30 Must Things To Pack In A New Mom Survival Kit

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Being a new mom means using a lot of things, which you haven’t used before. Diapers, nappies, baby creams, the list is long. In addition to the baby’s stuff, there is also a baggage of things for yourself. Leaving them helter skelter makes your life difficult because being a new mom is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. You would definitely not want to keep searching for that baby lotion or a rash cream every time you need them for you or your baby. You can avoid this by having a mommy survival kit. These kits are usually gifted during baby showers. If you did not get any such gift, make one for yourself.

We tell you what the survival kit is all about, the important things that you need to carry for yourself and your baby and also a few new mom survival kit ideas that will win you everyone’s admiration.

What Is A New Mommy Survival Kit?

A survival kit is a something in which you keep all the items that are essential for you and your baby, ensuring your comfort and zero irritation.

These things come most handy when you have to travel or step out for a while, with your baby along. Only a mother (or father) can understand the importance of a survival kit because she knows how important certain things are and why it is necessary to have them always. This would prevent unnecessary panic and clutter, avoid the last minute rush to collect things, and make your journey worry-free.

Things To Pack In A Survival Kit For New Mom

A kit surely helps a new mother but then what to pack in it and what not to? One point to remember is that the fewer the things the better for you so that you can carry the baby and the kit along smoothly. Here is the list of things that you can have in your survival kit:

1. Oral care essentials:

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Yes, this list includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and also floss and mouthwash if you would want to carry them.

2. Lotion or sunscreen:

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A body lotion that also contains SPF will be the best as it would not only help you avoid the UV-rays but also keep your skin moist and make you feel fresh.

3. Sweat pads:

If you live in a tropical country and are prone to sweating a lot, these could come in handy. They would absorb the sweat and would not give you sweaty armpits or chest.

4. Eye pads:

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Eye pads can help you catch on forty winks even when there are others around you.

5. Hand sanitizer:

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A small bottle (say 100ml) of hand sanitizer would work in more than just one way. It would keep you off germs and can also be used on minute cuts or bruises if you suffer them along the way. Moreover, it helps you remove small stains and keep the area germ free.

6. Facial wipes:

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You may not have enough time for a shower. This is when the facial wipes come in handy to keep your face clean and fresh and give some respite to your tired and sleepy eyes. Buy wipes that have a mild or no fragrance at all.

7. A pair of socks:

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The first few weeks after giving birth, your body temperature goes through a lot of fluctuation. A pair of comfortable socks will help keep you warm and snug.

8. Tinted lip balm:

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The truth is a new mommy does not get time for makeup. So what do you have? A tinted lip balm can work wonders! It can sort your worries about having a new mommy haggard face. Not only will it moisturize and hydrate your lips, but also add that pop of color to brighten your visage.

9. A compact mirror:

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A mirror is a woman’s best friend! As you don’t have the luxury of rushing to the restroom for a quick touch-up, add a compact mirror to the kit. It is doubly good if it comes with a luminous compact.

10. Comb and hairbands:

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While you may have little to no time to do your hair, carrying a comb, hairpins, hairbands, and maybe a few hair clips would help you look good. You could very quickly do your hair if these are available.

11. Dry shampoo:

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For a new mom, taking a relaxing shower is a luxury, and shampooing is a distant dream. A dry shampoo will help you manage your mane menace. It can help instantly clean your greasy hair and spruce up your look.

12. Healthy snacks:

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With all the running around and absolutely no time for you to rush to the kitchen for a happy meal, having a nutrition bar or a few healthy snacks in your kitty would be a blessing. These provide instant energy and help you until you get your proper meal. Two cautionary things to keep in mind: one, ask your doctor if you can indulge in them and how many in a day, and two, do not over do them as there is no real replacement for nutritious food.

13. Peppermints:

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Yes, you are carrying your mouthwash and floss, but what if all you want is a quick fresh breath? Carry a few peppermints, which are not very high in sugar and are safe to be consumed when you are still breastfeeding. You could also carry some mint leaves and chew them if you like.

13. A scented candle:

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Agreed, feeding and burping a baby and changing diapers does not paint a pretty picture! But a scented candle can lift your mood, and that is why it finds a place in this kit. Get one that does not have a strong fragrance as your baby is your new roomie!

15. A graphic novel:

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Feeding times can be long and boring, and a graphic novel is a great way to break the monotony. Keep something that is an easy read.

16. Phone charger or battery backup:

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Carrying a mobile charger or better still a battery backup could prevent missing any last minute necessary calls. A battery backup will help you best when you don’t find a plug point around.

17. Flashlight:

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If your phone has a built-in flashlight, you don’t have to carry extra baggage, but if you are going to spend some camp time, then it would be nice to have a big flashlight. This would give you a bigger light radius, and help you see better unlike the tinier flash of a cell phone.

New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

While all the above would make sure that a mother is comfortable, there could be minor medical situations. Below, we bring you a short list of things you can include in the hospital kit, along with a few necessary items for first aid.

18. Oral medicines:

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These would include OTC drugs against headaches, loose motions, vomiting, and allergies. You could also include medication against dehydration (oral rehydration powders), acidity, and a few common pain killers or balms.

Caution: Before including these, check with your doctor if you can consume them during breastfeeding.

19. First aid:

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A few band-aids, a small bottle of antiseptic solution, an ointment to apply on minor burns, cuts, and wounds, a gauge, and a medical tape come in handy in case there is a minor bruise to take care of.

Things To Pack In A Baby Survival Kit:

20. Diapers and wipes:

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These are never enough. Your baby is still young and is not potty-trained. This means that you would need a lot of diapers and wipes. They will ensure that your baby is not irritated, doesn’t have a moist bottom (as it might otherwise lead to rashes), and can be cleaned up easily. These would also ensure that the baby is sleeping and growing well.

21. Bibs and burp cloth:

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If your baby is bottle feeding, you would need bibs to keep him from spitting up. Also, if he is old enough to eat solids, make sure you use bibs as he is bound to spill things over. Burp cloths would be good for you as it take in any vomit and prevent your clothes from being soiled. Carry bibs and burp cloths that are made from good quality and baby skin friendly materials.

22. Teether (if necessary) and toys:

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While a lot of mothers do not believe in giving their babies pacifiers or soothers (as they can cause nipple confusion), teethers can be given to toddlers who have begun teething. Make sure that the teether is sterilized and you can keep it in an airtight, sanitized bag.

You could also carry the baby’s favorite toy, as long as it is small and light. Remember, not to stuff the kit with unwanted stuff.

23. A cute and comfortable onesie with feet:

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Your baby will change clothes at the drop of a hat, especially during the first few days. You may have breastfed and burped your baby and made him wear a new dress. The next thing you know, he has soiled his clothes and needs an urgent change. A comfortable onesie will be handy in such situations. Go for one that has closed feet to avoid the need for separate socks. The new mommy survival kit will help you through your tough days.

24. Extra pair of clothes:

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Your baby will need a lot of cloth changes if he is constantly soiling them. As he plays or moves around (especially if he is out in the open), his clothes get dirty. Moreover, if the baby has spit-up or the diaper did not hold well, a change of clothes is mandatory. Always carry an extra pair or two.

25. Anti-rash gel:

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Rashes are one of the most common baby skin problems. Babies have a soft skin that might dry up easily. You have to make sure that the skin is moist at all times. While using a lotion is a good idea, you should use an anti-rash gel or ointment if the baby has heat or other rashes. Ask your doctor about the most suitable cream, and carry it in the kit. Anti-rash gels also come handy if the baby has picked up an allergy, which gave him rashes.

26. A bottle of baby lotion:

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True, your dresser will be full of baby products, but one must-have is a baby lotion. You can use this both for you and your baby. You can have softer hands with the baby lotion. Avoid using the regular hand creams as you don’t want any chemicals to touch your baby’s skin.

27. Baby powder:

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Baby powder is essential to prevent rashes on the baby’s skin as well as to keep his bottom and genitals dry. Due to excessive peeing and pooping, the baby could have moist intimate areas which could lead to fungal infections. Always carry doctor recommended and approved baby powders, as they would be devoid of chemicals and would not be harsh on the baby’s gentle skin.

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28. A blanket:

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Babies love to be warm and sleep well. You need to maintain the right room temperature for him to feel comfortable. Anything that is too hot or cold will disturb his sleep and make him restless. Use a blanket made of soft material to wrap him up.

29. Small towels:

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Small towels come handy when you want to change the baby’s clothes, or when you are feeding him or eating food yourself. They can be used as napkins or even as hand napkins to wipe hands and mouth after food or feed.

30. A bag for waste disposal:

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Soiled diapers cannot be thrown around and cannot be openly disposed of in a community dustbin. They need to be wrapped or put in a cover. A disposal bag is a savior in such situations. Not just diapers, you can put all the used wipes, napkins, papers, etc., and dump them at the end of the day or whenever possible.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Survival Kits:

Making a survival kit is easier than you think. All it requires is a good box or bag to hold all the items well and neatly. Below, we share a few new mommy survival kit ideas for you:

1. Use a storage container:

A storage container is perfect to put in small bottles such as lotions, powders, mouthwashes, and more. The container would make sure that the small items don’t get lost and don’t move around a lot, preventing a spill-over of the contents.

You can have two separate containers for things like towels, napkins, diapers, bibs, etc., and for cosmetics and skin care. A small container within these can be used for first aid.

2. Travel bag pouches:

Travel bag pouches come with the advantage of flexible space. You can add small items in airtight plastics or zip locks and put them in the pouches. These would not only sort things out but will also prevent spilling over as the airtight packs will hold everything in.

3. Old chocolate or wipe containers:

You can use chocolate boxes (which are mostly metal) and big wipe containers. These come with ample space and provide room for various items to fit in.

All the above can be accommodated in one big bag if you are traveling. You can also use jars to make your survival kits. If you want to make one only for home, then you can put the essentials in glass jars and keep them in a safe place (to prevent them from falling and shattering). However, if you want to carry a kit when traveling, do not use a glass jar at all.

The new mom survival kit is a quick and easy help so that things are more organized for you. There could be many other things that you may want to add to the kit but make sure to keep everything well segregated, so you do not have to rummage when you need something. Also, keep only very important things to avoid extra baggage.

everything well separated, so you do not have to rummage when you need something. Also, keep only very important things to avoid extra baggage.

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