your child. Even a quick run to the grocery store will turn into a 10-minute conversation with a stranger telling you why formula milk shouldn’t be given to babies. So, be prepared to stand your ground wherever you go.

9. You’ll Be Making A Million Decisions

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Right from the baby registry to what to feed your baby, and finding out about the different brands of baby products, you will be making a million decisions. But things do get better with time, and you will laugh when you look back thinking how particular you were about things that seem trivial now.

10. We Are All Different, Yet The Same

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Every baby and every mom is different. And there may be times you question if you are doing a good job as a mother. You will feel like others are doing better than you while you are being completely clueless. But that’s not true. Everybody is going through the same struggles and questions on their mind just like you are. So, don’t feel guilty if you haven’t showered in 3 days, got barely any sleep, and is surviving on instant noodles. Things will get better with time, trust me.

Would you like to add any more points that I missed out on? If so, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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