8 Things To Never Keep In A Child’s Room, According To Pediatricians

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You’ll be surprised at how difficult it can be to decorate your kid’s room. There are so many things that one needs to keep in mind. Your child’s bedroom needs to be a space where they can feel comfortable, secure, and happy. So it is best to keep furniture with sharp edges or dangling wires out of this room. But the list doesn’t stop at that.

Here’s a list of 8 things that you should avoid keeping in your child’s room, according to safety experts and pediatricians.

1. Action Figures And Toys That Make A Lot Of Noise

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Growing up, children enjoy playing with loud toys that make different sounds at the press of a button. But according to pediatricians, this is not a toy you should be keeping in your kid’s room. And why is that? It’s because nosing-making toys can potentially lead to a loss of hearing, especially for infants. So, it’s better to go for toys that make less noise.

2. Heavy, Tricky Furniture

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If you have furniture in your home that may not be fixed in place or securely attached to the walls, then it’s best not to keep such items in a kid’s room. Big and heavy tables, shelves, beds that may have crooked edges or are unstable can cause children to hurt themselves by tripping over them or bruising their arms or knees.

One needs to watch out for hangnails and furniture with woodwork that has splinters coming out of it. Also, try and keep those items out of the room that may break easily.

3. Baby Walkers

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People usually hold either of the two opinions when it comes to baby walkers. Parents usually feel that baby walkers can help children move around a bit; however, the flipside to this is that baby walkers can enable a child to move around in places that may be unstable. Infants can also bump into hard objects by using them. So, the best thing to do would be to keep these away from your kids’ room. Playpens can be a good alternative to a baby walker.

4. Easily Accessible Windows And Curtain Blinds

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Windows in a room are essential in that they bring in some fresh air, sunlight and also help maintain proper air circulation. But if you’re planning to decorate your kid’s room, then it is best to keep the widows off-limits. Windows that are easily accessible by kids with loops or strings attached to them can become a plaything for kids. If children put these inside their mouths, they may risk choking and strangulation.

5. Outlets And Appliances

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Any kind of appliance is dangerous for your children. The same goes for uncovered wall sockets or wiring that is hanging out. Objects with uncovered cords and loose screws can also lead to injury. If you must keep certain appliances in the room, make sure they are properly covered and out of your child’s reach.

6. Indoor Plants

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Even though keeping plants in your child’s room has its benefits, there’s also a possibility that they may be toxic for your kids. To ensure that it’s not the case, double-check whether or not your child is allergic to that particular plant.

7. Fairy Lights And Crib Canopies

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There’s a lot of room decor ideas floating around on the internet. But not all of it may be a good addition to your kid’s room. It is better to avoid using decorative items like fairy lights, throw pillows, and crib canopies to keep your child safe.

8. Television Sets

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It’s hard to understand why there must be a television set in a baby’s room. The biggest risk of installing a television set in your kid’s room is increased screen time. There are several health hazards associated with it, for instance, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, cognitive deficits, and a disturbed sleep cycle. Instead of having a television in your child’s room, you should encourage them to play with toys and have reduced screen time.

While decorating your child’s room may seem like a simple task, what becomes a part of their room affects their safety and day-to-day routine. So being selective about the things you choose to place inside your child’s room can make a significant difference in your little one’s life.

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