6 Things That Happen To The Baby In The 24 Hours Before Birth

6 Things That Happen To The Baby In The 24 Hours Before Birth

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Expecting mothers learn plenty about labor as well as delivery during childbirth. And, women love to recount this experience with their closed ones – be it the beautiful bits or the painful ones. But, have you ever wondered about the baby? And, what he/she goes through?

When the soon-to-be moms are getting those painful contractions, things become pretty tight inside the uterus. So, the little one is going through his/her share of stressful moments too! On top of that is the constant twisting and turning while passing through the birth canal. And, much before that, your tiny angel is busy practicing breathing and napping to be better prepared for the outside world.

Are you intrigued about knowing what happens to your little ones 24 hours before the delivery? Of course, they don’t remember a thing and can’t really describe their journey to us. But, there are a few things we know now, thanks to science! Here, we bring you some of them:

1. The Little Ones Drop Down

One of the signs that your little one is on his/her way out. This usually happens around 24 hours before birth. It can also happen a few weeks before the labor, indicating that the delivery is around the corner (1). For a mother, the baby moves more toward her lower abdomen, which eases the heartburn but can make walking a little difficult. Whereas, for the little one, it’s more like he/she is caught in the pelvis. He/she might even feel the need to stretch out a bit. It indicates that it’s almost time for him/her to come out!

2. Uses His/Her Head


When the baby is in the right position in the pelvis, he/she begins using the head to get the delivery going! It’s the pressure that the little one creates with his/her head against the cervix which slackens the mucus plug and causes the thinning of the cervix. This built pressure is an integral part of the birth canal’s opening (2). The baby is pretty much not aware of what he/she is doing. While the infant continues to do his/her thing inside the womb, his/her head does all that work!

3. Fluctuating Heartbeat

In a few hospitals, the doctors actually prefer checking the infant’s heartbeat throughout the labor. At times, the baby can find the entire process troublesome and the monitor lets the doctor know the same (3). But, it is more likely that the baby’s heartbeat is going to fluctuate a little. Very much like his/her mom, the little one’s heartbeat can rise during the active times and go down on its own during less-active phases. Don’t worry, the doctor would always know if something is abnormal!

4. Twists


Many think that the baby comes out either like a screw or a nail. Many doctors believe that the process bears more resemblance to a screw. It’s not like the baby turns and twists completely. But, yes, they do try to twist and turn to find the easiest path to get out (4). So, it might not be like the simple downward motion you may have thought!

5. Practices Breathing

Babies usually have a lot of time to pass 24 hours before they come out. Even if the mother is going through her contractions, there is still sporadic periods of rest throughout. So, the baby continues to practice his/her breathing meanwhile (5). Good to know since he/she will have to do it soon in the real world!

6. Can Hear It All


The infant’s ears are already developed, and can also distinguish between voices (6). That is why you see the tiny ones showing a preference for their mothers from the beginning itself. So, when a mommy decides to let go during labor, the baby hears it all. Be it the moan, the scream, or even those curses! But, don’t worry, he/she will not remember it!

We hope that you are now up-to-date about what your baby might have gone through during labor. It can be quite tough for these little ones too!

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