9 Things You Should Never, Ever Do In Bed

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When you indulge in lovemaking, there are many things you’ll look forward to, especially the first time. Soon, you’ll shed your inhibitions and develop a comfort zone with your partner. However, the flip side of this is, as soon as you get into a routine, you’ll forget those little etiquettes that come with lovemaking. Yes, lovemaking too has certain etiquettes that you need to abide by so that your entire experience does not end in a negative space and eventually affect your relationship. So, here are a few things you should never, ever do when in bed:

1. Avoid Taking Your Work To Bed

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Have you both frequently been discussing a particularly bad day at work, the moment you get in bed? Agreed, you want to offload that stress before making out. But doing so might actually bring down your chances of a great arousal – which in itself is a huge stress-buster! So, focus on intimacy instead to help reduce your stress.

2. Love Your Moves? Maybe It’s Time To Change

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Your partner might have enjoyed some of your moves many moons ago. But, if somehow he/she doesn’t seem to be enjoying them anymore, you need to rethink. Call it overconfidence or what you will, but in all likelihood, you wouldn’t have noticed yourself repeating them for the umpteenth time! Why stick to the old gig? A little change in positions and moves definitely did no harm to anyone, right?

3. Do Not Fake It

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It’s common for couples to fake the big O simply to make the other person feel good about it. Now, as noble as your intentions might be, it’s bound to create a dent in your relationship sooner or later. It is important to be really honest with your partner. Do not shy away from discussing your fantasies with him/her, but make sure you set realistic expectations.

4. Don’t Buckle Under Pressure

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Often, couples fall for ‘surveys’ or ‘researches’ that suggest a particular number of times a couple should make love to remain happy. In order to do so, they try lovemaking despite not being in the right place or time for it. Remember, lovemaking and happiness have different meanings for different people. So, don’t indulge in such ‘pressurized’ intimacy, or else you’ll soon become disillusioned with it.

5. Dial Down That Smartphone

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Just like other important events, don’t rush to attend to your phone every time it rings. When you are together with your significant other, it is important to enjoy and respect that moment. Remember, the phone is for your convenience, not the caller’s!

6. Don’t Obsess About The Big O

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When you get into physical intimacy for the first time, try not to obsess about achieving the big O. For all you know, the pressure to achieve it might not result in an orgasm at all! So, keep calm and try to make the experience more memorable instead.

7. The Ex Factor – A Strict No-No

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It’s common for people to get into previous relationships before finding their Mr. or Miss Right. But, when you do find your soulmate and get into bed with him/her, do not ever discuss yours or his/her ex-flame. It is the worst way to embark on a journey that you wish lasts for a lifetime.

8. If It Hurts, Don’t Let Be

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Lovemaking is not a walk in the park as it is generally made out to be. Your anatomy plays a major role in it. So, if your intimate moments are turning out to be physically painful, do not suffer in silence. For all you know, a little tweak in positions might make things easy for you. So, make sure you let your partner know if it hurts.

9. Don’t Be Overly Critical

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Sometimes people are so hung up on what they see or hear from others, that they expect nothing but a perfect body from their partner. This is a bad thought process. Realize that no one, including you, is perfect. So, don’t be overly critical about your partner’s physical appearance. Physical appearances are, after all, only a part of a relationship. It is true love that is the actual foundation of a strong union.

Have you too been inadvertently indulging in any of these things? If so, it’s time you stopped doing it. And do share some of your own experiences to enlighten the rest of us! Thank you!

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