4 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Front Of Your Baby

Taking care of a baby is no mean feat. You are always tired, sleep-deprived, and hungry. You barely get enough time to sleep, and your house is a mess. After all, who has the time to do the laundry and clean dishes when you have a little devil constantly demanding your attention? Continue reading our post if you are interested to know about the 4 things you shouldn’t do in front of your little one.

The Raunchy Noons

When would you otherwise expect some steamy time with your partner with a baby around other than a very unlikely afternoon? You thought you could get away with some sultry time between the sheets, but suddenly you hear your baby shriek– cute, but quite the killjoy. You could debate for some time whether you need to check up on your little one or not. But soon you will find yourself near your baby’s crib trying to calm him down. Not that the little rascal knew what was going on, but he might’ve gotten scared by the moans and groans.

Now, if you thought you were not comfortable with having intercourse with your baby within earshot, getting intimate with your partner is not as impossible as it seems. All you need to do is to get innovative about your private time together without having to worry about being watched or heard as you get going. You can easily make it work to your advantage.

The Argumentative Parents

It’s okay to debate, argue, and even pick a fight once in a while because it shows there is two-way opinion doing the rounds. But fighting in front of your child? Even the most loving couples end up having heated arguments at times. They might begin at a low volume that raises the decibels very soon, sometimes unintentionally. So there is little chance your child will not overhear your exchange of words. But guess what, it might still be okay, as long as it is not aggressive enough to scare your child because it just goes to show that there is room for opinion.

Interestingly, experts believe that it’s okay to argue in front of your kids because it shows them that one could have opinions and be expressive about it. Remember, there are ways to disagree with your partner without hurting their sentiments. But, it also entails that you know when to tone down. If your baby is already crying amidst your argument, it could serve as a good reminder that you tone down your words for some time.

Some TV

If you were woken up by your baby in the wee hours of the morning and can still manage to tune into your favorite television shows that do repeat telecasts at the weirdest hours, you would be wrong in believing that your child will not be affected by it. You might stretch out your legs as your baby latches on to you while you nurse, with your eyes fixed on the TV. But don’t think that your baby is not as all ears as you are when it comes to TV.

The emotional tone on the screen can pretty well be lapped up by your infant. The kind of emotion portrayed on TV might quickly transmit to your baby. Not that your child would understand the difference between violence and comedy, but he might be able to process the emotion quite early on.

The Stereo Effect

Many a time you are tempted to turn the music on high volume, be it at home or in your car. The lyrics might make no sense to your child at this point in time. So you could get away with some inappropriate words at this stage. But it could be a matter of concern if your baby is listening to some loud music. You don’t want a rock concert going on either at your home, your car, or just about anywhere in the vicinity of your child. Loud music can cause temporary hearing loss in your baby. With the volume up, your baby might also be exposed to some new vocab which he shouldn’t be learning so early in life.

It’s not always the music. You need to remember that any loudness isn’t good for your baby – a sudden cheer at a hockey match for instance. The noise threshold for babies shouldn’t be anything louder than at a busy coffee shop.

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