Things About Being A Parent We Only Understand Once We Become One

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The joys of parenthood! This is what they all say. However, when you finally become a parent yourself, you start to realize that parenthood may be joyful, but it also comes with a lot of frustration, pain, and sacrifice. The challenges of parenthood are many and they don’t come with an instruction manual either. At this moment, your mind starts thinking about the time when you were a child and how your parents had to deal with your shenanigans too. But now, the tables have turned, and it’s your turn to handle a kid. However, in spite of the hurdles and challenges, it’s worth every bit of it. Why? Because at the end of the day, you know that you love your child more than anything else in the world. We’ve listed a bunch of things about being a parent that you can understand only when you’ve become one yourself! Keep reading as we take you through them:

Everything Takes Time

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When you have a child to take care of, your hands become pretty much full. There are diaper duties to attend to, food to be cooked, household chores to be done, and much more. And if you’re a working mom, you’ll have to add the job to this mix. So, when you have to get to a brunch with your friends or get to that dentist appointment by ten, you might end up delaying. But you know what? It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Punctuality may be a virtue, but when you’re parenting, it’s okay for you to push it for another day! What matters is that you do what you need to do without losing your sanity in the process!

Sleep Is A Luxury You Can’t Afford!

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Gone are the days when you could hit snooze and roll in bed like it’s no one else’s business. When a baby arrives, you barely get to sleep at night, let alone during the day. Babies need round-the-clock care, and you’ll be the one responsible for providing all that care. Did you know that, on average, a baby needs to be fed eight to twelve times a day? Also, their diapers need to be changed every few hours. Parents didn’t exaggerate when they said that sleep was something they couldn’t afford on a regular basis. They will clamor and wait for those moments when the baby falls asleep, which also gives them time to catch a quick nap.

You’ll Finally Understand Struggles Of Breastfeeding In Public

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You may have been vocal about the right to breastfeed in public before you became a parent. But when you get a firsthand experience of your crying baby who needs to be fed, like, right now, that’s when you truly understand what other nursing mothers go through. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life. Breast milk is one of the most nutritious foods your child will ever have. There doesn’t have to be any stigma or judgments attached to this beautiful act!

Silence Can Freak You Out!

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Babies are noisy. And this doesn’t necessarily change once they get a little older, either. However, although it can be annoying to hear them keep yacking, you’ll soon realize what a source of comfort all that noise can be. The minute you hear nothing, you know they’re up to something mischievous. For something so tiny, you’ll be surprised what a mess they can make out of things that are within their reach.

You Never Knew You Could Love Someone So Much

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It’s true when they say that you will have to experience it to know it. Your child becomes the center of your world, the top of all your priorities. Also, you know you truly love your child if you save that last piece of cake for them when you secretly wanted it all for yourself!

Having said that, don’t be upset if you don’t experience that sudden jolt of love and affection the minute you set eyes on your child for the first time. It’s true that the body produces hormones to improve the bond a mother has with her child soon after birth. However, you may be in pain to even notice. Give it time and let the bond form gradually between you and your child (1). Babies also have unique personalities and you will have to spend time to know their cute little idiosyncrasies and habits to love them more.

“Mom Guilt” Is Your New Best Friend

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Every time your child cries, or you find yourself in a situation where you or your child has messed up; you’ll most likely find yourself riddled with guilt. This stems from the fact that as a parent, you are responsible for your child and their actions. But understand that you’re doing your best, and there’s only so much hand-holding you can do. Your child has to make mistakes and learn from them. They have to fall and get hurt before standing up on their own without your support. You don’t have to feel guilty or question your parenting skills. If you do, know that it’s normal, and almost every other parent feels the same way!

Soiled Diapers Won’t Disgust You Anymore

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Think this one is too far-fetched? Wait until you get there! You’ll be changing so many diapers daily that the sight of a little poop in their undies or an accidental leak on your blouse won’t really put you off. Although it may surprise you how a tiny little baby is capable of taking a dump that many times, you’ll soon be okay with it. In fact, you’ll be worried if they don’t because if your baby isn’t pooping or peeing as much as they should, it means something is wrong.

Parenting can be one hell of a ride, but you should know that every parent can go through their own set of challenges. No one said it would be easy, but many of them will also tell you that they wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you have more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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