50 Fun Things To Do By Yourself To Stay Happy And Healthy

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Spending quality time with yourself is crucial for your well-being. And this time can be refreshing if you have a list of things to do by yourself. One of the best ways to stay healthy and happy is by having a good time doing things you love.

Whether you are an introvert who loves solitude or an extrovert who loves socializing, “me” time can bring positivity to your life. You can do several activities; the basic idea is to indulge in activities that make you love yourself just the way you are. This post brings you some interesting things you can do during your “me” time.

Things To Do When Alone

If you are alone and want to get rid of boredom, take your pick of any activity you want to indulge in.

1. Make a dream board for yourself

Make a Pinterest board of the things you want so you could print out pictures and hang them on your bedroom wall. Set your priorities and then take small and effective steps in making your dream board come true.

2. Take a walk outside

If you have an affinity for the outdoors, put on your hiking shoes and go for a hike. You don’t need to have a group of people to enjoy mother nature. Curate a playlist for your walk, or choose a good podcast that you can listen to. Going on walks alone is always a good activity.

3. Try out a new café

Do you want to visit a new café that has been opened recently or visit the place because they serve great coffee? Whatever the reason is, you should check out the place. Nothing is better than sitting in a café and enjoying time with yourself. You could also take a new book with you or your notebook to doodle.

4. Have a staycation

Pamper yourself with a staycation in your city. You don’t need to travel thousands of miles for it. Instead, choose a nice hotel where you can stay for a day or two, order room service, and plan out the places you would like to visit for a day trip or enjoy spa and pool time.

5. Take a dance class

If you have never tried out going to a dance class, then now is the time. The music is going to make you sweat it out and get those endorphins pumped up. There is always a first time for everything, right? You never know you might become a regular soon.

6. Go to a concert

Are you attending the concert of your favorite musician? The crowd, singing, and dancing will lift your spirits. Moreover, if you have always taken a friend or two for concerts, why not try and attend a concert by yourself.You might get to meet new people who have the same music taste as you.

7. Re-decorate your room

If you are bored with the décor of your bedroom or living room, maybe you could redo it to make it look straight out of a Pinterest board. There are tons of budget DIY options to try if you do not want to spend a lot of money redoing your space.

8. Go to your local farmer’s market

You don’t necessarily have to buy something for yourself, but you could get something for a friend or a family member. The fresh produce with an amalgamation of different smells and colors is invigorating.

9. Go on a day trip

If you have never been to a part of the city you live in, then now is the time to do so. Pack a bag, take your camera with you, and go on a day trip all by yourself. Taking Instagram-worthy pictures for your feed or for yourself is something you would not want to miss out. Also, you might discover a beautiful place that you have no idea about.

10. Go for a long drive

If you love long drives, then take one all by yourself. You don’t need a group of people to enjoy. Choose your favorite tunes, roll down the windows, and drive. Nothing is more liberating than going on a journey without a destination.

Things To Do Alone At Home

You are home alone, and have no idea what to do, maybe you can choose an interesting activity from here.

11. Clean your house

Have you ever heard of spring/summer cleaning? It’s quite common for many people to clean the house during the onset of spring or summer. When you have a tidy house, you will feel more at ease. Cleaning up your house becomes much easier if you incorporate the Marie Kondo rule—if something doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

12. Learn a new language

You cannot learn a new language in a day, but you can give it a try. Be it French, German, Korean, or Japanese, the list is endless. To make things easier, follow YouTube tutorials or download an app dedicated to teaching new languages.

13. Try meditation

A lot of people see meditation as a boring activity. But meditation has a lot of benefits that includes improving your concentration and calming your mind. If you end up liking it, you could incorporate it into your daily routine. It can also help you become a more relaxed person who does not get agitated under stressful situations.

14. Take a warm bath

As simple as it might sound, taking a warm bath is a great thing you can add to your self-pampering routine. Light some scented candles in your bathroom and prepare your bath. You could use a bath bomb and pour yourself a glass of wine to relax and unwind. Don’t forget to play beautiful tunes.

15. Clean your closet

If your closet is cluttered up with clothes you do not wear, then clean your closet. Take out your clothes and segregate them into three different piles—the first pile of clothes that you get to keep, the second that needs alteration, and the third one you can give away to a charity or sell to a thrift shop.

16. Try out a new recipe

There are tons of recipes that you can find online that taste delicious when you cook them with extra love and care. So, if you are in the mood to eat something delectable and flavorsome, then take out the ingredients and start cooking.

17. Enjoya movie marathon

Fancy re-watching a TVseries or a movie series that you like. Nothing is better than binge-watching and falling in love with the characters and storyline all over again. You could also have a chick flick marathon if that’s what you are craving.

18. Start a journal

If you haven’t already, start keeping a journal. Journaling is a great way to write down your innermost thoughts and feelings. It helps you have a good insight into what you are thinking and lets you keep track of everything.

19. Try a new video game

There are several video games that you can try. Even if you don’t like playing games, there is no harm in trying a new activity. Moreover, depending on the genre you like, you can choose the one that appeals to you the most and go with it. One of the most popular video games to try is Genshin Impact.

20. Discover a new artist

Everyone has a favorite artist whose music they listen to regularly. How about giving a new artist a try? With so many free music streaming platforms nowadays, discovering new music has become easier. Plus, you might find tracks that you love grooving to.

Things To Do Alone On Your Birthday

There are a lot of things you can do to make your day extra special without the need for anyone’s company.

21. Go on a shopping spree

You don’t need any other reason to convince yourself to go on a shopping spree other than the fact that it’s your birthday. Buy the things you had wish-listed for a long time. You could also try out a new store or boutique that you had been eyeing for some time.

22. Bake a cake for yourself

If you fancy a red velvet cake on your birthday, how about you bake one for yourself? Moreover, you can customize the way you want it and devour it all by yourself. If you don’t want a whole cake for yourself, you could make cupcakes from the same cake batter and enjoy.

23. Go to the movies

Buy a ticket for a movie you want to see. Grab a seat and a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the ambiance. Going to the movies alone is quite a fun experience, so if you haven’t tried it already, you can do so now.

24. Go for dinner

Going to a fancy restaurant to have dinner might seem intimidating. So, muster up the courage to go alone and spend quality time with yourself, relishing the delicious food.

25. Order takeout from a new place

If you are not in the mood to go out alone, then spend time at your home. Follow a self-pamper routine, order food from your favorite restaurant, and put on your comfiest pajamas. You could also watch your favorite movie while enjoying a mouth-watering meal.

26. Give yourself a makeover

Feeling like trying out a new hair color or maybe getting yourself the trendy “wolf-cut?” Well, now is your chance. What better day to have a makeover and feel like a brand new you than on your birthday?

27. Get a tattoo

Sounds daring? If you ever wanted to get a minimalistic tattoo but haven’t gotten the chance to get one, then go to the best tattoo parlor in your city and talk to the tattoo artist. Maybe they can help you choose a design that you like.

28. Watch the stars

You don’t need a significant other or a group of friends to lie down under the sky to watch the stars. You love yourself, and are present in the moment, so have a great time with the stars.

29. Get up early and watch the sunrise

Even if you are not an early bird, maybe you could wake up early on your birthday to watch the sunrise. The glance of a sunrise and the sound of birds chirping is truly a beautiful start to the morning. You could also hike to someplace scenic to have a better view or sit on your balcony with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some alone time.

30. Go out to the beach

If you have a beach nearby, then go there and watch the sunset. Sitting on the warm sand and hearing the sound of the waves is a beautiful and blissful way to end the day.

Things To Do By Yourself Outside

Doing fun things doesn’t require a plus one because spending time with yourself is relaxing and quite blissful.

31. Enjoy a solo picnic

Pack a picnic basket and take it to a park to have an afternoon to yourself. Take your favorite snacks, a comfortable blanket, and a book. It will rejuvenate you for the week ahead.

32. Go to an art gallery

If you have never been to an art gallery, you will be quite amazed at the creativity of the artists. Visual art is stunning, and you will experience the ingeniousness and aesthetics of each art piece displayed in the gallery.

33. Visit museums and monuments

Museums are an archive filled with historical items. Even if you are not a history aficionado, you will enjoy art and culture of the past era. And to discover your city’s history, take a tour of the local monuments in your city.

34. Try biking

Rent a bicycle and go biking. Even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind, take a tour around your city. It’s a great way to do cardio as well.

35. Go to a vintage book shop

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that vintage book stores keep the first edition copies of some novels that can’t be found anywhere else. So, go there, and you might stumble across a treasure.

36. Go window shopping

If you are tight on budget or don’t feel like buying anything, window shopping is something you might enjoy. Seeing aisles of clothes and mannequins displayed in front of glass windows is quite pretty to look at.

37. Try out a thrift shop

Thrift shops are a great way to purchase second-hand clothes at budget-friendly prices. There are many hidden gems in thrift shops that are dupes of clothing pieces from high fashion brands.

38. Go on a fishing trip

If you have a local park with a large water body, then go fishing. It’s quite relaxing since you get to choose your pace.

39. Try your hand at archery

Take archery classes from professionals and learn the tips and tricks involved with this sport. With practice and concentration, your aim will get better.

40. Go kayaking

Kayaking is quite a blissful experience. Take instructions from professionals before you go for it. And, if you are a beginner, avoid large rapid water bodies.

41. Go for bird watching

Bird watching is quite a popular outdoor activity. Seeing varieties of birds and getting yourself familiar with them is a fun way to spend time all by yourself.

42. Try street or landscape photography

If you are interested in photography, pick your camera and get on to the streets or scenic locations. Street photography is a beautiful way to capture candid pictures of strangers.

If you are shy about taking pictures of strangers on the street, then maybe you can try landscape photography.

Things To Do Alone On The Weekend

If you cherish the time, you spend alone, look forward to these activities that you can do on the weekend.

43. Paint a picture

Whether you paint a picture following a Bob Ross tutorial or play around with colors, painting is a great way to de-stress your mind after a long and hard week at work. It’s fun, creative, and artistic. So, take your art supplies and paint away.

44. Go to your local library

Visit a local library and explore the world of books.If you are an introvert and enjoy reading books, you will love this activity.

45. Try a DIY spa treatment

Weekend calls for relaxation. An easy DIY facial mask and a body scrub is what you need. Follow YouTube videos and keep glowing.

46. Enjoy a solo cocktail party

How about becoming a bartender and enjoying a cocktail drink for yourself? Try mixing different liquors to see which one turns out to be the best. Master a new mix and impress your friends next time when everyone gathers for a party.

47. Create a kitchen garden

Fancy trying out your green thumb? Then set up a small kitchen garden with different herbs. Growing your fresh produce right in the comfort of your own home will give you immense satisfaction.

48. Indulge in a new web series

With so many old and new shows constantly being released, entertain yourself with a new web or TV-series. Each series or film has something interesting to offer that you might end up liking.

49. Knit something

Knitting something warm and fuzzy for yourself or your loved ones will give you pleasure. If you are a beginner, follow tutorials and learn the basics.

50. Volunteer for an organization

SeveralNGOs and charities require volunteers on weekends—volunteer for the NGO whose cause seems right for you.

Every person should spend some time in solitude reflecting on thoughts and enjoying things that matter to them. If you feel solitude is equivalent to loneliness, you must rethink. Loneliness makes people think they are alone, whereas solitude makes them enjoy their own company. So, if you want to stay content and happy, ensure you indulge in ‘me time’ where you do things that give you pleasure. Some things to do by yourself are taking a walk outside, learning a new dance form, or redecorating your room. There are many activities that you can enjoy by yourself. So, don’t wait for others to make you happy. Explore your interests and make your alone time the most enjoyable part of your day.

Key Pointers

  • Enjoying some “me-time” can help you relax and boost productivity.
  • Doing creative things during this time can help you destress and fight boredom.
  • Thrifting, getting a DIY spa treatment, knitting, and more me-time ideas are discussed below.

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