30 Must Things To Pack In A New Mom Survival Kit In 2024

As a new mother, you need to keep several things readily available and neatly organized. You may put together a new mom survival kit to keep your and your baby’s essentials in an easy-to-get and organized way.

Managing all your tasks as a new mom can be challenging, and you may often end up rampaging your room in search of that diaper rash cream or baby lotion. A survival kit can save you that trouble by ensuring your baby’s diapers, creams, lotions, wipes, and towels are within your reach for immediate use. You can also make one for yourself and customize it according to the things you’ll need. Also, you could put one together for a new mom as a thoughtful baby shower gift.

Continue reading this post as we tell you the important items you could include in it.

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What Is A New Mommy Survival Kit?

A survival kit is something in which you keep all the items that are essential for you and your baby, ensuring your comfort and zero irritation wherever you go with your baby. These items come in handy when you have to travel or step out for a while with your baby along.

Kay Lakka, founder of Londontherapy and a doula, says, “A survival kit prevents unnecessary panic and clutter and the last minute rush to collect things. It also helps you keep yourself and your baby comfortable at all times.”

Things To Pack In A Survival Kit For New Mom

Here is a list of things you should have in your survival kit.

1. Oral care essentials

Oral care essentials in new mom survival kit

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Yes, this list includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and also floss and mouthwash.

2. Lotion or sunscreen

Lotion or sunscreen in new mom survival kit

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A body lotion that contains SPF will not only protect your skin from the UV-rays but also keep your skin moist and make you feel fresh.

protip_icon Quick tip
Postpartum dry skin is a common condition resulting from hormonal changes and increased hydration requirements due to breastfeeding. Therefore, keep a non-toxic cream handy along with a bottle of nipple cream for when your breast is sore.

3. Sweat pads

If you live in a tropical country and are prone to sweating a lot, these could come in handy.

4. Eye pads

Eye pads in new mom survival kit

Image: IStock

Eye pads can help you catch on forty winks even when there are others around you.

5. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

A small bottle of hand sanitizer would work in more than just one way. It protects you from germs and can also be used on minute cuts or bruises.

6. Facial wipes

Facial wipes in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

When you do not have enough time for a shower, facial wipes can come in handy to keep yourself clean and fresh. Buy wipes that have a mild or no fragrance.

7. A pair of socks

A pair of socks in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

The first few weeks after giving birth, your body temperature goes through a lot of fluctuation. A pair of comfortable socks will help keep your feet warm and snug.

8. Tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balm in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

The truth is a new mommy does not get enough time for makeup. So, a tinted lip balm can sort your worries. Not only will it moisturize and hydrate your lips, but also add that pop of color and brighten your face.

9. A compact mirror

A compact mirror in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

A mirror is a woman’s best friend. As you don’t have the luxury of rushing to the restroom for a quick touch-up, add a compact mirror to the kit. It is doubly good if it comes with a luminous compact.

10. Comb and hairbands:

Comb and hairbands in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

While you may have little to no time to do your hair, carrying a comb, hairpins, hairbands, and maybe a few hair clips would help you look good. You could quickly do your hair if these are available.

11. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

For a new mom, taking a relaxing shower is a luxury, and shampooing is a distant dream. A dry shampoo will help you manage your mane and spruce up your look.

12. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

With all the running around and absolutely no time for you to rush to the kitchen for a happy meal, having a nutrition bar or a few healthy snacks in your kitty would be a blessing. These provide instant energy and help you until you get your proper meal. Two cautionary things to keep in mind: one, ask your doctor if you can indulge in them, and two, do not overindulge, as there is no real replacement for nutritious food.

Snacks aren’t just handy to have when you’re trying to survive the first few months as a new mother, they are useful in the hospital, too. Jen, a mother of two, wishes she had a survival kit of her own to deal with her hospital stay after giving birth. To ensure that other new moms don’t make the same mistake, she has listed a few items that a hospital survival kit needs. One of them is a healthy snack. She writes, “Many times, babies don’t plan their arrival at a convenient hour. My first was polite enough to be born in the evening right before American Idol began, so no problem there. My son, however, was born at 12:37am. By that time there was no available food service for this hungry mama, so I ended up eating a handful of graham crackers and a packet of peanut butter. Unless you prefer to eat like you’re in daycare again, snacks are a must (i).”

protip_icon Did you know?
What a mother eats during breastfeeding directly impacts the quality of breast milk. Therefore, snacks must include a healthy portion of dry fruits, nuts, salads, eggs, milk, oats, and sprouts.

13. Peppermints

Peppermints in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Yes, you may have packed your mouthwash and floss, but what if all you want is a quick fresh breath? Carry a few peppermints, which are not very high in sugar and are safe to be consumed when you are still breastfeeding. You could also carry some mint leaves and chew them.

13. A scented candle

A scented candle in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

A scented candle can lift your mood, and that is why it finds a place in this kit. Get one that does not have a strong fragrance as your baby is your new roomie.

15. A graphic novel

A graphic novel in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Feeding times can be long and boring, and a graphic novel is a great way to break the monotony. Keep something that is an easy read.

16. Phone charger or battery backup:

Phone charger or battery backup in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Carrying a mobile charger, or better still a battery backup, will help you when you don’t find a plug point around.

17. Flashlight

Flashlight in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

It could help you tiptoe around the house at night and find everything you want without disturbing the other members of your family.

New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

While all the things mentioned above can keep you comfortable, there could be minor medical situations too. We bring you a short list of things you can include in the hospital kit, along with a few necessary items for first aid.

18. Oral medicines

Oral medicines in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

These would include OTC drugs for headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and allergies. You could also include medications for dehydration (oral rehydration powders), acidity, and a few common painkillers or balms.

Caution: Before including these, check with your doctor if you can consume them during breastfeeding.

19. First aid

First aid in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

A few band-aids, a small bottle of antiseptic solution, an ointment to apply on minor burns, cuts, and wounds, a gauge, and a medical tape can come in handy in case there is a minor bruise to take care of.

Things To Pack In A Baby Survival Kit

20. Diapers and wipes

Diapers and wipes in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

These are never enough. Your baby is still young and is not potty-trained. This means that you would need a lot of diapers  and wipes. They ensure that your baby is not irritated, doesn’t have a moist bottom (as it might otherwise lead to rashes), and can be cleaned up easily. They also ensure that the baby gets a sound sleepl.

21. Bibs and burp cloth

Bibs and burp cloth in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

If your baby is bottle feeding, you would need bibs to keep them from spitting up. Also, burp cloths protect your clothes from being soiled. Carry bibs and burp cloths that are made of skin-friendly materials.

22. Teether (if necessary) and toys

Teether and toys in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

While a lot of mothers do not believe in giving their babies pacifiers or soothers (as they can cause nipple confusion), teething toys can be given to toddlers who have begun teething. Make sure the teether is sterilized and you can keep it in an airtight, sanitized bag.

23. A cute and comfortable onesie with feet

A cute and comfortable onesie with feet in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

You will need to change your baby’s clothes at the drop of a hat, especially during the first few days. Thus, a few comfortable onesies can come in handy.

24. Extra pair of clothes

Extra pair of clothes in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

You may also carry extra pairs of clothing if you plan to spend long hours outside your home.

protip_icon Do remember
New clothes may contain fine threads or dust particles which can cause allergies. Therefore, soak new garments in warm water with a mild disinfectant and dry them well before putting them on your baby.

25. Anti-rash gel

Anti-rash gel in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Rashes are one of the most common skin problems in babies. While using a lotion is a good idea, you should use an anti-rash gel or ointment if the baby has heat or other rashes. Ask your doctor about the most suitable cream, and carry it in the kit.

26. A bottle of baby lotion

A bottle of baby lotion in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

You can use this both for you and your baby. Choose a lotion that is free of chemicals and is gentle on your baby’s skin.

27. Baby powder

Baby powder in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Baby powder is essential to prevent rashes on the baby’s skin. Always carry doctor-recommended and approved baby powders devoid of chemicals.

28. A blanket

A blanket in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Keep your baby warm and comfy by wrapping them in swaddle blankets made of soft material.

29. Small towels

Small towels in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Small towels come in handy when changing the baby’s clothes or feeding them. They can be used as napkins or even as hand napkins to wipe hands and mouth.

30. A bag for waste disposal

A bag for waste disposal in new mom survival kit

Image: Shutterstock

Soiled diapers need to be wrapped or put in a disposal bag. Not just diapers, you can put all the used wipes, napkins, papers, etc., and dispose of them at the end of the day.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Survival Kits

Making a survival kit is easier than you think. All you need is a good box or bag to hold all the items well and neatly. Below, we share a few new mommy survival kit ideas for you.

1. Use a storage container

A storage container is perfect to put in small bottles such as lotions, powders, baby shampoo, and mouthwashes. The container would make sure that the small items don’t get lost and don’t spill.

You can have two separate containers; one for items such as towels, napkins, diapers, and bibs; and the other for cosmetics and skin care items.

2. Travel bag pouches

You can add small items in airtight plastics or zip locks and put them in the pouches.

3. Old chocolate or wipe containers

You can use chocolate boxes and big wipe containers. These offer ample space for various small items, including baby food.

All the above can be accommodated in one big bag if you are traveling. You can also use jars to make your survival kits. If you want to make one only for home, then you can put the essentials in glass jars and keep them in a safe place. However, if you want to carry a kit when traveling, do not use a glass jar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a new mom survival kit help alleviate stress for new mothers?

A new mom survival kit can help alleviate stress for new mothers by providing them with essential items and resources to help them cope with the challenges of motherhood.

2. Can a new mom survival kit be tailored to different parenting styles or situations?

Yes, you can customize the kit based on the baby’s needs, such as gas drops or a nasal aspirator for a baby with colic or congestion. The key is personalizing the kit based on the mom’s preferences and situation.

3. Are there any particular challenges a new mom survival kit can help new mothers overcome?

Yes, a new mom survival kit can help new mothers overcome various challenges they may face in the early days of motherhood. Some challenges it can address include lack of sleep, fatigue, and postpartum recovery. The kit can also provide new mothers with essential items, such as nursing pads, nipple cream, diapers, baby wipes, and soothing teas.

4. What are some postpartum recovery items for new mothers?

Postpartum recovery is a critical phase for new mothers, and having the right items can ensure comfort and well-being. Essential postpartum recovery items include perineal cold packs for swelling reduction, mesh underwear, and absorbent pads for managing postpartum bleeding, soothing perineal sprays or balms, and sitz bath soaks for healing. For breastfeeding mothers, nursing pads and cream can be useful. High-fiber snacks and proper hydration support digestive health, while a postpartum support belt provides abdominal support. Comfortable clothing, stool softeners, and a heating pad can improve overall well-being. Specialized postpartum underwear and readily available baby care essentials streamline the recovery process, ensuring a more relaxed postpartum experience.

Preparing a new mom survival kit is useful to keep things organized and easily available. Babies have a lot of requirements that include diapers, nappy rash cream, teethers, wipes, blankets, extra pairs of clothes, and a sleep sack. Keeping everything in one place saves much time and effort, especially when traveling. A new mom may include personal care items such as lotions, creams, hand sanitizers, lip balm, hair ties, and even healthy snacks. Add some medications and a small first aid kit.

Infographic: What Should A New Mom Bag Have?

Whether you’re going on a trip or to the hospital, now that you have a baby by your side, your bag will have more than just your make-up and essentials. Check out the infographic below for some must-have things you must pack before you go out with your baby.

8 must have essentials in a new mom survival kit (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • A new mommy survival kit is a collection of essentials for caring for the mom and baby.
  • The kit makes it easier for the new mother to manage both herself and the baby during this challenging time.
  • The kit should include self-care products, hygiene products, cosmetics, snacks, first aid and medicines, and a battery backup for traveling.
  • It should also contain baby bibs, teethers, toys, extra clothes, baby care cream and powder, and warm clothes for travel.
  • Sanitary products for the baby and mother should also be included.
New Mom Survival Kit_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

A new mom survival kit equips a woman for the new challenges she would be facing as a mother. This video shows you what you can pack in your kit.

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