10 Things To Consider When The Doctor Announces It'll Be Twins

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Getting to hear that you’ll soon be a mother is exhilarating enough. But, to be told that it’ll be twins takes your excitement to a different level altogether. However, once the initial euphoria settles, it gives way to concerns and worries, much like in a singleton pregnancy. Only, multiplied by two. However, making yourself aware of what to expect during your twin pregnancy might help you prepare well for the D-Day. So, if you are expecting twins soon, here are a few things that you might want to consider:

10. A Lot More Tests

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Lab tests, ultrasound scans, and physical exams are pretty much the norm during pregnancy. These tests and scans are done to ensure that your little one is meeting all the growth milestones. But with two little angels growing in your womb, these tests will be more in number.

9. An Early Maternity Leave

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Most working moms plan their leaves until the very last lap of their pregnancy or wait till their water breaks. But, that wouldn’t be the case with a twin pregnancy. You might be asked to take a bed rest. And, in all probability, your twins might also come sooner than expected.

8. They Are Of ‘Two’ Kinds

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Twins are of two different types – fraternal and identical. As the name suggests, identical twins look exactly like each other. However, fraternal twins differ in their looks. Yet, despite this fact, once it is confirmed it is twins, many new parents assume that they might be identical.

7. You May Not Go Home Together

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Newborn babies are generally kept under observation in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a day or two to check for symptoms of jaundice and other possible infections. And, in case of any complications, the duration of the stay increases. So, even if your pregnancy had been complication-free, there are chances that either of your twins might stay in the hospital a little more than the other. So, it may be highly likely that you all will not go home together at the same time.

6. Managing Feeding Time

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Most mothers of identical twins admit that with time they lose track of which baby had been fed and which of them is hungry. Apart from this confusion, there is also the part where a breastfeeding mother might have to spend more hours sitting in a particular posture to feed her babies.

5. The Financial Facts

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We are sure you might have already done your math by now. This part isn’t often discussed for the fear of sounding rude. However, the fact is that having a baby does increase your cost of living. And having two of them certainly has a bigger impact, making you wonder if it is time for you to find a job too.

4. Stronger Pregnancy Symptoms

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With everything being two times more, your pregnancy symptoms too might be stronger. You might experience more bouts of vomiting, probably more skin pigmentation or the sheer weight of your belly might result in longer periods of leg swelling.

3. Choosing The Perfect Names

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With two little munchkins in your life, being fair to both will constantly be on your mind. And this extends to finding the best names for both. Most parents of twins try to find names that either rhyme with each other or begin with the same alphabet. However, it is perfectly fine to choose different sounding names but with good meaning.

2. Two Of Everything?

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Well, having twins doesn’t mean that everything you get for your babies has to be two. Why would you want 2 pairs of rattles, walkers, swings, or even a bouncy chair? Both your babies might not need all of these at the same time. You can always switch them. For all you know, your babies might even outgrow some even without using any of these.

1. They’ll Still Be Different

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Whether your twins are identical or fraternal, they’ll still have very different personalities, to begin with. You’ll need to keep this in mind while handling their developmental milestones. Treat your twins as two completely different individuals so you are less likely to freak out when one doesn’t start crawling and the other is already at it, and other similar situations.

We hope this insight into life with twins has been helpful to you. Do you also have twins? What have been your experiences so far? Please do share in the comments section below and help fellow mothers out there.

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