8 Things Toddlers Do When You’re Trying To Leave The House

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Ahh, once your baby enters toddlerhood, your everyday life is a wrestle. If you ask them to do something, they will do just the opposite. You can try encouragement, bribery or empty threats, but the fact is sometimes you just have to accept the way things are. Your little ones can be a handful once they become a toddler. They have a mind of their own, and they are desperately trying to be independent. And once they put their chubby little foot down, then there are no two ways about it. If you have ever tried to go out with a toddler, then you know how impossible it can be. Here are 8 things only a toddler can do when a busy and tired mum is trying to leave the house:

1. They Vanish

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Yes, we are talking about the same toddler who is usually found clinging on your calves when you are trying to cook a meal in the kitchen or wash the dishes or do laundry. They are the ones who are glued outside your bathroom door when you are taking a shower or pooping. But the minute you announce it’s time to leave the house, poof! They disappear into thin air.

2. Saying No!

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Once they discover the word ‘no’ it becomes their official word to use every 2 minutes. And since toddlers love the word ‘no ‘, getting your kid to listen to you can be a real power struggle. Whether it is getting them to put on their shoes or refusing to wear the outfit you picked out for them, it is important to pick your battles wisely. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes locking horns with your toddler while you are rushing to leave the house.

3. Losing One Sock

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Whipping off the socks can be a toddler’s favorite thing to do. And trying to find the matching pair when you are heading out can be a real headache. It is easy to find the first pair, you will find it either under the bed or between the sofa cushions. But chances are the second pair is lost forever. And if by God’s grace, you do find the second one, your child would have changed his/her mind and would rather wear mismatched socks.

4. Taking All The Toys

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Just when you are done with everything before leaving the house, and have finally found your missing keys, your toddler then decides to bring his favorite plastic cup, a doll, and his teddy. Now you have two options here. You can let him take all his toys though you know the moment you are past the gate, you will be the one carrying it, or you ask him to leave it behind and watch a tantrum unfold that you could have stopped in the first place.

5. Spilling Water

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You have chosen an outfit that your child didn’t refuse to wear after 3 outfit changes and is finally ready to grab your bag and your keys when you hear your toddler from behind. Your little one has splashed water all over himself on the floor. Good luck getting out of the house now!

6. Deciding They Want To Poop

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You are moments away from walking out the front door when your toddler decides it’s the perfect time to poop. And please don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be a quick one. Oh, no! This is going to take quite a while, believe me.

7. Taking Off Their Shoes

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You would think putting shoes on a toddler’s feet is just like everything else, but no. First, you have to make them sit still, then you have to convince them to put the shoes, and then you have to ask them to stop wriggling their feet long enough for you to put the shoes on. And when you have finally succeeded, that is when they decide to take them off.

8. Sensing Your Weakness And Taking Advantage

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You see, toddlers are smarter than you are led to believe. Just like dogs sense fear, toddlers can sense your weakened state. If you give in over the mismatched socks, then you are done. When you are about to leave the house feeling proud of handling a situation that could have easily escalated into a tantrum, your toddler will surprise you. He will be standing in front of you wearing your sunglasses and one of your handbags, all the while giving you a look that says there’s no way you can get him out of it.

You are never in a safe zone when you are leaving the house with your toddler. They are the ones wearing the pants in the family. Unless you really want them to wear pants, that’s when they decide to run around in their underwear.

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