110+ Fun And Pocket-Friendly Things To Do With Friends

If you are a social person, you might be excited about exploring unique things to do with friends. Hanging out with friends can be a mood and morale booster. Friends’ company can help you forget your worries in an instant. However, there are times when you feel there’s nothing new to experience with friends, and you choose to stay at home staring at the screen. Sometimes you cannot even think of going to a club or restaurant together owing to budget constraints. So, in such a scenario, should you sit at home doing nothing? Never! There can always be entertaining and creative activities to socialize and help you stay engrossed when you hang out with your buddies. Read on to find a list of pocket-friendly, fun things to do with your friends.

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Fun Things To Do With Friends When Bored

The company of your friends can enliven even the dullest days. Here are some fun things you can do with your close friends by your side.

1. Go shopping together

Shopping with friends can be a fun experience. Enjoy looking at the variety of items across different stores and revel in the sensory overload. Bond over the beautiful things you see and have fun clicking cool selfies.

protip_icon Point to consider
Shopping does not mean you have to buy something. You can go to the mall to do window-shopping and have fun experimenting new looks.

2. Listen to good music

Good music can cheer you up and reduce the stress of the entire day. Just put on the music and relax while sipping coffee. You can make it more fun by dancing together.

3. Arrange a small picnic

A bright and sunny day is perfect for a picnic. Pack a few snacks, drinks, a picnic blanket, some books, and head over to the nearest park with your best friend. Share the current life updates, the latest movie you watched, and the juiciest gossips doing the rounds while basking in the sun.

Dr Maitreyee Joshi, a writer, philosopher, and ophthalmologist, recounts a fun-filled picnic memory with her friends when she was a child. She says, “One evening, I told them that we would go for a picnic… The next day, they all arrived on time. We set out to our destination and reached there at the time we had decided. We played all the games we played on the colony premises, ate the biscuits and snacks that we had got from home, sat chit-chatting for a long time, and after being happy about having achieved our target, happily returned home (i).”

4. Paint together

Painting together can be a fantastic bonding experience. Make the time more fulfilling by playing your favorite music, arranging some snacks and drinks, and exchanging ideas. Use this opportunity to bring out the child in you.

5. Go bowling

Get your adrenaline pumping by taking your friends out for a bowling game. Even if you are not good at it, you will have fun trying. Increase the excitement by starting a competition between friends to see who scores the most.

6. Enact a movie scene together

If you are a movie buff, enacting your favorite scene with friends can uplift the atmosphere. Dress the part, rehearse together, and video shoot the entire set. All the fun moments during the shoot are bound to create some beautiful memories.

7. Play trivia games

Trivia games can make the atmosphere engaging and fun. Select a few topics after discussing with friends and keep the questions light. You could also compete with each other and give each other a silly task to do for every wrong answer.

8. Solve sudoku/crossword puzzles together

If you want to have an intellectually challenging game night with your friends, try solving crossword puzzles or sudoku. You can play individually against each other or form teams (depending on the number of people). Whoever solves the puzzle first is the winner and gets a treat from the others.

9. Become a member of a book club

If you and your friends love books, joining a book club can be a great idea. Get into a scintillating discussion about the books you have read. You might get some exciting book recommendations and meet some like-minded people.

10. Take on an escape room challenge

Escape rooms offer a fun and challenging activity for friends to enjoy together, testing your problem-solving skills as you work together to solve puzzles and escape themed rooms within a set time limit.

11. Go to an indoor trampoline park

Visit an indoor trampoline park for a day of high-flying fun. Enjoy a day filled with laughter and memorable moments with your friends as you explore all the exciting activities an indoor trampoline park has to offer. Bounce around, attempt flips, and challenge your friends to trampoline basketball or dodgeball.

12. Go on a spontaneous road trip

Gather your friends for a spontaneous road trip adventure. Choose a nearby place you haven’t visited before, pack some tasty snacks, and set off for a day filled with exciting activities and good times.

13. Watch a street performance

Street performances are a great way to have a good time without spending too much. From music and dance to magic tricks, these local talents are often overlooked.

14. Play basketball

Play a friendly game of basketball at a local court. Whether you win or lose, a post-game pizza or burger outing is a great way to celebrate your friendly competition and bond over your love for the sport.

15. Visit a farmers’ market

Explore your local farmers’ market and enjoy free samples, live music, and a vibrant atmosphere. You can even pick up some fresh, budget-friendly produce for the week.

16. Attend a sports game

Watch a live sports game or match of your favorite team or sport. Experience the thrill of a live game, from cheering your team on with the crowd to the intense moments on the field.

17. Local brewery tour

If you’re of legal drinking age, some local breweries offer free or inexpensive tours that include tastings. Learn about the beer-making process and sample different brews. Research and select a few local breweries and wineries that are within a reasonable driving distance. Make sure they offer tasting flights or tours, and check their hours of operation.

18. Play frisbee at the park

Enjoy a casual game of catch or ultimate frisbee with your friends. Capture the joy of catching a frisbee in mid-air and enjoy the simple pleasure of a fun outdoor game.

19. Explore a cultural festival

Attend a cultural festival or fair happening in your city. Enjoy affordable entertainment, food, and cultural exhibits.

20. Go bike riding together

Have fun riding a bike around your neighborhood
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If you want to get out of the house and engage in some fun outdoor activities, go on a bike-ride around your neighborhood with your bestie. It will bring back your childhood memories and rejuvenate your body. If you don’t own a cycle, you can rent one for the evening.

protip_icon Quick tip
If riding around your neighborhood sounds boring, why not explore a new place? You can click some cool pictures for your Insta account and have fun within a budget.

21. Arrange a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt with friends can be a great deal of fun. Hide a series of clues in secret places across the house, leading to the big treasure. The treasure can be tickets to a game, gift vouchers for restaurants, or anything else.

22. Write letters to each other

Sit with your friend and write letters to each other describing how you feel about them and share things you have not told them yet. You can read it to each other or save it for a special occasion, such as a birthday.

23. Go jogging

Jogging with your best friend by your side can be invigorating. Race or talk about your day while going around the park. You can motivate each other to keep going.

24. Enjoy a roller coaster ride

Visiting a theme-park and riding a roller coaster can be doubly exhilarating if your BFF is with you. Scream your hearts out and enjoy the wild ride. If you fear roller coasters, having a friend by your side can help you overcome it.

25. Do some gardening

If you have space in your backyard, try some gardening with your friend. Study the soil in your backyard, add compost, and accordingly decide what to grow. Buy the seeds or saplings, and plant them with the help of your friend. You can do the same at their place as well.

26. Explore street food

Forget your diet for the day and try out the famous street food joints or food trucks in a street fair. With your best friend by your side, experience the heavenly taste of different delicacies and satisfy your taste buds. Posting the pictures of the mouth-watering delicacies on Instagram is bound to get you more followers.

27. Try a photo booth

Despite the advanced camera available on your mobile, clicking crazy pictures with your bestie in a photo booth has its charm. Make funny faces and poses and click memorable photos together.

28. Participate in a marathon

Running a marathon with a friend can increase your confidence and motivate you to do well. You can train together and support each other. If you have never taken part in a marathon before, start with a half marathon.

protip_icon Quick tip
When you sign up for a marathon, your weekends will be sorted by practicing for it. You also get time to spend quality time with your friends.

29. Explore different breakfast spots

What better way to start a day than to meet your best friend for breakfast? Explore different breakfast locations in your city before finding the one that resonates with both of you. Trying out different spots will be fun in itself.

30. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill such as a new language, a musical instrument, or a dance form with a friend can be an enriching experience. You will inspire each other, learn from each other, and indulge in healthy competition.

31. Indulge in a water balloon war

It is a fun activity to indulge in the scorching heat of the summer. Fill some balloons with water and some skin-friendly color, and start a water balloon war in your backyard with friends.

32. Go swimming

If it is summer, a dip in the water can be a great idea. Go to a nearby swimming pool or lake with your friends. Bring out the inner child in you and splash water on each other for some fun.

33. Make a time capsule

A time capsule is a unique way of capturing memories to cherish in the future. Invite your friends and collect all the items important to each one of you in a beautiful box. Each one can write a letter for their future self and add it to the box. Bury it and decide to open it in some years, say five or ten years.

34. Exercise together

Working out can release happy hormones and make you feel rejuvenated. By exercising with friends, you can keep each other motivated and make the session more productive. You can take turns and work out at each other’s place, join the same gym, or use guest passes.

35. Play charades or Pictionary

Guessing games such as charades or Pictionary are perfect for building the excitement of the group. There will be plenty of shouting and laughter as you and your friends try to guess the movie or the word.

36. Play miniature golf

Play a round of miniature golf (mini-golf) at a quirky course with challenging obstacles and themed holes. Make the game interesting by placing friendly bets on who will win each hole. Losers can treat the winners to ice cream or mini-golf bragging rights.

37. Have a paper airplane contest

Compete in a paper airplane contest. Create and decorate your paper airplanes, then launch them to see whose design flies the farthest or most accurately.

38. Explore a planetarium

Go to your local planetarium for a fun and educational time. There, you can discover interesting facts about stars, planets, and the vast universe. It’s a great way to learn while having fun.

39. Attend a Zumba class

Join a lively and enjoyable Zumba class with your pals. These group dance workouts are often affordable, and you’ll have a great time dancing your way to fitness.

40. Play dress up

Play dress up
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Why wait for Halloween to put on the costume? You and your friends can choose any day to have a costume party by dressing up as your favorite movie characters. Spend the evening doing fun photo sessions and munching on some snacks. Keeping a theme such as vintage or fantasy characters can add more fun to the evening.

41. Sketch in nature

Grab sketchbooks and pencils, head to a beautiful outdoor spot, and try sketching the beauty of nature. It’s a relaxing way to capture the outdoors on paper.

42. Go to the fitness center

Get active and healthy by hitting the local gymnasium together. Many gyms offer affordable group memberships, allowing you to work out, lift weights, and stay fit while having a blast with friends.

Things To Do With Your Best Friend At Home

Even if you can’t go out, there are several things you can do with your best friend at home itself.

43. Do a movie night

Don’t worry if you can’t visit the theater for a movie. Pick a genre or a movie series such as “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter” and enjoy a movie marathon at home with your best friend. Arrange popcorn, pizza, and soda and have a great time. Watching movies is great but watching it with your BFF in the comfort of your home adds to the fun.

44. Carry out science experiments

Conduct simple science experiments or kitchen chemistry at home. You can find easy and exciting experiments online that are both educational and enjoyable.

45. Bake a dessert

Instead of eating your favorite dessert at a restaurant, why not make some at home with your BFF? Pick something you both love, find the recipe, get the ingredients, and prepare it together. The experience will be a lot of fun, and the delicious dessert will be your prize.

46. Make videos together

Exploring the latest social media trends with your best friend can be highly entertaining. Bring out your fun side and practice the trend with your BFF. Post the final video online and enjoy reading the responses from other friends.

47. Conduct a cooking challenge

Host a cooking challenge where each friend prepares a dish with a unique ingredient or theme. Then, taste-test and rate each creation to determine the winner.

48. Have a DIY pizza party

Set up a pizza-making station with a variety of toppings and dough. Everyone can create their custom pizzas and then bake and enjoy them together. It’s a tasty and interactive way to spend time together.

49. Virtual travel night

Use VR headsets or virtual travel apps to explore different destinations from the comfort of your home. Share your virtual adventures and plan future trips.

50. Tell stories

Sit in a circle and take turns telling stories, whether they’re fictional or based on personal experiences. It’s a great way to connect and spark creativity.

51. Build a fort

Have some fun with your friends by making a cool fort using blankets, pillows, and cushions. Once it’s all setup, you can hang out, tell stories, watch movies, and have a blast together inside.

52. Journal together

Start a shared journal where you both write down thoughts, anecdotes, and notes to each other. It’s a beautiful way to document your friendship journey and a fun activity for friends to enjoy together.

53. Experiment with temporary hair colors

Color each other’s hair in funky colors. Experiment with new shades and click fun pictures. The photos with bright pink or purple hair are bound to bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

54. Create a scrapbook of your favorite moments together

Scrapbook is a great way to preserve your memories together. Buy a colorful book and stick pictures of the two of you together along with other memorabilia, including friendship bands, birthday cards, and movie tickets.

55. Try your hand at some crafts

Making crafts with your best friend can be creatively rewarding and enjoyable. Search online for simple craft ideas such as wall hangings, paper flowers, coasters, or jewelry, select one, and start working on it.

56. Have a Netflix party

Spend the day binge-watching a TV show on Netflix with your BFF. Light-hearted shows such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory are great options. Laughing, crying, and shipping TV couples with your bestie can be a wonderful experience.

57. Have a pillow fight

Even if you are not a child anymore, a pillow fight with a bestie can still be a lot of fun. Grab a pillow and have a mock fight with them. Amidst the giggles, shouts of outrage, and craziness, you will forget all your worries.

58. Assemble a giant jigsaw puzzle

Assembling a thousand or more pieces of a jigsaw puzzle is a challenging job. However, doing it with a friend can make the task easier and more enjoyable. After completion, celebrate by sharing snacks and drinking some beer.

59. Have an eating competition

If you are a foodie, an eating competition with your best friend can truly uplift your spirits. Plan an ice cream eating competition with your bestie. Whoever finishes the ice cream tub first wins.

60. Enjoy a spa day

Nothing is as relaxing as a spa day with your best friendsImage: Shutterstock
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Nothing is as relaxing as a spa day with your best friend. Apply the readymade mask to your face or make one using ingredients readily available at home. Do some yoga, and give each other head and neck massages, manicures, and pedicures.

61. Play video games

Playing video games with your best friend is a great way to be entertained for several hours. Increase the level of excitement by starting a competition. Whoever wins gets a gift, such as a bottle of wine.

62. Rock painting

Collect smooth rocks and paint them with fun designs or inspirational quotes. Leave the painted rocks in your community for others to find and enjoy.

63. Exchange memories

Sharing your most embarrassing, funny, or touching memories from your friendship can be a great way to bond over shared experiences. It’s like a fun activity for friends that brings you closer together.

64. Conduct friendship interviews

Take turns interviewing each other with fun and deep questions. It’s a chance to learn more about your best friend’s thoughts and feelings.

65. Mosaic art workshop

Try your hand at mosaic art by creating colorful and intricate designs using tiles, glass, or other materials. Make mosaic coasters or small decorations.

66. DIY Terrariums

Create your own mini ecosystems by making terrariums. Select plants, moss, and decorative elements to assemble in glass containers.

67. Musical jam session

If you and your friends play musical instruments or sing, have a jam session. Collaborate on songs or simply enjoy making music together.

68. Bubble bath relaxation

Fill the bathtubs with warm water, pour in some bubble baths, and have a relaxing time while chatting with your friends. To make it even more enjoyable, you can also play some soothing music in the background to create a cozy atmosphere.

69. Have fun with social media challenges

Join trending social media challenges or come up with your own funny challenges to share with your online friends.

70. Try DIY home improvement

Work on home improvement projects together at home. You can repaint a room, assemble furniture, or make custom decorations. It’s a productive way to bond and enhance your living space.

71. Make a dream board

Sit with your friend and create a list of goals for the future. Find pictures and words that represent your dreams and goals from newspapers or magazines. Create a collage of these images and words on a large board.

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Night

Make your night outs with friends a memorable one by doing the following activities.

72. Attend park concerts

Park concerts are affordable or free of charge. Go to a park concert with a group of friends and have a blast. Listening to good music and sharing some snacks with friends will put your mind off the pressures of the day.

73. Go for open mic nights

Cities have open mic nights at multiple clubs on any given day. Explore any such club with friends and enjoy the show with a few drinks. You might be able to witness great talents without paying much.

74. Host a potluck dinner party at home

Invite a few friends and ask each of them to bring a particular dish. Light some candles and enjoy a fantastic dinner that will cost much less than a dinner at a fancy restaurant. If none of you know how to cook, take the help of YouTube videos.

75. Play board games or truth or dare

Play board-games such as monopoly or scrabble with a group of friends at night. You can form teams and start a tournament to make it more interesting. If you don’t enjoy board games much, play truth or dare and enjoy the secret revelations and silly dares.

76. Do a sleepover

Catch up with your bestie by arranging a sleepover at their place or yours. You can reminisce about the golden memories, order your favorite food, and stay up all night enjoying each other’s company.

77. Do a scary stories session at night

Dim the room, light some candles, and exchange some scary stories with friends. Enjoy scaring each other and making eerie sounds. Whoever tells a terrifying tale wins.

78. Go for a karaoke night

If you like to sing karaoke, let go of your inhibitions and have unfiltered fun. Going for karaoke nights would be a great option. Have a few drinks and sing songs to enjoy. Grooving to the music and singing off-tune with your bestie in the presence of a random crowd can be a fun experience.

79. Throw a swap night

It’s a budget-friendly and enjoyable way to spend an evening. Everyone brings stuff they don’t need anymore and swaps with others. Plus, it’s great for the environment!

80. Go stargazing

Things to do with friends
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On a clear night, enjoy stargazing with your friend. A relatively open and dark spot away from the city is great for an enjoyable stargazing experience. If your knowledge of stars is limited, read up or download apps that can help you recognize the stars you are looking at.

81. Harmless spooky adventures

Embark on some harmless, spooky adventures with your young friends. Explore abandoned buildings, tell ghost stories around a campfire, or go on a nighttime flashlight hike in a nearby forest.

82. Watch fireflies

During firefly season, gather your friends and head to a nature reserve or forested area to enjoy the magical sight of fireflies lighting up the night. It’s a great way to have fun and create lasting memories together.

83. Dance at a silent disco

Gather your friends for a night of laughter and music at a silent disco event, where everyone wears headphones and dances to different music channels. It’s a fantastic nighttime activity that promises loads of fun.

84. Visit a comedy club

Go to a local comedy club for a night of laughs and entertainment. Support local comedians while enjoying some humor.

Things To Do With Friends On The Weekend

If the most awaited weekend is here, and you are at a loss for what to do, here are a few things to do with friends.

85. Go camping

Camping in the wilderness is a great idea for a weekend trip with friends. Hitch a tent and go sightseeing during the day to explore the area and get back by nightfall to make a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, and play games. It is a sure-shot relaxing and fun experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

86. Visit a petting zoo

Spend a day at a local petting zoo. Interact with animals, learn about farm life, and enjoy a rural experience. You might even get a chance to feed some friendly critters.

87. Go for a fishing trip

Plan a fishing trip to a nearby lake or river. Cast your lines, relax, and see who can catch the biggest fish. You can also enjoy a relaxing picnic by the water’s edge when you take a break from fishing.

88. Go for a scenic drive

Take a scenic drive through the countryside or along a coastal route. Stop at viewpoints, enjoy the scenery, and have a road trip adventure. Plan some pit stops along the way to explore new places and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

89. Go rock skipping

If you’re near a lake or pond, challenge your friends to a rock-skipping competition. See who can make their stone skip the most times across the water. Remember to skip stones responsibly and pick up any trash to help preserve the beauty of the natural waterway.

90. Discover local history

Take a self-guided tour of historical spots in your city. Learn about your community’s history and culture as you explore these sites together.

91. Go surfing or bodyboarding

If you’re near the coast, hit the waves and try surfing or bodyboarding together. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the beach and catch some waves. Remember to practice proper beach safety and respect the ocean.

92. Go ice skating

Visit an ice skating rink and glide or dance across the ice with your friends. It’s a perfect activity for both beginners and experienced skaters. If you’re new to ice skating, don’t worry; many rinks offer rental skates and even lessons to help you find your balance on the ice.

93. Go rock climbing

Test your strength and agility by climbing at an indoor gym or tackling natural rock formations if you’re experienced. Trust your climbing partner and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top.

94. Sculpting and pottery class

Unleash your creativity by enrolling in a sculpting and pottery class. These classes are usually reasonably priced, and you’ll have fun molding clay into unique pieces of art.

95. Try birdwatching

Borrow binoculars and a field guide from the library and go birdwatching in a local park or nature reserve. See how many bird species you can identify.

96. Kayaking or canoeing

Paddle along rivers or lakes in kayaks or canoes. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature and bond with friends. Explore hidden coves and wildlife along your paddling adventure. It’s a perfect opportunity for some nature photography.

97. Capture a sunrise or sunset

Set an early alarm to photograph a beautiful sunrise or plan an evening to watch the sunset together. Share your stunning photos.

98. Go geological exploring

Search for interesting rocks or fossils at a nearby beach or rocky area. It’s an intriguing way to learn about geology.

99. Have a barbeque in the backyard

Invite your close friends for a barbeque in the backyard. Set up a grill to barbeque some steaks and a few vegetarian options. Enjoy delicious food with beer and fun gossip.

100. Go hiking

Explore beautiful new trails with your close friends by your side. Dress as per the weather outside, pack snacks and drinks, and head out early in the morning. Enjoy the scenic location and click amazing pictures with your group.

101. Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you and your friends love animals, volunteering at animal shelters is a great way to spend the day. You and your friends can walk the dogs, groom the animals, or find a foster home for a few of them. Spending time with animals will refresh your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

102. Go to the beach

Go for a beach-outing during the weekend with friends. Lounge underneath the umbrella, enjoying the sound of waves and drinking mimosas or wine. You can also build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, or have a kite-flying competition with your buddies.

103. Play outdoor sports

Playing outdoor sports with friends is a great way to bond with them and get some exercise. Go to a nearby park and play games such as tennis, badminton, or baseball. Have a paintball or laser tag tournament by forming teams and award the winning team dinner at their favorite restaurant.

104. Arrange a yard sale

Your busy schedule might be keeping you from cleaning your room but doing it with your friends can make the task easier. Clean your rooms together and select items for a yard sale. A yard sale is a perfect opportunity to spend some time together and earn some profit as well.

105. Go fruit picking

Head to a fruit-picking farm and enjoy picking fresh strawberries, apples, oranges, blueberries, or other delicious fruits with your friends. It’s a delightful and affordable way to spend time together and savor the taste of freshly picked produce.

106. Organize a neighborhood cleanup

Gather your friends and neighbors to clean up a city block. It’s a simple yet impactful way to make your community cleaner and more beautiful.

107. Donate blood

Consider donating blood as a group activity. Not only does it promote bonding among friends, but it’s also a valuable contribution to those in need.

108. Join sports with buddies

Get your competitive spirit going by joining an amateur sports league with your friends. It’s all about having a blast and reliving those high school sports moments.

109. Visit a museum

Turn a museum visit into a fun-filled outing with friends. Many museums offer free or discounted days, making it a great opportunity to enjoy art and history together without denting your wallets.

110. Explore local nature trails

Take a leisurely stroll on nearby nature trails to discover the beauty of the outdoors. You’ll be amazed by the new things you’ll encounter while capturing stunning nature photos. It’s a perfect, budget-friendly way to spend your weekend with friends.

111. Join a flash mob

Organize or join a flash mob with your friends. You can create impressive and memorable performances in public spaces, surprising and entertaining people while having a blast.

112. Go for a short road trip

Go for a short road trip
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If you love traveling, a short road trip with friends over the weekend can brighten your soul. Explore unknown routes, stop at scenic spots, and try the local cuisine. The spontaneous road trip might turn out to be a trip to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What volunteer or community service opportunities can I do with my friends?

You can do various volunteer and community service opportunities with friends. Some examples include organizing a neighborhood cleanup event, volunteering at a local food bank or animal shelter, participating in a charity walk or run, or helping at a community garden or park.

2. How can I celebrate special occasions or milestones with my friends?

One common way to celebrate special occasions with friends is to gather and share a meal or drink. Other ways could be organizing a group activity or outing, exchanging gifts, or simply spending time meaningfully with everyone involved.

3. How do we make new friends and meet new people to do activities with?

Some ways could be joining clubs or organizations related to your interests, volunteering for events or causes you care about, attending social events or parties, taking classes or workshops, and using social media or online platforms to connect with like-minded individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I decide what activities to do with my friends?

Pick activities after considering your common interests, budget, plan, location, and personal preferences. Therefore, discuss openly and listen to each other’s ideas before deciding.

2. What are the benefits of spending time with friends doing activities?

Spending time with friends doing activities can help you improve your social skills, reduce stress, improve mood and self-esteem, increase motivation, and create happy memories.

3. How do I say no to participating in an activity with friends without hurting their feelings?

When declining an offer, be honest and polite. Express your gratitude for the invitation, explain why you declined, and give an alternative plan or a date when you will be available for the hangout.

Going out to restaurants and other fun places are some interesting things to do with friends; however, indulging in these expensive outings is not always feasible. The activities provided don’t pinch your pocket. They focus more on you having a good time rather than spending a lot of money. Activities like learning a new skill, playing games, and gardening are inexpensive, but they help you spend quality time with your friends. So, pick one of the interesting ideas given here and have fun with your friends without having to spend a fortune.

Infographic: Unique Ways To Spend Time With Your Friends

Hanging out with friends can be the best escape from the monotony of our busy lives. We must consider ourselves lucky if we still have the privilege of meeting and spending time with our school and college friends as we share our best memories with them. The infographic below lists some unique ideas for spending quality time with such close friends.

unique ways to spend time with your friends (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Key Pointers

  • Spending good and fun times with friends will create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.
  • Go on a bike ride, do gardening together, try some crafts, and do anything that gives you an enjoyable experience.
  • You get to make a lifelong bond with your buddies.

Let’s have some fun with friends! From playing board games to going on a picnic, there are plenty of activities to do in 60 seconds. Simple joys and shared laughter bring unforgettable moments.

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