17 Important Qualities: What To Look For In A Guy?

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Knowing what to look for in a guy is against the old saying that love is blind and doesn’t bode well with practicality. But this question is more sensible in real life since reality is not so poetic. Relationships tend to take a negative turn because people usually enter a relationship without realizing what they need in a partner. This is why dating experts suggest listing down the traits that we look for in a compatible partner. This exercise could save you the torment of a bad relationship. It will also give you more confidence and realistic expectations from your partner. Scroll down as we list a few traits that we thought could be helpful in this post.

What To Look For In A Guy: 17 Things To Look In For

Most women fall for the good looks and the charm of a guy. However, they may not help in a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. So, here’s what you should look for in a guy before committing yourself into the relationship.

1. He is loving

Relationships are about love, affection, and appreciation. It is a no-brainer the guy in your life should care about you and make you feel loved and valued. A guy who never hesitates from telling you and others that you are special to him is definitely the right choice.

2. He is supportive

They say that behind every successful man is a woman. But what they forget to tell you is that behind every successful woman is an understanding man. It is a blessing to have a guy who celebrates your success more than anyone and encourages you to work hard and achieve your goals.

3. He loves your imperfections

All of us have our share of flaws and imperfections. If a guy wants you to act properly all the time then he is not the right choice for you. As a partner, he should accept you for who you are as a person and should respect you no matter what.

4. He is confident

A partner who is not sure about himself or what he wants can be draining. You will always feel alone and insecure with such a guy. However, a confident guy will never hesitate to take things forward. Moreover, he won’t shy away from accepting his mistakes and telling about yours too.

5. Has a good sense of humor

Life is a tough path with uncertainties and downfalls. We face many ups and downs daily, and it would be great to have a partner who can make you laugh with his crisp sense of humor. One should keep a guy who can laugh at himself and make you happy all the time.

6. He is a good communicator

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. As partners, you should be able to communicate your feelings, fears, anxieties, vulnerabilities, and dreams with each other. If the guy you are in love with likes to keep his matters to himself and shows no interest in what you share with him, then it is better to bid him bye.

7. He puts you first

Relationships nourish when your partner prioritizes you over anyone. If a man truly loves you, he would always put you first. You will be the center of his actions, and he will think about your comfort and ease first. He would know about your interests and will plan things that excite you.

8. He is curious about you

A relationship can only work if both the partners are interested in each other. The guy who loves you will always be curious to know everything about you. He would like to know about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, dreams, and aspirations. After all, it is not possible to love someone if that person doesn’t spark your curiosity.

9. He is kind

The biggest mistake we make while looking out for a partner is that we don’t prioritize kindness. It is important to see if the guy is kind and compassionate. We all treat our dear ones with love and respect. But a man who respects others, especially the underprivileged, will always be polite with you.

10. He has integrity and values

You cannot trust someone who has no values and changes his stand now and then. When you make the list of things to look for in a guy, you must put integrity on the top. A man who stands for the good and never compromises on his values will never betray your trust.

11. He is positive

If you think that good looks and money are enough for a happy relationship, then think again! Having a guy with a positive outlook on life can lift your spirit whenever you feel low and lost. He will show you the brighter side of everything and help you tide over the crises in life.

12. He is Independent

If a man cannot take care of his expenses and make his own decisions, then it is better to steer clear of him. Only an independent man will be able to value your freedom. He won’t feel insecure when you are meeting your friends, spending time with your family, or just enjoying your me-time.

13. He is passionate

A man without passion lacks the motivation in life and will be boring. So before dating someone, make sure that he is passionate about something. He can be passionate about his work, trekking, social work, or anything. This is an important thing to look for in a guy because only a passionate man will understand and appreciate your hobbies and passions.

14. He is responsible

If you think that dating a bad guy who smokes, rides a bike, and punches people is cool, then it is high time to come out of this fallacy. Things like this only look appealing till you are a teenager. If you want a stable relationship for yourself, then make sure that your guy is responsible and sensible. A stable guy will always show up on time and will be ready to take responsibility. He will put in deliberate efforts to keep his relationship smooth and exciting.

15. He is emotionally mature

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a guy, knowing if he is emotionally mature is extremely important. Indeed, you don’t want to date someone who throws tantrums now and then. You can discuss anything and everything with an emotionally mature person without getting snapped. He will evaluate the situation by keeping all the aspects in mind and will solve the problems.

16. He shares common interests with you

Life can be so much fun when your partner is also interested in the things you find exciting! It doesn’t mean your guy should share your interests. But it will be great if you have some of them in common. It can make you compatible with each other. You will do things together, and there will be less space for outsiders as you will enjoy each other’s company the most.

17. He is honest

What can be worse than being in a relationship with a guy who manipulates things instead of being honest and upfront about them? Therefore look for an honest and straightforward guy because he will be truthful about his feelings and will make the relationship effortless.

Last but not least, understand that everyone is different. Look out for the man with the qualities you like to have in a partner. Remember, anyone with whom you feel your best self is the right one for you. If you think that you are happy when he is around, and you like to spend time with him than anyone else, you can build a good relationship together.

Key Pointers

  • Being aware of certain key attributes to look for in a guy can help you decide whether he is your Mr. Right.
  • If he is interested in you, accepts your imperfections, and supports all your endeavors, he could be the one for you.
  • Moreover, if he is responsible, mature, and trustworthy, he may be a right match for you.

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