35 Lovable And Fun Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

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You may give your partner a little jar of red flowers or a heart-shaped box filled with Valrhona or Zurich chocolates, or you could even cook him a lavish dinner. There are no rules when you want to experiment with things to do for your boyfriend to brighten up your relationship.

You need not wait for holidays or special occasions to find fun and romantic activities to do with your lover to melt his heart. If you are browsing through ideas, then here is a curated list of some fun romantic things to do for your boyfriend.

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Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

1. Write letters to your lover

In this digital age, handwritten letters with romantic messages, compliments, and appreciation are a special gift that will melt his heart and bring you closer to him. You don’t have to be a poet or a wordsmith; express yourself freely. You can draw inspiration from some Valentine’s Day quotes or a few love letters online.

To make it more special, hide the letter in a place that will surprise him; put it in his wallet or lunch box.

2. Host a movie night

Host a movie night
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You and your partner do not have to go to a high-end restaurant or pop a champagne bottle to create beautiful memories. You can plan to spend a comfortable night indoors with a special dinner and his favorite movie.

Create a romantic night with pillows and blankets on the floor and cuddle. Make sure you get his favorite snacks, such as chocolates, chips, or French fries.

Once you finish your movie, you can order his favorite dish and enjoy a bottle of wine. Create a romantic ambiance by lighting a few scented candles and playing soft background music. Make the most of the high-quality time and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch in bed

A lovely thing to do for your boyfriend is to start the day with a romantic, delicious breakfast in bed. Nothing says “I love you” better than a hearty homemade breakfast between the sheets. You can share waffles, mashed potatoes, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, heart-shaped pancakes, and other heart-shaped snacks. Such thoughtful gestures will put a smile on his face. If it’s a Sunday, you can add a refreshing mimosa or the regular OJ.

4. Treat yourselves to a spa day

Your partner needs a little rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and a lot of care. You can organize and indulge in a spa day at a professional venue. If you want a cozy night at home, then indulge in a DIY spa night at home.

It can be as simple as soaking your tired feet in warm water or the full experience of a bubble bath, face masks, and massages. Set the mood with music, soft lighting, scented candles, and a bottle of wine. Now, it’s time to enjoy the romance. Such simple yet meaningful gestures will go a long way in making your special guy feel truly loved.

5. Hold his hand

Hold his hand
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Just like giving a hug and kissing, massages, and holding hands gives you a feel-good buzz. Holding hands can be more powerful than words. It conveys comfort, safety, and care. Whether it is a simple grip or a closer interlocking of fingers, holding hands is a beautiful expression of love.

When you are with your boyfriend, reach over and grab his hand, and show him just how much you care and want to be with him.

Gestures like pulling him close to you and holding hands will make him feel even better and more secure in the relationship.

6. Surprise him with “I love you” sticky notes

Rather than sending a text, one of the most special things to do for your boyfriend to show you’re thinking about him is to surprise him with a bunch of romantic messages on sticky notes.

You can hide these romantic sticky notes randomly around the house. You can hide them in his shoes, under his pillow, in his backpack, in his briefcase, on his water bottle, on the fridge, or his laptop screen. You can also write a love note or poem and place it under the windshield wiper of his car. Let this sweet gesture be a cute little reminder that he is always on your mind.

Quick tip
Apart from sticky notes, you can also write love notes on charming printables or romantic mini cards and secure them in a scroll glass bottle or jar.

7. Plan a candlelit dinner

If your special man had a difficult day at work, you could do a few things to cheer him up. You can make dinner, one that he loves and grab his favorite bottle. Turn off the lights and light the candles to create the perfect ambiance. If you have the time, you can even add paper lanterns, string lights, and hanging candles to make it more romantic. Next, collect petals and scatter them on the table, or use a floral centerpiece to attract his attention.

8. Shower him with plenty of kisses

Kissing is one of the most significant exchanges romantic couples can have. A kiss serves as an unspoken language to convey one’s deepest feelings when words fail. A kiss a day can keep the doctor away.

Kiss him when you are sitting in the car, sneak a kiss during dinner, or lean on him and kiss his neck while relaxing and watching TV. Take every opportunity to kiss him and show how much you love him.

9. Take him on a picnic

Take him on a picnic
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On the weekend, take him out for a picnic. You can plan a picnic indoors or outdoors. If you have the opportunity to go outdoors, have a picnic by the lake, a sunset beach, or under the stars.

At home, lay a blanket on the floor, place logs in the fireplace, pick his favorite bottle of wine, play his favorite music, and prepare a picnic basket filled with his favorite snacks. If you are going out, don’t forget the napkins, cutlery, and blankets.

When you are ready, spread the blanket and unpack the picnic basket. When he starts to drink, hold him close, tell him how you feel, and whisper words of love in his ears.

10. Indulge his five senses

Touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight are the gifts of life that we use every day. Show him the power of the five senses. Surprise your sweetheart with a unique present for each of the five senses! You can choose a perfume for the smell, his favorite music for the sound, a quirky art print for the sight, a soft sweater for the touch, and his favorite candy for the taste.

You can customize each gift to suit your partner’s style and personality and make it more pleasant and special.

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

11. Do DIY projects

A simple date night idea is a DIY craft project. Do not limit yourself to a movie night. Stay inside and get your hands dirty, get creative, and bond. All you need is imagination and creativity. Working together can make your already healthy relationship healthier and add a lot of fun.

Depending on what you know and like, you can get artistic with glass fusing, jewelry, or ceramics. You can make coasters with scrabble tiles, build a coffee table out of a suitcase, transform old mirrors into service trays, make a chandelier out of mason jars, make wreaths, or make creative photo frames for your pictures.

An anonymous blogger writing under the name Life by Vivian shares how she made custom shot glasses as a heartfelt gift for her boyfriend. She says, “Personally, there is just something special about being given a present that was crafted just for you. That’s why, for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, I wanted to make him a memorable memento to mark this occasion. Enter in: the personalized shot glasses. My boyfriend is in a fraternity, so DIY crafts and goodies are always in order.

“ Honestly, this project was an inexpensive gift and he loved it. I incorporated his sport (tennis), his love for socks and bow ties, his fraternity (Phi Gamma Delta), his state (howdy, y’all), and of course, the standard Vineyard Vines whale (i).”

12. Play games

play games
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Whether you plan to spend a romantic evening, kill time before dinner, or relax and spend time with your partner on a Sunday evening, games are perfect for spending a comfortable evening with your sweetheart.

From funny drinking games to classic board games and cute card games, there are many romantic games that can help you get closer with your partner, or at least have a fun date night. You can also pour a bottle of wine, munch on your favorite snacks, and spend hours laughing.

13. Learn a new way to move and groove

Whether it is romantic rumba, ballroom samba, sensual salsa, or tantalizing tango, dancing is the perfect way to ignite the spark in your romantic life. Take a moment to look beyond mundane reality to unleash your inner rhythm and get your feet moving to the beat.

Dance in your lover’s arms. It is the perfect way to spend a romantic night.

14. Do something that’s on his bucket list

At some point in a relationship, you will hear your special man talk about his bucket list. When you find out the things on the list, you can try and help him accomplish one that falls within your reach. While you help him tick things off his bucket list, you’ll also have incredible experiences together.

Whether it is enjoying the experience of driving in a racing circuit or working with animals in a non-governmental organization, help him realize his dreams.

15. Take him on a tasting tour

Whether your partner enjoys a Maker’s Mark, a cold one, or a sparkly one, a local tasting tour is an excellent way to tickle his taste buds. Alternatively, you can even take a tour of tea or coffee plantations and sip on some delicious hot brews.

A tasting tour allows you to sample some fine beverages and witness and explore some of the most romantic, scenic surroundings. Along the tour, you will also taste some appetizing food to tantalize your taste buds.

16. Take him to a show or game

Whether it’s a music festival, concert, or sporting event, everyone loves live events! Look up his favorite teams or bands and surprise him with a date to these events and create long-lasting memories.

Let your hair down and enjoy every minute. Show him your crazy side, and he’ll be tempted to go with the flow.

17. Do his favorite activity with him

Want to show affection, care, and love for your boyfriend? A thoughtful and simple way is to do his favorite activities along with him. Whether it’s video games, cooking, fishing, camping, swimming, bird watching, biking, or playing his favorite sport, doing what he likes will make him laugh with happiness and feel happy.

18. Go on a hike

If you are a nature lover and are looking for simple and fun outdoor activities, hiking is the ideal choice.
You can choose hiking trails according to your mood. If you want to take risks, you can choose a challenging route. If you want to spend some time in the green, choose a romantic path. Take some amazing photos as you walk along the scenic trails.

Quick tip
When planning your hiking trip, remember to carry the essentials, including a compass, appropriate footwear, a first-aid box, extra food, and water.

19. Visit a drive-in cinema

Relax in the back seat of the car and watch a movie on a cold winter night. Get a warm blanket and lots of delicacies and snacks. Next, tilt back your seats and enjoy some love in the winter air while watching his favorite movie.

Spontaneous Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

20. Go on a random road trip

There is nothing more natural than hopping in a car with your boyfriend once a weekend, buckling up, and driving off into the sunset. If you live near some famous sights or scenic countryside, you can head in that direction. Take as many twists, turns, and miles as your heart desires and drive until you no longer want to.
When you arrive at your destination, spend some time exploring the quaint neighborhoods, tasting delicious food, or cycling through the town. Fortunately, GPS can help you get home safely.

21. Cook his favorite food

Cooking is a great way to show you appreciate him. You don’t have to cook an elaborate meal. Simple and delicious food is enough to find its way to his heart. As you whip up his favorite meal and serve it to him, watch his face light up. Don’t forget dessert!

22. Take him somewhere he would enjoy

Does he have hobbies? Does he have a favorite band? What does he like to do? You can check to see if there are any upcoming events in your area and plan a trip. If he loves airplanes or cars, you can take him to a show. If his favorite band is performing nearby, plan a trip. If you’re looking for a fun day out, carnivals and fairs are fun places to hang out and let loose. For comic book or video game buffs, you can head to the nearest store and spend the day with him or find an event you can go to.

Keep your plans under the wraps. Plan the entire day out, but do not reveal where you are taking him. When he finds out you planned the entire day out, he’ll enjoy everything as it unfolds.

23. Surprise him with flirty photos

This is one of the cutest things you could do for your boyfriend. It will undoubtedly pique his interest. A friend whom you are comfortable with and who is good with photography can help click the pictures of you. Dress in his favorite tee or the jersey of the team he likes. Make things even more interesting by dressing up in costumes of his favorite movie/series character.

24. Stay in bed all day and night

One of the most adorable things to do with your boyfriend at home is to rekindle the flame by spending some meaningful time together. Take a break from the chores and the office work. Sleep in, cuddle in bed, talk to each other, laugh, gossip, and do so much more than you would on a typical day. Order food and stay in bed all day long, resting and unwinding with each other.

25. Do something adventurous

You can surprise him by indulging in an adventurous activity. It could be skydiving across the plains, snorkeling through the reefs, or taking a hot-air balloon ride. Pick the experience that will thrill your boyfriend and leave behind more treasured memories.

26. Enjoy bubble baths

Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing bath, covered in soothing bubbles and surrounded by aromatic candles? Join your boyfriend in the tub and enjoy a long bubble bath while sipping on some wine. Listen to some soft tunes to make it more romantic.

27. Plan a staycation

Sometimes, all you and your partner need is a staycation in a place away from home. Choose a location that has a cozy ambiance and a scenic view. Staycations are a must on the list of things to do with your boyfriend because it helps you learn more about each other, trust and connect on a deeper level, and have a fun time together.

Order room service and binge-watch your favorite shows, or get a couple’s massage if there is a spa on the premises. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the sunrise and sunset while cuddling.

28. Plan a karaoke night

Here’s something special to do for your boyfriend. Belt out one of his favorite songs at a karaoke bar. Make it a more exciting night by signing up both your names for a duet. It sounds like just the perfect romantic night that can go up on your Instagram under #couplegoals.

29. Bring back old memories

Gift your partner his favorite book he used to read as a child or give him a toy that he never parted with. There are several ways to jog your boyfriend’s memory. Take him on a walk in the neighborhood where he grew up, or get family photographs framed.

30. Take him shopping

Don’t wait for him to drop hints about needing new clothes. Irrespective of the occasion, take your boyfriend shopping and help him choose the style of his choice. As much as some of them would hate to admit, men love shopping just as much as women do!

You don’t have to stop to buy clothes, shoes, or bags; you can even buy him his favorite video game, gadget, instrument, or anything under the sun! The idea is to pamper him with something he likes and will enjoy.

31. Go bar hopping

Take your boyfriend pub hopping, and indulge in some of the best beverages these watering holes serve. The bars can be from a list of hangout spots your boyfriend and you like. Invite a few of his buddies along, and ensure there is a designated driver as well!

32. Go to the gym

If you are looking for thoughtful things to do for your boyfriend and want to support him, you could always sign him up for a gym membership. If you are a fitness fanatic, you can also join him during his workout session. A couple that works out together stays healthy together.

33. Play his favorite video game

Playing video games is a good way to relieve the stress of daily life. Video games are fascinating and exciting, and there’s nothing like gaming with the person you love. Often, hard-working men play video games to relax. When you play video games with your boyfriend, it can increase your communication and bonding and help you work together as a couple and a team.

You can invite his friends to make it an evening to remember. Compete with each other and bet high stakes. The loser can do the dishes or give the winner foot massages for an entire week!

34. Sign him up for a cause

If your boyfriend is someone who volunteers during the weekend, sign him up for a cause he likes the most. And join him! You two can spend time together and give back to society at the same time.

Co-volunteering is not only a way to try new things, but also a powerful bonding experience. You can choose animal rescue shelters, retirement homes, food pantries, health work, teaching, and more!

35. Learn something new together

Whether it is baking, crocheting, painting, or sculpting, your boyfriend and you can register for couples’ sessions. Learn a new craft and hone your skills together. Who knows, the two of you might be budding artists! Maybe you can even start selling your creations!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What role do laughter and enjoyment play in a healthy relationship?

Laughing together is known to promote bonding and facilitate communication. Spending fun times together helps promote understanding, thereby easing conflicts between individuals. It also helps enhance teamwork and relieve undue stress (1) (2).

2. What are the psychological or positive effects of having fun with your partner?

Having fun with your partner can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Physiologically, laughter and fun help release endorphins, which can help strengthen immunity and heart health. Psychologically, laughter offers new perspectives to view a problem. It enables an individual to face adversities with resilience. Laughing together can also foster feelings of affection and intimacy, which helps deepen emotional bonding between partners (1).

So pick any relatable things to do for your boyfriend to make him feel incredibly special and loved. Having a good time together is important to keep any relationship alive and fulfilling. Therefore, putting that little extra effort into planning out the next thing to do when you meet up will brighten up his smile and be worth every second you spend on it. If possible, capture the surprising moments to cherish those snaps later.

Infographic: How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved

Your boyfriend deserves all the efforts and love for the unconditional care and love he pours into your life. So if you want to do something special for him but can’t figure out how to do it, we have you covered. From how to begin to what to include, this infographic will be your step-by-step guide to making your boyfriend feel loved.

making your boyfriend feel loved (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Spending a spa day together, either at home or at a professional salon, may help you relax and refresh while connecting with him.
  • A romantic candlelight dinner or a delicious breakfast or brunch in bed for your boyfriend can be fun too.
  • Playing games together and doing something from his bucket list will help you improve your bond.
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