100+ Fun, Romantic And Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

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The period from dating to marriage is a beautiful time, and you should make the most of it. As a loving boyfriend, you would want to make each moment spent with your girlfriend special and memorable.

Keep reading this post, as we tell you a few things you could do for your girlfriend. Keep surprising her every single day, and be prepared to be smothered with hugs and kisses.

109 Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Check out some interesting things to do to make your girlfriend smile and feel special.

Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Cute doesn’t necessarily mean flowers or puppies. Here are some things you could do to bring a smile to her face and make her go “Aww!”

1. Take her out on a date

Dress up, book a table at her favorite restaurant, and pick her up in style. Make it a perfect dinner date that she’ll remember for years.

2. Cook her a meal

You don’t need to be a master chef to cook a meal. Prepare anything that she loves to gorge on after a tiring day.

3. Surprise her at the workplace

Is an important project at work keeping her away from you lately? Give her a surprise visit with a rose and her favorite pastry.

4. Help her with her chores

Finish a chore she’s dreading. It could be anything from picking up her laundry to cleaning the house.

5. Do something she likes

Take her out and do something she is fond of. It could be visiting museums or watching movies.

6. Buy her something she needs

Whether it’s a ketchup bottle or batteries for her TV remote, the next time you’re out shopping, pick up something for her.

7. Do something unconventional

Break the cycle of what you both used to do. Try taking an impromptu road trip or a long walk in the rain with her.

8. Surprise her

Remember any small detail about her? It could be her favorite wine or those charming anklets she used to wear. Surprise her by taking her out or buying her what she likes.

9. Leave her cute notes

Write cute notes for her and leave them all around the room to cheer her up.

10. Make her the center of your world

Take her outside someday and show her just how much she means to you. Make her feel she’s the center of your universe by singing a song for her or gifting her the best outfit.

11. Know her goals and praise them

When she makes progress towards some milestone, acknowledge it and praise her.

12. Compliment her on the little things

It could be anything from her handwriting to how she gets ready so quickly. Let her know you notice her.

13. Indulge in PDA

Show how proud and happy you are to be with her by holding her hands or sitting close to each other in public places.

14. Care for her when she’s sick

Make her soup or hot tea and take care of her till she gets better.

15. Notice when she changes her appearance

Notice the smallest changes in her appearance and tell her she looks gorgeous.

16. Get matching outfits

While this might seem cheesy, it can be funny and cute.

17. Compliment her when she’s not at her best

Let her know you care about her and like her.

18. Show her off to the world

A little bragging is not only healthy but also cute. You can do it occasionally.

19. Call or text her out of the blue

Whether it’s 3 am or 3 pm, send her a sweet text saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you.’

20. Try to explore her interests

From watching her favorite shows to listening to her favorite bands, try to understand why she likes them so you can share that passion.

21. Put her comfort before your own

Whenever you are outside, make sure she is comfortable. Ask her how she feels or if she wants to leave.

Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Romance should be at the core of your relationship. Keep the spark alive by doing some of these lovely things for her.

22. Buy her flowers

Sending her flowers would bring an instant smile and glow on her face.

23. Plan a romantic getaway

Organize a romantic surprise weekend for just the two of you at a place she likes.

24. Schedule a spa day

Plan a couple’s spa date to unwind together.

25. Write her a love letter

Pour out your heart and soul in a letter.

26. Remember the anniversaries

Celebrate anniversaries of everything, from your first date to your first kiss. Nothing can be more romantic than this.

27. Customize a gift for her

It could be a blanket with her favorite cartoon character or a coffee mug with a quote. Either way, it should be a gift that’s unique for her.

28. Buy her pajamas

It shows you like her when she is the most comfortable.

29. Let her know she is important

Show her that she’s your priority, no matter what.

30. Watch the sun go down

Spend a romantic evening watching the sunset together from the right spot.

31. Keep old ticket stubs

Show her you’ve kept old movie, museum, and concert ticket stubs to show how much those interactions mean to you.

32. Make her a scrapbook

Use pictures of both of you and add some doodles and quotes to make her a scrapbook.

33. Write her poetry

It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece as long as it’s sincere.

34. Throw her a surprise party

Plan a surprise party for her with all her close friends and family members. You can do it on her birthday or any special occasion.

35. Send her postcards

When you’re apart from each other, send her postcards. It’s an old but sweet gesture.

36. Give her a massage

With the right incense, oil, and music, it can be an incredibly romantic experience.

37. Style her hair

You can help her with a tricky hairstyle, such as a French braid or pinned-up hair.

38. Set the mood

Some good music, a flavored candle, and a bottle of wine to set the tone for a romantic evening together will go a long way.

39. Recreate how you first met

Take her back to how you met or your first date for some nostalgia and romance.

40. Order lunch for her

Send her a lunchbox at her workplace so she doesn’t have to go to the cafeteria or pack one herself.

41. Tell people funny stories about her

Your girlfriend will appreciate you if she hears nothing but good things and funny stories about her from you when you are at a social gathering.

42. Stay up all night talking to her

Whether it’s on the phone or in person, talking to her all night shows her that you’ll never get bored of her.

Fun Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

A relationship is centered around romance, but there are multiple layers to this. Having a fun dialogue and interplay with her can go a long way to keep the magic alive. If you have fun in each other’s company, the romance will automatically follow.

43. Play a prank on her and record it

As long as it’s not cruel or scary, a prank can be fun to watch in retrospect.

44. Paint her nails

Help her paint her nails. Bonus points if you can do fun patterns and colors.

45. Swap clothes

While this might not work if you’re different in size, it will make it even funnier!

46. Set up a girl’s night out with her friends

Plan and send your girlfriend and her friends on a fun night out to show you can still make her have fun even if you’re not there.

47. Leave her cryptic notes

Coded messages will be fun for her to decode, especially if you leave fun clues from your relationship.

48. Buy her some accessories

Whether it’s cartoon hats or goofy sunglasses, any fun accessories will give you a laugh.

49. Plant romantic cues all over the laptop

Make sure she can’t go from her homepage to her wallpaper without seeing cute notes and jokes from you.

50. Celebrate your holidays

Have special days of the month or year when you both watch a movie or go on a drive or do anything you both like.

51. Let her cut your hair

It will demonstrate your trust in her abilities and taste.

52. Oil and shampoo her hair

It can be incredibly relaxing and fun if you do it right.

53. Start a hobby together

It could be anything from painting to pottery to even learning a new instrument.

54. Give (or receive) a makeover

You can both give makeovers to each other, from clothes to hair, for fun.

55. Doodle on her

Draw cute cartoons or write small notes on her wrist or cheek with a marker.

56. Perform stand up comedy

There are plenty of clubs that allow newcomers to perform short sets. Do one for her and let her laugh her head off.

57. Go to the zoo

A visit to the local zoo can be enjoyable. You can take pictures with the animals.

58. Act your favorite movie/TV scenes

No matter how bad your acting skills are, it is bound to be a fun activity for both of you.

59. Check out local events

Instead of prominent museums, take her to a small arts festival and have a wonderful time.

60. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Have fun and make a difference to some cute animals together.

61. Visit a secondhand bookstore

Visit a secondhand bookstore together and unearth some literary gems.

62. Photoshop her pictures

Make her pictures funny or attractive, and she will still appreciate it.

63. Do something thrilling

From roller coaster rides to adventure sports, do something that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

64. Play video games together

Playing some good old-fashioned video games with or against your girlfriend can be a great idea. You can even be competitive about the game if it’s done lightheartedly.

Special Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

You could do several things to make her feel special and valued. Here are a few ideas.

65. Write her a song

If you can compose and perform a song that’s only for your girlfriend, it will make her feel special and appreciated.

66. Save a photo of her as your phone wallpaper

You can keep her or your couple’s picture on your phone wallpaper—a nice gesture she will appreciate.

67. Make an effort to connect with her family

Consciously try to connect with her family and treat them like your own.

68. Choose her, every time

Whenever a conflict occurs, and you have to choose from work, family, friends, and your girlfriend, pick your girlfriend.

69. Have a special song that you both relate to

Do you have a special song as a couple? The song can be your cue to hit the dance floor and stir loving memories whenever you hear it.

70. Read her poetry

If you know her favorite poet or poem, then bonus points for this incredibly romantic gesture.

71. Be there for her family

Whenever her family is hit by a crisis, make sure you’re there for her and them.

72. Have a favorite vacation spot

While there may be a lot to see globally, find a spot that you both love and travel back there.

73. Support her career

It goes without saying, but you should always be supportive of her career.

74. Be supportive of her hobbies

Whether it’s cooking, arts, or music, you should support your girlfriend’s hobbies and take an interest in them.

75. Get matching jewelry

If you’re not ready to propose yet, it’s a romantic idea to get matching rings, bracelets, or a locket.

76. Call a radio station and dedicate a song to her

Make sure you’re both listening to the radio when you dedicate a song to her. And find her all smiles.

77. Have a special spot close by

It could be a picnic spot or a picturesque one on a hiking trail—try and find a place that’s special to both of you and romantic at the same time.

78. Know her habits

If she forgets to switch off a light or keep a bottle next to her bed when she sleeps, do it for her. It shows how well you know her.

79. Build her something

It could be something as trivial as a bracelet or something more intricate like a jewelry box. Build it yourself and make it a romantic gift.

80. Be protective of her

If you see a friend or coworker being hostile to her, intervene in the situation. However, do not come off as overprotective.

81. Give her space to grow

If she has bad habits or faults, give her time to grow out of them and be patient.

82. Commit to her in a significant way

Propose to her in a romantic way that will sweep her off her feet.

83. Introduce her as your partner

Instead of just calling her your girlfriend, introduce her as the love of your life or partner.

84. Introduce her to your family

In case you haven’t already done it, introduce her as the love of your life to your family.

85. Involve her in big decisions

Whether it’s a new car or a career change, taking your girlfriend’s input will make her feel valued and appreciated.

86. Know intricate details about her

Whether it’s a phobia or an allergy, your girlfriend will appreciate it if you know the tiniest details about her.

Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

These are some tiny day-to-day things you can do for your girlfriend to make her day.

87. Leave her a snack or candy bar in her bag

It will be helpful if your girlfriend is in a rush to get to work or has a sweet tooth.

88. Don’t complain when things aren’t going your way

By this, we mean you should not protest when she wants to try a cuisine you don’t like or go for a movie you don’t’ want to watch. Do it for her happiness.

89. Remind her how amazing she is

Reinforcing how much your girlfriend means to you often will make her like you even more.

90. Buy her family gifts

You can earn brownie points with your girlfriend by giving her family gifts on their birthdays or anniversaries.

91. Be excited for her

Whether it’s a good report at work or losing some weight, you have to be ecstatic abouther every milestone.

92. Be a gentleman to her

While it may seem obvious, being a gentleman can let her know you have a lot of character.

93. Be courteous to her friends

Her friend’s opinions can often have a significant impact on your relationship, so make sure you’re in their good books.

94. Avoid displaying jealousy

Jealousy is an ugly emotion that can strike anyone. Even if you feel jealous, try not to show it.

95. Take an interest in her day

If you did not get a chance to meet or talk during the day, ask her how her day was.

96. Open up to her

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of your girlfriend and confide in her.

97. Forgive and forget

When she makes a mistake or upsets you, let it go and forget about it.

98. Show her you trust her

Show her you’re not insecure by trusting her around her male friends and colleagues, even if you’re worried about how they feel.

99. Keep surprising her

Whether it’s a surprise visit at her workplace or a hidden card in her bag, keep her guessing as to what sweet thing you’ll do next.

100. Celebrate events in her life

Celebrate her work anniversary, her pet’s birthday or any other event in her life.

101. Be her confidante

Let her know you’re always there for her, and she can tell you anything.

102. Keep reminding her she’s beautiful

It never hurts to tell your girlfriend one more time that she’s beautiful.

103. Buy her something rare

It could be something that’s not available in your country or a collectible.

104. Help her around the house

When you’re over at her place, try to help out with chores or anything she wants you to do.

105. Keep a picture of her in your wallet

It is a classic move that men have done for ages. Let her know that you have a picture of her in your wallet.

106. Compliment her on social media

It comes across as sweet if you take the time to compliment her social media posts and pictures.

107. Help her care for her pet

If she isn’t in town for whatever reason and needs help with her pets, let her know you’re available.

108. Don’t be judgmental

Whether it’s her current flaws or something from her past, never judge her or make her feel ashamed for those things.

109. Tell her that you see a future with her

Let your girlfriend know that you take your relationship seriously and want to spend your future with her.

When it comes to doing things for your girlfriend, every person has different tastes and preferences. What works for one person may not necessarily work for the other. You need to understand your girlfriend and know what to say and do based on her personality and likes. Relationships need constant effort. If you can keep making an effort to improve your relationship, she is bound to notice and reciprocate in kind.