151 Things To Say Instead Of “I Love You” To Your Partner

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Many people in love look for things to say instead of I love you to their partner to express their love. But, these three words are always said to express love. You may say “I love you” while seeing off the partner, before sleep, or whenever you feel to thank them for being with you or feel special. But, you may express love in different ways, rather than repeating the same three words. Read on to know some lovely and romantic things to say to express your love and how to use them to add some freshness to your relationship.

Things To Say Instead Of ‘I Love You’

  1.  “You mean the world to me.”
  2. “I care for you.”
  3. “You are one of the most beautiful people in the world.”
  4. “I feel lucky to have you by my side.”
  5. “I feel inspired every time I look at you.”
  6. “You make me complete.”
  7. “You make my day happy and content.”
  8. “I like to spend time with you.”
  9. “You are a special person in my life.”
  10. “Thanks for becoming my better half.”
  11. “The more I stay with you, the more I want to be with you.”
  12. “I feel the best when you are with me.”
  13. “Nobody else can make me feel special the way you do.”
  14. “I am myself when I am with you.”
  15. “My life became happier and better the moment you entered it.”
  16. “I cannot imagine my life without you.”
  17. “I admire your personality.”
  18. “Your love has made me addicted.”
  19. “You add sweetness to my life.”
  20. “You mesmerize me with your words.”
  21. “Your voice is melodious.”
  22. “Thanks for being the sunshine of my life.”
  23. “I am here for you, through thick and thin.”
  24. “You motivate me and keep me going.”
  25. “You are the light breeze that freshens my soul.”
  26. “You are the dream that I wanted to come true all my life.”
  27. “Thanks for bringing a smile to my face whenever I feel low.”
  28. “You enamore me.”
  29. “You are my lucky charm.”
  1. “When I’m with you, I forget all the pain and sadness.”
When I’m with you, I forget all the pain and sadness

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  1. “You are my favorite person.”
  2. “I wish to be with you till my last breath.”
  3. “I want to cuddle you every morning.”
  4. “You are the thought that makes me smile even in the dark nights.”
  5. “I get turned on every time I see you.”
  6. “We are made for each other.”
  7. “Every fiber of my body aches when you are not with me.”
  8. “Thanks for being the sunshine during the day and moonlight during the night.”
  9. I love you to infinity.”
  10. “I am waiting to spend my entire life with you.”
  11. “There’s some magic between us that no one can deny.”
  12. “I am happy to be yours.”
  13. “The puzzle pieces of our lives fit so well together.”
  14. “My heart calls your name whenever you are not by my side.”
  15. “You are one of the best things that has happened to me.”
  16. “You are meant to be with me, and I am meant to be with you.”
  17. “I would do anything to make you happy.”
  18. “I am thankful to God for bringing us together.”
  19. “You give me strength and stability.”
  20. “You fill my void.”
  21. “I like to be in your company.”
  22. “In no time, you have become my soulmate.”
  23. “I love you till the moon and back.”
  24. “I’d proudly say you are my person.”
  25. “I fall for you every single day.”
  26. “I adore you, baby.”
  27. “I feel so right being with you.”
  28. “I cherish you.”
  29. “You are the number one person in my life.”
  1. “I don’t mind staring at you all day.”
I don’t mind staring at you all day

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  1. “Every touch of yours makes me warm and ticklish.”
  2. “I’m ready to go anywhere with you.”
  3. “You make me crazy for you.”
  4. “You are so amazing.”
  5. “I don’t know what I have done to deserve you.”
  6. “You make me a better person.”
  7. “Thanks for teaching me the love language.”
  8. “I respect you more today than I loved you yesterday.”
  9. “Thinking about you fills my heart with affection.”
  10. “Nobody can ever break our bond.”
  11. “You make me my best self.”
  12. “I felt as if I were looking at my reflection the moment I met you.”
  13. “Your voice is a song that makes me dance.”
  14. “My love for you multiplies with the passing of every single day.”
  15. “It’s you who made me understand what romantic love is.”
  16. “You and I make home a paradise.”
  17. “I like everything you do.”
  18. “You bring a new meaning to my life.”
  19. “You light up my life.”
  20. “I would like to explore the world holding your hands.”
  21. “I would never lose you.”
  22. “You look great when you smile.”
  23. “You are my angel.”
  24. “You are my prince.”
  25. “You draw me close to you.”
  26. “I idolize you.”
  27. “I have a special spot for you in my heart.”
  28. “I go mad for you.”
  29. “I would go to extreme lengths to keep you in my life.”
  1. “I am attracted to you, mentally and physically.”
I am attracted to you, mentally and physically

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  1. “We do have a great chemistry between us.”
  2. “I want to build a life with you.”
  3. “I appreciate you as a person.”
  4. “I want to savor every moment of my day with you.”
  5. “I cannot shy away from saying I’m completely into you.”
  6. “You are the missing piece of my life.”
  7. “You are the inspiration.”
  8. “I am bedazzled by you.”
  9. “You mean so much to me.”
  10. “I am fond of you.”
  11. “I am head over heels in love with you.”
  12. “I fell for you hard and fast.”
  13. “You and I together can conquer the world.”
  14. “You give me the confidence to do anything.”
  15. “I want to hold you in my arms.”
  16. “I like to be in your arms.”
  17. “I want to be with you all day and night.”
  18. “You brighten my day.”
  19. “I want to grow old with you.”
  20. “I will have your back anytime you need me.”
  21. “I want to see you whenever I open my eyes.”
  22. “You are the passion of my senses.”
  23. “I devote my life in your name.”
  24. “I cherish falling in love with you.”
  25. “Whatever you do for me is nothing but perfect.”
  26. “You are an incredible person.”
  27. “I value you so much.”
  28. “I want to get intimate with you.”
  29. “You got me smitten.”
  1. “We shall go through any test that life brings our way.”
We shall go through any test that life brings our way

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  1. “I can proudly say I’m yours.”
  2. “You blow me away with your generosity and humble behavior.”
  3. “Whether bad times or good, I shall be there for you.”
  4. “My love for you has no bounds.”
  5. “I feel blessed to be a part of your life.”
  6. “You have a beautiful heart.”
  7. “You fix everything for me that I cannot.”
  8. “You fill my heart with joy whenever you are around.”
  9. “I’ll never give up on you.”
  10. “I need you today, tomorrow, and forever.”
  11. “No matter how far you go, you will always be a special person for me.”
  12. “I am inspired by your thought process.”
  13. “You are an extraordinary person to me.”
  14. “You and I make a healthy relationship.”
  15. “I am all over you.”
  16. “I like spoiling you with my love.”
  17. “Your affection gives me a high.”
  18. “I will always be entangled with you.”
  19. “Your humor makes my day.”
  20. “You have spelled your magic on me.”
  21. “I can wait years to have you in my life.”
  22. “I would risk anything for you.”
  23. “I’m glad I found you among the crowd.”
  24. “You always surprise me.”
  25. “You are my treasure.”
  26. “You are my strength and my weakness.”
  27. “I can get lost with you.”
  28. “You rock my world.”
  29. “You are precious to me.”
  30. “Let’s take our relationship to another level,”
  31. “You are a dream come true.”
You are a dream come true

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Love is a beautiful feeling that partners may express in different ways. While some express it through words, others may do so through different actions. Of course, saying ‘I love you’ is the most common way to convey love to your partner, but expression may not be limited to just one phrase. There are several other things to say that will help you communicate your true feelings to your partner to appreciate them and make them fall more in love with you.

Infographic: Times When Saying “I Love You” Becomes More Meaningful

Ever wondered why your sweet “love yous” didn’t get the response you expected from your partner? They won’t respond with the same emotions or kiss you back if you say it in the middle of a tense conversation, their work, or chores. So learn to pick the right time and place so they feel the love behind those words just as you do.

where to say i love you to your partner [infographic]
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